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The Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends: Fall is officially here, and we’re all beginning to add a touch of warmth to everything from our home decor to our wardrobes. As you make these seasonal switches, don’t forget to implement fall makeup trends into your swaps (if you came here for fall skincare, we’re saving that for another post).

Any makeup you feel great in is what you should be rocking–no matter the season, but it can also be fun to play into shades and colors that feel super seasonal and timely. If summer is all about bright pops of color, bold lips, and sunkissed skin, fall makeup looks lean a little more into a cozy, warmer palette with darker eye and lip colors.

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, If you’re ready to give your makeup routine a fall update, you’re in luck. Below, we’ve highlighted 14 fall makeup trends worth swooning over. No matter what skin tone you have or occasion that calls for a look, there’s something here for you. While you may already be ahead of the game thanks to TikTok, we’ve pulled some beauty trends straight from the runways that we’re hoping you may not have caught just yet.

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, From bronzer and no-makeup makeup eyeshadow looks, to glossy lips and pastels, this year’s fall glam trends are seriously all over the place, and we’re living for it. Whether you’re into pigment or a skin tint, we’re here to bring you beauty editor-approved makeup ideas to take you through late September and beyond. Because the only thing more comforting than falling leaves and cozy sweaters are photo-ready faces, amirite?

1. Lashes for Days

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Exceptionally lengthy lashes aren’t going anywhere. Whether by way of falsies or extensions, the appearance of long, curled, jet black artificial lashes is still extremely prevalent. As seen here on Becky G, the added pop at the eye really brings together her whole look. When we want to achieve the look from home, we opt for the FLIRTATIOUS LOOKS COSMETICS Girls Night Out Lashes Pack.

2 . Above the Lid Boldness

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Dark hues are always more common in the fall, but instead of seamlessly blending lighter as you move towards the brow bone, the bold shades will continue above the lid. While this look demonstrated by Taylor Momsen is pretty standard for the starlet, you can expect to see the trend everywhere. The perfect fall palette to experiment with this look? We live for the NATASHA DENONA Fez Eye shadow Palette.

3. Sporadic Pops of Color Designs

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Free-flowing color is especially common during spring and summer, but you’re about to see an array of deep blues and purples grace eyes everywhere. We’re talking undefined graphics popping up sporadically in various placements of the eyes.

4. Monochromatic Minimalist

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, We’re seeing a lot of vibrant looks on the horizon for fall—but for the makeup lover who doesn’t want to totally go there, you’re in luck because muted monochromatic is very much going to be a thing. As seen here with this faint shade of matte orange, one all-over makeup color will be a hot trend, but it won’t necessarily be a bold shade.

5. Brown Shimmer

Brown Shimmer

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, In true-to-fall form, shimmery bronzed lids will be on trend come the season. A brown shadow with a little built-in glimmer will do the trick. Pair with reddish-brown lips, and your easy seasonal aesthetic is golden (pun intended!). For this look, we absolutely love the STILA Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye shadow.

6. All Pink Everything

All Pink Everything

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Doesn’t millennial pink feel like a lifetime ago? Granted, thanks to the Barbie movie, every shade of pink is in, but now more than ever we’re seeing bright, bold magenta taking over social media, red carpets and beyond. If you’re a pink girlie (raises hand), now’s your time to shine.

7. Pops of Pale Pink

Pops of Pale Pink

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, With Barbiecore absolutely dominating every trend right now, no shade of pink is left untouched. The soft, peachy-pale pink we often see throughout summer is extending its way into fall, darkening up the under eyes, however, with a little smudge of black liner.

8. Statement Waterlines

Statement Waterlines

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Olivia Palermo is the ultimate trendsetter, and she’s just one of many who’s sporting a statement waterline for fall. Whether a bold blue as pictured, or a smoked out version of a lighter shade, the waterline will not go unnoticed this season. Add an additional layer to look by popping on a deep coral pink or terracotta burnt orange.

9. Smoky Eye & Pale Pink Combo

Smoky Eye & Pale Pink Combo

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, It makes sense that a smoky eye would accompany a pale or nude shade, but we are absolutely living for this heavily smoked-pale-pink combo. The duo contrast in an effortlessly eye-catching way, and truth be told, we’re stoked about the smoky eye resurgence.

10. Emerald Eyes

Emerald Eyes

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, This colorful smoky eye is an ideal choice for both fall and winter. In place of the browns and grays typically used in a smoky eye, Zendaya is wearing a jewel-toned emerald green–a shade that will absolutely glow against all skin tones.

11. Golden Eyes

Golden Eyes

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, After applying your choice of gold shadow all over the lid (we like WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Rush Eyeshadow Palette), top it with a pencil-thin cat eye liner and a few coats of curling mascara. To take that gilded glow even further, pop the shimmery shade into the inner corners of the eyes for the ultimate sparkle.

12. Dramatic Cat-Eye

Dramatic Cat-Eye

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, While the cat-eye or winged liner trend never went away, we’re seeing these corner cutters drawn more dramatically than ever before. For a minute there, it seemed like celebrities were giving their black liquid liner a rest in lieu of a more subtle wing made of eyeshadow. While that’s still chic, the heavy black wing is back—just ask Madelaine Petsch.

13. Pink on Pink

Pink on Pink

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Rosy red makeup (à la Megan Fox) can be an unexpected showstopper. This monochromatic makeup uses a similar rose-colored shade for the eyes, cheeks, and lips to instantly and easily create a color-cohesive look (bonus points for pink hair). In order to recreate this look quickly and with fewer products, use the same powder blush on both your cheekbones and your eyelids.

14. Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty

Exciting Autumn 2023 Makeup Trends, Blush made major moves in the last year, and there are no signs that the trend is slowing down. We’re embracing deeper hues that go all the way up to the temples for a rosy, lifted look. The perfect blush for you will vary widely depending on your skin type and tone, so head to our blush guide to find out how to find your perfect match. Pro tip: To cop Tessa Thompson’s flushed effect, dust the blush across the eyelids, too.

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