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Turnips Benefits: The 10 Best Benefits Of Turnip + Nutritional Value

Turnips Benefits: This flavorful vegetable is rich in nutrients that you must include in your daily diet! The benefits of turnips lie in their nutritional profile and disease-preventing properties. They are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables globally and have a deep purple color and a pungent taste.

Turnips Benefits, Turnips have traditionally been used to treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs), headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, and edema. In addition, they are popularly used in folk medicine to treat hepatitis, jaundice, and sore throat.

Also known as Brassica rapa, this root vegetable has antitumor effects, thanks to the presence of isothiocyanates and glucosinolates. It is also rich in antioxidants like phenols and flavonoids that may protect against harmful microbes, liver disease, and diabetes.

Turnips Benefits, Arvelexin, another beneficial component in this vegetable, may help reduce inflammation and decrease high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

Are turnips good for you? In this article, we discuss these benefits of turnips in detail. Keep scrolling to read more.

What Is It?

Turnips Benefits, A small, round, and white root vegetable with a purple-shaded top that has a sweet taste and a strong pungent aroma.

What Are Its Benefits?

It helps improve heart and liver health, reduces the risk of cancer, and aids in weight loss.

Who Can Consume It?

Turnips Benefits, It is generally considered safe for consumption except for people on blood-thinning medications.

How Often?

About 130 grams of turnip in one serving a day can be taken.


Turnips Benefits, Consult a doctor before consumption if you have thyroid issues and kidney stones. Excess consumption may lead to bloating and stomach pain.

What Are The Health Benefits of Turnips?

1. May Relieve Intestinal Problems

Turnips Benefits

Turnips Benefits, Consume turnips for digestion as they may prove to be beneficial as they are rich in fiber. Traditionally, the vegetable has been used to cure various gastrointestinal ailments. Research suggests that consuming higher quantities of dietary fiber may reduce the risk of diverticular disease as it helps with bowel movement. On the other hand, a few studies suggest that a high fiber intake may not be helpful against asymptomatic diverticulosis.

However, more recent studies have reported that a high dietary fiber intake may reduce the risk of diverticular disease. Individuals consuming 30 g of fiber per day may reduce their risk of the disease by 41%.

Turnips Benefits, A high fiber diet is established to be beneficial to improve the gut bacteria population. These probiotic bacteria help in providing nutrition to the body and add to the anti-inflammatory benefits of turnips. The gut bacteria may also help with bowel movements. More research in this area will provide a better understanding of this benefit.

Turnip have also been shown to fight Helicobacter pylori, which is the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Including turnips in your diet would help in improving gut health. They may also provide relief from stomach issues such as bloating, gas, and constipation.

2. May Improve Cardiovascular Health

Turnips Benefits

Turnips Benefits, You can consume turnips for heart health as turnips have ant diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that may help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The veggies have a high content of healthy fats that may help in regulating cholesterol levels.

Animal studies have reported that turnips may enhance glucose and lipid metabolism. This effect could also promote cardiovascular health.

3. May Reduce Cancer Risk

Turnips Benefits

Turnips Benefits, The glucosinolates and isothiocyanates in turnips have anticancer properties.

Research states the one can use turnips for cancer prevention such as cancers of the ovary, colon, bladder, lung, prostate, and breast.

Studies in human lung cancer cells have reported anticancer activity of turnips.

4. May Protect The Liver And Kidney

liver and kidney

Turnips Benefits, Turnips have also exhibited hepatoprotective activity in mice.

In another study, turnip root ethanolic extract was found to offer protection against hepatic injury in rats.

Turnip water extract was also found to protect against hepatic fibro genesis (formation of a large amount of scar tissue in the liver).

Turnips Benefits, Overall, these studies indicate that turnip has an important role in protecting the liver. A similar role of turnip was observed in kidneys. The vegetable had a protective effect against renal injury in rats. This Reno protective effect was also observed against rats in another study.

5. May Have Antidiabetic Properties

liver and kidney

Turnips Benefits, Studies on turnips for blood sugar control have established that turnip extracts have antidiabetic effects. It is reported that the vegetable can help regulate glucose levels by increasing the insulin/glucagon ratio.

However, more studies are needed to further understand the antidiabetic properties of turnips.

6. May Promote Weight Loss

weight loss

Turnips Benefits, You can consume turnips for weight loss as they have the ability to inhibit the deposition of lipids in fat cells by stimulating receptors that are involved in lipid metabolism.

In animal studies, turnip extract significantly reduced body weight, blood glucose, lipid peroxidation, nitric oxide, and total triglycerides and cholesterol levels. These effects were observed in rats with fructose‐induced metabolic syndrome.

Turnips Benefits, Turnip is low in calories and also has a low glycemic index  . Raw turnip has a glycemic index of 30 (while the cooked variant has a GI of 85). The high dietary fiber content of turnips also increases satiety and helps keep hunger pangs at bay. These effects of Turnips for metabolic health may help promote weight loss.

7. May Promote Healthy Skin And Hair

skin and hair care

Turnips Benefits, Turnip is a rich source of vitamins A and C, and iron. All of them are essential for healthy skin and hair. Vitamin A is important for skin physiology. It may help in the production of sebum and the prevention of acne. However, more research is needed regarding the use of turnips for skin health.

Vitamin C promotes collagen production. Collagen provides structure to skin. It may also keep the skin looking young and supple.

Turnips Benefits, Iron helps in the melanin production in hair. Iron deficiency is reported to cause hair loss and premature hair graying. Due to these properties, raw turnip greens benefit hair health.

8. May Help Reduce Anemia

Reduce Anemia

Turnips Benefits, Iron deficiency is one of the leading causes of anemia. Iron is a major component of hemoglobin present in red blood cells. It is essential for carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. Turnips are rich in iron, and including them in your diet may help in combating the fatigue from anemia. Turnips are also rich in vitamin C, which helps with iron absorption.

9. May Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Reduce Anemia

Turnips Benefits, Turnips contain glucosinolates that have been reported to help in bone formation in rats proving the importance of turnips for bone health.

This vegetable also has vitamin K. which helps in reducing the risk of fractures, promoting calcium absorption, and increasing bone density.

10. May Help Improve Memory


Turnips Benefits, Turnip greens contain choline. Choline is essential for many vital functions. It is a structural component of cell membranes that helps with memory. It is also a component of neurotransmitters and helps reduce inflammation.

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