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The Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces+Photos

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces: Brows are the frames of the face, so you should make sure yours are totally bespoke to you and your features. The perfect eyebrow shape for you can transform your whole face – lifting the eye area, enhancing your natural features and giving you a more youthful appearance.

The Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces, It seems easy to opt for a style you like and run with it, but Cara Delevingne inspired bushy brows or a Jourdan Dunn-Esque high arch might not be the perfect brow shape for you. So, whether you’re growing back overplucked arches or need to shape overly bushy brows, here is the ultimate guide to the best eyebrow shapes for your face shape.

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces: What is your face shape?

1. Round face shape

The Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces, A round face shape can be spotted thanks to its soft, curved chin. The cheekbones will be the widest part of the face with the face being almost as wide as it is long.

Rounded brows on a rounded face will make it appear rounder. To enhance a round face, keep the brows soft and slightly curved. Adding height at the arch and length on the tails creates the illusion of a longer face.

2. Oval face shape

The Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces, An oval face shape has a forehead that is not much wider than the chin. You’ll have a soft chin and a slight curve to the sides of the face.

If you have an oval face you’ll actually suit most brow styles. For the most flattering brows for you, try to avoid making brows too angular. Keep the characteristics soft to reflect your features.

3. Square face shape

Square face shape

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces, Square face shapes are strong and defined, with the straight sides of the face and an angular jawline.

For brows to perfectly flatter you, keep them angular so they don’t contradict your natural face shape. A lifted arch and lengthened tail help to elongate the face. You may find a flat brow will emphasise the square shape of the face, while a rounded brow may not flatter your features.

4. Oblong face shape

Oblong face shape

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces, An oblong, long or rectangle face shape has similar characteristics to a square face. Your forehead, cheeks and jawline will be around the same width with little curvature in the chin.

If you want to create the most flattering brows for you, add length to the tail and keep them far apart at the front to give the illusion of a wider forehead. An angular shape will flatter your natural features.

5. Heart face shape

Heart face shape

Eyebrow Shape For Different Faces, If your face is heart-shaped, the forehead is the widest part with a narrow, pointed chin. The right brows can make the forehead appear smaller and soften the chin.

Rounded brows will beautifully emphasize lines of a heart shaped face; we’d recommend a softly shaped brow with a slight curve. Try to keep them shorter in length and close together to draw attention to the middle of the face.

6. Pear face shape

Pear face shape

Eyebrow Shapes For Different Faces, Also known as a triangle shaped face, those with a pear shaped face have a defined jawline that tapers up to the hairline.

Brows that are too short or flat won’t make the most of your natural beauty. Keeping your eyebrows longer and arched will be the most flattering for you. In fact, it can actually make the lower half of your face appear narrower.

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