Facts Fans About Megan Fox: 20 Facts Fans Forget About Megan Fox + Hot Pics

Although Fox isn’t as well known as she once was, we shouldn’t forget about everything we once knew about the superstar.  She was on top of the world and on many posters throughout people’s rooms.
It’s a shame that Fox’s prime ended so early.Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Rather than sulk on the fact that she’s been M.I.A., let’s look back at some things fans may have forgotten. She was an interesting person that
you could learn so much about! Maybe it will even motivate you to watch one of her movies.


Facts Fans About Megan Fox

20.Inspired To Become An Actress By “The Wizard Of Oz”

Fox’s inspiration to become a movie star began when she was young. She loved the movie, The Wizard Of Ozand has stated that film was the inspiration for her to become a star in Hollywood. A lot of these actors and actresses are motivated by older movies, and The Wizard Of Oz seems to be a popular one.

19.Began Doing Dance And Drama At Five-Years Old

Fox’s career began early on as she started doing dance and drama when she was five-years-old. She was definitely dedicated to beginning her career early on, which is why she was involved in dance and drama. She was so involved in the field that she made a career out of, that she was practically born into it.
Facts Fans About Megan Fox

18.She Was Not Allowed To Date While She Lived At Home

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Say what you want about Megan Fox, but she came from a strict household. Fox grew up with her mother, as her parents split when she was young. Some people are constantly under the impression that Fox is a dirty woman because she’s showcased her body in films when in reality, she couldn’t even date anyone while she lived at home.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

17.Won Several Modeling Talent Awards When She Was 13

Not only did Fox start performing early on in life, but she even won awards when she was young. In 1999, Fox won several awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head, South Carolina. She had success early in her career which was an early indicator to those around her that she could definitely make it.

16.Hated School Because She Was Always Bullied

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, No one would bully Megan Fox right now because of how beautiful she is, but there was a time where she was always bullied. Fox admitted that she hated high school because of how much she was bullied. She didn’t go into specifics, but clearly, she was frustrated with how others treated it. It’s sad that those things happen at school.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

15.Dated A Female Dancer

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Before Fox got married, she definitely had an interesting past. After she and her boyfriend broke up once she moved to Los Angeles, she had a brief relationship with a Russian stripper from a body shop. Fox would bring gifts to the stripper, but the relationship was very brief. Fox went out of her way constantly to gain the woman’s love.

14.Her First Film Was ‘Holiday In The Sun

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Fox’s career began in 2001, when she starred in the film, Holiday in the Sun. She played a side character in the movie that also starred the Olsen twins. Fox didn’t have the young fame that some other stars do, but she did receive a chance in some films at an early age. This would be the start of a successful career.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox


13.She’s An Animal Lover

If you don’t recall, Fox is an animal lover. She currently has dogs, cats, parakeets, and a pig. Previously, she’s even had a goat. Some celebrities have been very much into animals, and you can add Fox to that list. It’s not the norm to see someone housing a bunch of animals, especially ones that typically don’t live in houses.

12.Made First Major Movie Debut In ‘Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen’

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Fox had been in other productions before, but her first major movie debut came in 2004 when she played Carla in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Of course, she wasn’t the star, as Lindsay Lohan was the star of the film. However, this was a big step for Fox to take if she wanted to be a part of bigger movies in the future.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

11.Cameo As Dancer In ‘Bad Boys II’

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Sometimes it’s hard to recall when actors or actresses are in cameos, especially when they take place over 15 years ago. Fox was in Bad Boys II, though, as she made a cameo as a dancer in the film. With it being so long ago since it happened it’s probably more of a blur now than it once was.

10.Became A Household Name On ‘Hope And Faith’

Fox didn’t have problem landing gigs at this point in her career, especially when she became a household name on the television series, Hope and Faith. Fox played the character of Sydney Shanowski. Other notable names in the series were Kelly Ripa, Brie Larson, and Faith Ford. This is where Fox really had a chance to cement herself as an actress.

9.Met Her Husband On Set Of ‘Hope And Faith’

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, While Fox was on set for Hope and Faith, she actually met her future husband. Brian Austin Green was a special guest for the show and ended up marrying Fox in 2010. The couple nearly got divorced, before Fox decided to dismiss the divorce paperwork that she turned it before. Apparently, the couple was able to meet in the middle on certain things.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

8.Lost Two Big Toenails In ‘Transformers’ Because Her Shoes Hurt Her Feet

There were a lot of talks about Megan Fox’s purpose in the Transformers movies, as some fans believed her only purpose was to bend over the hood of a vehicle and look sexy. However, her work clearly hurt her as she lost two big toenails during the filming of the movie because of how badly her feet hurt. Clearly, she put in more work than just looking appealing.

7.Michael Bay Said She Was Too Skinny On ‘Transformers’ Set

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Megan Fox looked incredible throughout the Transformers film, however, Michael Bay had something to say about her physical appearance before filming began. Bay actually said she was too skinny, and asked her to put on some weight.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, These things do happen when actors or actresses are about to take on a role, except this was the beginning of a feud between the two.

6.Websites Boycott Her On Their Site

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, When Megan Fox blew up, men’s websites actually boycott her because they believed she was becoming oversaturated in the media. Imagine being so famous that websites literally don’t want to use you for whatever reason anymore because of how popular you have become. That’s next level popularity stuff right there, but you can’t complain.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

5.She Suffers From OCD

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, If you don’t recall, Megan Fox is part of the group of celebrities that have OCD. Fox has explained how it affects her in certain situations, including how much it bugs her when someone flushes the toilet and now all the bacteria end up in the air. Some people have OCD to a smaller extent, while others might have a serious case.

4.Used To Have A Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Fox has had Marilyn Monroe tattooed on her lower arm for some time, but recently got it removed because it attracts negative energy. Fox had multiple tattoos that were removed for different reasons. What was once an honor to have on her body, is now a memory that is erased. Give credit to Fox for going through the pain of tattoo removal multiple times.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

3.Voted #1 Sexiest Woman By FHM Readers In 2008

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Obviously Fox was known for a lot of the movies she was in, but there were also just so many guys that were in love with her.

In 2008, she was voted as the #1 Sexiest Woman by FHM readers. Back then, you could see Fox was looked like a modern-day Kardashian. When you thought of the best-looking woman celebrity at the time, Fox would be voted a majority of the time.

Facts Fans About Megan Fox

2.Controversy Between Fox And Michael Bay

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, So you probably forgot how Fox’s career went downhill? Well, a big part of it was that she was basically fired by Michael Bay and was not part of the third installment in the Transformers series. Fox spoke publicly how much she was affected by it, as the two weren’t getting along. This became a huge part of how her acting career began to fade away.

1.She Had A Crush On Olivia Wilde

Facts Fans About Megan Fox, Fox did have a brief relationship with a stripper when she was younger, and she admits that she’s attractive to women as well as men.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she had a crush on a celebrity. Fox admits that she had a crush on the actress, Olivia Wilde. Some people forget how Fox had a phase where she was also interested in ladies before she got married.


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