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Eye Shadow As Eyeliner: How To Use Eye Shadow As Eyeliner

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner: Using eye shadow as eyeliner allows you to experiment with color and texture in your eye makeup looks. Try this makeup tutorial to apply an eye shadow as an eyeliner.

1. Apply primer

Eye Shadow As EyelinerEye Shadow As Eyeliner, Prep your eye area with a makeup primer, gently dabbing the product into your skin. Primer acts as a base, creating a smooth foundation for your makeup. Applying primer before adding eye products also helps your makeup last throughout the day without smudging.

2. Add concealer

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, After priming your eye area, add a small amount of concealer under your eyes to even your skin tone and cover any dark circles. Using concealer also helps brighten the eye area and makes the eye shadow stand out.

3. Use an angled brush

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, Unlike a regular eye makeup brush, an angled eyeliner brush has a thin set of bristles positioned on a slant. The slant allows you to apply eye shadow in precise lines, making it easier to create an eyeliner look with eye shadow.

4. Dip the brush in water

Dip the brush in water

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, Before adding eye shadow to your makeup brush, dip the tip of the brush in water to dampen the bristles. Avoid soaking the brush in water; instead, let the water graze the top of the bristles, so the brush is slightly moist. The water helps the eye shadow pigments stick to the brush as you apply it to your eyelids.

5. Select an eye shadow color

Select an eye shadow color

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, You have plenty of options when it comes to an eye shadow color. If you want a natural look that mimics traditional eyeliner, select darker eye shadow shades, such as brown, black, or gray. You can also play with color by selecting a bright, glitter eye shadow to draw attention to your eyes.

If you have brown or green eyes, opt for a gold eye shadow shade to enhance the natural warm tones in your irises. For blue eyes, select a silver or white shimmer eye shadow to draw out the cool tones in your eye color.

6. Use a mixing medium (optional)

Use a mixing medium (optional)

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, Shimmer and glitter eye shadows flake off the eye area more quickly than matte eye shadow palettes. However, a mixing medium—a beauty product designed to help bind makeup—can help the sparkles stick to your eyelids throughout the day. Dampen your makeup brush in the mixing medium before dipping it into your eye shadow palette. The ingredients in the mixing medium help gently bind the glitter to your eye area.

7. Start from the inner corner out

Start from the inner corner out

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, When applying eye shadow as eyeliner, angle the upper tip of your makeup brush along your lash line. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, gently swipe the brush along your upper lash line. Repeat this process two to three times until the eye shadow reaches your desired consistency and color.

You can also apply eye shadow along the lower lash line to highlight and extend the look of your eyes. Instead of starting right at the inner corner of your eye, place your brush just outside the inner corner. Draw a line along your waterline until you reach the outer corner of your eye.

8. Allow the eye shadow to dry

Allow the eye shadow to dry      Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, Since eye shadow is typically powder, it needs a few minutes to draw and set. After applying the eye shadow, keep your eye closed for about one minute to allow the eye shadow to dry and prevent it from smudging.

9. Set with a spray

Set with a spray

Eye Shadow As Eyeliner, Finish the look by applying mascara to your eyelashes and spritzing setting spray around your eyes. The spray locks in your makeup and creates a dewy, glowy finish. Apply a translucent setting powder to your eye area for a matte finish.

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