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The 20 Exciting Halloween Makeup Looks+Photos

Halloween Makeup Looks: Halloween is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. Who doesn’t love to dress up? If anything, it’s a night to show off your amazing makeup skills, which can alone act as your costume even if you don’t have one. Not going trick or treating?

No worries, because even if your plans only include watching Hocus Pocus from your couch and tossing pumpkin-shaped Reese’s to trick-or-treaters, this holiday is the perfect excuse to try out some truly stellar Halloween makeup looks. Have some friends over for a spooky night in, try on some Halloween costumes, and play around with some makeup tutorials. TikTok transformation, anyone? We know you’ll nail it.

Halloween Makeup Looks, There’s a time and place for glowing makeup with a few eyeliner cat whiskers, but why not yourself challenge to something a bit more creative. To help, we asked makeup artist Anne Baker (aka Glam N Anne on Instagram and YouTube) to create a custom Halloween makeup look just for IPSY. Keep scrolling to check out Baker’s butterfly creation, plus 80 other spooky Halloween makeup looks that you need to try. Which will you try?

1. Mermaid Barbie

Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup Looks, Of course, with all the hype around Barbie, we had to include Dua Lipa’s gorgeous blue look as Mermaid Barbie. You’ll need blue eye shadow and perhaps a couple blue and green colors in eyeliners to nail this ocean-inspired look.

2. Fairy

Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup Looks, “And she was a fairy…” is one of our favorite TikTok sounds. Become your best ethereal self by playing around with this mystical look. We suggest adding rhinestones!

3. Ursula

Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup Looks, Love purple? Show it off as Ursula from The Little Mermaid. You’ll need a lot of body paint for this look, and patience as you blend from your face to your neck. If you don’t want to cover your arms, you can opt for a black long sleeve T-shirt. The blue eye shadow, red lip, and mole really tie this look together and make it recognizable.

4. The Mask

Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup Looks, Jim Carrey’s role in The Mask is so iconic! Should you find yourself a yellow suit, this look is a must-try? You’ll need green face paint in a couple different colors to create the dimension of the mask with contouring and lines. Add in a maroon lip and the eye look of your choice.

5. Plankton and Mr. Krabs

Plankton and Mr. Krabs

Halloween Makeup Looks, We always see duos setting out as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Spongebob Squarepants, but what if you went as restaurant nemeses Plankton and Mr. Krabs? This reference shows minimal face paint and makeup to achieve the look, but you can get as creative as you’d like. We think Mr. Krabs would be well suited to a cat eye and a red rhinestone accent—or green, as it’s the color of what he loves most: money!

6. Movie Barbie

Movie Barbie halloween

Halloween Makeup Looks, This is our favorite look Margot Robbie sported in Barbie. While the makeup is on the more minimal side, we love that the accessories make her hair pop: the long, flowing blond braid tied with a pink bow, and of course, the cutest beret!

7. Bejeweled Taylor Swift

Bejeweled Taylor Swift

Halloween Makeup Looks, Best believe we’re trying out this look. Taylor Swift’s music video for her song “Bejeweled” has us swooning over everything that sparkles. Fans showed up at her Eras tour in bejeweled outfits of their own and were sure to deck out their eye looks with rhinestones and jewel-toned eye shadow.

8. Cruella


Halloween Makeup Looks, Silver eye makeup is trending! Why not hop on the trend by being Cruella this Halloween? Add in some black and white accents and of course, winged eyeliner, for extra dramatic flair. Bonus points if you bring your dog along with you all night.

9. Pinocchio


Halloween Makeup Looks, Another Disney classic. Test out your contour skills with this Pinocchio look—all you need is a couple complexion sticks in a variety of colors to get the wood-grain look of Pinocchio’s face. Pair it with a red lip and you’re good to go!

10. Pop Art Zombie

Pop Art Zombie

Halloween Makeup Looks, We love how much creativity shines through in pop art looks. But this is the first time we’ve seen something scary within the creative style! It feels very Tim Burton, and we love the cartoon colors this creator used.

11. Bob Ross Painting

Bob Ross Painting

Halloween Makeup Looks, Why be Bob Ross when you can be one of his coveted paintings? This creator is insanely talented, painting a whole world on themselves to create beautiful scenery. Carry around an artist palette and perhaps leave a piece of your canvas blank. If you have guests during a Halloween party, you can let them take a stab at the masterpiece themselves.

12. Avatar


Halloween Makeup Looks, Avatar looks are so otherworldly. We love the white freckles and how they pop. Plus, this look is totally recognizable and you can count on compliments from friends on Halloween night. There are so many tutorials on YouTube and TikTok to achieve this look, but when in doubt, turn on the movie for some live-action inspo.

13. Boo!


Halloween Makeup Looks, Here’s a cute Halloween-inspired eye look if you’re looking for something more subtle than scary. How cute are these tiny little ghosts created with liquid liners? The pearl accents make the perfect addition to this mini masterpiece.

14. Scary Snake

Scary Snake

Halloween Makeup Looks, Snake makeup can be cute or, well, scary. Just ask @joo_mkp. Her green-and-black snake makeup is especially creepy and life-like with the intricate shading. Along with green SFX makeup, be sure you have an inky black liquid liner to help you create this look, like ILLAMASQUA Liquid Eyeliner in Black.

15. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Halloween Makeup Looks, After you watch Netflix’s new movie Blonde, take inspo from Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe with @misslaceynoel’s incredible makeup for Halloween. All you need is the white dress and a blonde wig and you’re set.

16. Twiggy


Halloween Makeup Looks, 1960s model Twiggy inspired a generation of makeup fans. Her look is so fun to recreate, with thick black eyelashes and graphic eyeliner. Don’t forget the faux freckles, too.

17. Glam Skull

Glam Skull

Halloween Makeup Looks, Turn your classic skull makeup up a notch with crystals. Use glitter glue to ensure they don’t move and mess up your hard work. This MUA used NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP products for the skull details and we’re thinking that probably includes the brand’s Glitter Primer.



Halloween Makeup Looks, Chrissy, wake up! Stranger Things fans, this Vecna makeup look is for you. MUA @kind_madness made sure her VECNA makeup was just as scary as in the hit Netflix show. She’s an ultra-talented SFX artist but you can DIY the look with eye shadow and liquid eyeliner.

19. Groot


Halloween Makeup Looks, We officially cannot get over @kind_madness’s incredible pop culture-inspired makeup. This Groot makeup includes both makeup and prosthetics, taking it truly to the next level.

20. Spider Woman

Spider Woman

Halloween Makeup Looks, Arachnophobics, look away! Sure, you can make cute spider makeup by using black eyeliner with your nose for the base. Or you can get seriously spooky with @makeupmayralevg’s look featuring multiple eyes and serious fangs.

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