Beauty Of Selena Gomez + 10 Interesting Facts About Selena Gomez

Beauty Of Selena Gomez: Her journey started with Disney then she turned from a Pop star to a film star. She has been within the limelight when she started dating Justin Bieber. She is gorgeous, pretty, and radiant and features a smile of an angel. Grown up to be a tremendous and mature star, here are few interesting facts about Selena Gomez worth knowing:

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10 Interesting Facts About Selena Gomez

1. Named After A famous Tejano Singer!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, The star was named after Selena, the famous Tejano singer who died 3 years after her birth. Now we all know why she will sing sort of a nightingale.

 Beauty Of Selena Gomez

2. A Disney Product!

Disney discovered Selena Gomez during a Nation- wide casting call. She also received Mickey Mouse charm necklace as a present from Disney.

 Beauty Of Selena Gomez

3. Started with Barney!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, Do you remember the purple dinosaurs who taught us new things? Well, Selena’ s first gig was at ” Barney and Friends” at the age of seven.

4. Demi And Selena Show!

Selena and another Disney star Demi Lovato were BFF and met at the sets of ” Barney and Friends. ” Both these young stars went on to co- host a YouTube show ” Demi and Selena Show, ” but the show didn’ t continue for an extended.

 Beauty Of Selena Gomez

5. Canine Crush!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, Selena loves dogs and owns 6 dogs. She also rescues them. a number of her dogs are Baylor, Chip Willy, Fina, and Wallace.

6. Eco- Friendly Clothing Line!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, This young star loves fashion. She has her own clothing line, which she started within the year 2010. She insists on using Eco- friendly materials and therefore the tags have inspirational quotes on them.

 Beauty Of Selena Gomez

7. The Youngest UNICEF Ambassador!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, In the year 2009, Selena Gomez became the youngest UNICEF Ambassador within the history of the organization.

8. Drinks Olive Oil!

Selena has shared an unusual secret for keeping her vocal chords fit. She says, ” Before i’ m going onstage, I drink vegetable oil. It’ s disgusting, but it’ s good for your throat. ”

 Beauty Of Selena Gomez


9. She Loves Pickles!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, The star surely has some weird tastes as she loves pickles and needs to create a pickle flavored gum.

 Beauty Of Selena Gomez

10. Purity Ring!

Beauty Of Selena Gomez, Apparently, it had been known that Selena Gomez wont to wear a purity ring engrained with ” True love waits. ” But this ring was never seen when she started dating her ex, Justin Bieber.

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