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The 25 Best Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas+Photos

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas: You’d never know I was a procrastinator based on the Halloween costumes I’ve pulled together last minute. Most years, I’m grabbing things out of my closet for a homemade DIY costume moments before heading out to a party or ordering gallons of fake blood and face paint on Amazon two days before. But my costumes always look immaculate. My hack? An easy af Halloween makeup look that mostly takes the place of a costume entirely (minus a few simple additions).

Trust: Some Halloween eye makeup or a Halloween hairstyle can entirely turn your look into a full-blown costume with very little effort (see: #20, I promise anyone can do it). And you don’t even need to be a whiz with a blending brush, either. Just scroll through this list of 25 Halloween makeup-look tutorials and start practicing—before you know it, you’ll be winning best costume.

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, So to the naysayers who swear you can’t come up with a cheap Halloween costume within a few hours, give ‘em some ~spooky~ hell with one of these Halloween makeup ideas:

1. Barbie Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, After Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie masterpiece, I guarantee we’re about to see a whole lotta Barbies walking down the street this Halloween. And I wouldn’t want anything different! Here’s the thing: You really just need a pink makeup look and a pink outfit to match. But you can totally match it to your vibes, whether you go for a rosy eye and lip or this full-blown bright look.

2. Jocelyn from The Idol makeup for Halloween

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, IDK about you, but I spent the majority of my time watching The Idol just contemplating how I’d redo Lily-Rose Depp’s makeup for a Halloween costume. It’s fairly natural and simple, yet looks so unmistakably “her.” Just make sure to opt for a waterproof eyeliner that gives you a lil time to smudge it out but then sets in place (my go-to is the Makeup By Mario Master Pigment Pro Eyeliner Pencil, FWIW).

3. Ursula from The Little Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, The Little Mermaid remake coming out this year means we’re probably going to see a lot of fishtails walking swimming down the street. Spice it up by being Ursula à la this look created by Ash Levi. Start by coating your face and neck with a light layer of purple face and body paint. Contour with a deeper shade of purple blush or purple eyeshadow, and don’t forget to add Ursula’s signature beauty mark just below your lip.

4. Princess Fiona from Shrek Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, If you didn’t make it to one of those Shrek raves this/last summer (yes, they were a thing), you can at least cosplay as Princess Fiona this Halloween to make up for it. Before you pop on your red wig and ogre ears, swipe a shimmery bronze eye shadow across your lids, then dot fake freckles across your nose with an eyeliner brush and a matte shade from your neutral eye shadow palette that’s three shades darker than your skin tone.

5. Demon girl Halloween makeup idea

Demon girl Halloween makeup idea

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Wanna get a lil scary this Halloween? Then check out this demon girl tutorial by Ellie Macs SFX. Get yourself a foundation three to four shades lighter than your skin tone for a washed-out look, a black lipstick, and a black Smokey eye shadow for a basic and quick demon look. This tutorial amps it up a notch with some liquid liner face veins, black eye shadow contour for dimension, and some subtle red eye shadow shading.

6. Wednesday Addams from Wednesday Halloween makeup

Wednesday Addams Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Let’s be real, Jenna Ortega killed it as Wednesday Addams, and considering Wednesday didn’t premiere until November of 2022, that means this is the first year to dress up as this rendition of her. Grab your favorite black eyeliner and smudge it out on your top and bottom waterlines. Grab some black hair paint and give yourself two cute lil braids.

7. Glinda the Good Witch Halloween tutorial

Glinda the Good Witch Halloween tutorial

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, All the glimpses of Ariana Grande as Glinda in the upcoming Wicked movie are getting me real excited, so I might just have to give this costume a go. Just snag a few key makeup products, including a pink-toned eye shadow palette, a light-pink lip gloss, and a whole bunch of adhesive rhinestones. And if you’re v committed, put on a long, pink dress and wave around a wand. You’re a good witch, after all.

8. Cleopatra Halloween makeup look

Cleopatra Halloween makeup look

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, You basically already have the makings of this look if you have a gold cream eye shadow to pat across your lids, lips, and cheeks. It’s v pigmented, but you can also blend it out where you want a more diffused look. But if you want to go even further, stick on a pair of gold false lashes like YouTuber WitJasmine.

9. Halloween eyeliner ideas

Halloween eyeliner ideas

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, If you’re more of a “throw on a spooky T-shirt and call it a day” Halloween celebrator, just up the ante on your makeup look with one of these eyeliner ideas. Whether you want a spooky vibe (hi, bloody floating liner) or a cutesy look (@ those adorable devil horns), you won’t get yelled at for not looking festive but still get to keep a lil bit of your peace.

10. Space cowgirl Halloween makeup

Space cowgirl Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, If your vibe is “yee-haw, but make it shiny and pink,” consider this the easiest costume on this list. This look is heavy on the glitter, so don’t be shy and cover your entire face (eyes, lips, and cheeks) with a mix of metallic and glitter eye shadows in varying shades and consistencies. And I guarantee if you went to a bachelorette party this year, you already have a cowgirl hat (probably in pink… with rhinestones).

11. Taylor Swift Lover makeup tutorial

Taylor Swift Lover makeup tutorial

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, If you didn’t get enough of recreating Blondie’s makeup on the Eras Tour this summer (I mean, there’s a lot of content to choose from, mmk?), the Lover-era heart is probably the most recognizable for Swifties and bystanders alike. Here’s a lil trick tho from when I copied this look recently: Outline the shape of your heart with a beige or white eyeliner pencil first to get the shape right, then dab the glitter on top—you’ll avoid having to re-do the glitter a bajillion times like I did.

12. Masquerade mask makeup for Halloween

Masquerade mask makeup for Halloween

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, All you need for this look is a steady hand, liquid eyeliner, and a foundation or concealer two to three shades lighter than your skin tone to get this look. Then, all you gotta do is throw on a black dress and put on your best regency-era voice. Make haste!

13. Mad scientist Halloween makeup

Mad scientist Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, I’m low-key obsessed with this Halloween makeup tutorial from YouTuber Cydnee Black that recreates a creepy scientist after an experiment gone wrong (yes, a pair of protective glasses will be required).

To get the smoked-out look around your face, trace gray or black eyeshadow along the outside rim of your glasses while you’re wearing them, blend the lines out with a fluffy brush, then add bits of darker smoke around your face with the same brush for a haphazard finish.

14. 60s girl Halloween makeup idea

60s girl Halloween makeup idea

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Though you can wear graphic eyeliner any day of the week, try zhuzhing it up even more for Halloween with exaggerated false lashes and a white eyeshadow cut crease, as in YouTuber Dacey Cash’s ‘60s makeup tutorial. If you’re new to fake eyelashes, try grabbing a pair of magnetic lashes instead, then draw on a few lash strokes with black liquid eyeliner along your bottom lashes for the ultimate Twiggy look.

15. Eleven from Stranger Things

Eleven from Stranger Things

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Not ready to stop talking about Stranger Things 4? Try this super-easy eleven costume from season three that just requires a little fake blood under your nose. Keep the rest of your makeup natural (like, a little brown mascara on your top lashes and clear brow gel). Bonus points if you spring for a ‘80s-printed button-down and beach waves.

16. Bridgerton Halloween makeup

Bridgerton Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, This soft, pink-toned makeup look would absolutely wow Lady Whistle down (or at least, one can hope). The Bridgerton ladies keep it natural and sweet on the show, so copy their look this Halloween by blending a few rose-toned eye shadows all over your eyes and cheeks, and keeping your skin super glowy (using a luminescent makeup primer and lots of highlighter on your cheekbones) as YouTube Sophie Schumann does in the tutorial above.

17. Fairy Halloween makeup

Fairy Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Lots of cream blush and faux freckles create the base for this adorable fairy costume by Eve frsr, which you probably already know how to do if you’re a makeup lover. Still, if you don’t already own a faux freckle pen (which, tbh, I highly recommend you do), you can also get the look by dotting a brown lip liner or eyebrow pencil across your nose and cheeks.

18. Cassie’s makeup from Euphoria

Cassie’s makeup from Euphoria

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Thank you to Euphoria season two for giving us even more Halloween makeup looks to copy this year, like this Cassie look in episode one that was a cornerstone of *that* bathtub scene. And luckily, it’s super easy to DIY: Dot eyelash glue in a winged-out shape, wait 10 seconds until it’s tacky, then stick on tiny rhinestones. If you have hooded eyes, you can follow YouTuber Crystal Chou’s trick of placing your rhinestones just above your natural crease to make the wing stand out.

19. Dead Barbie Halloween makeup

Dead Barbie Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Expect all the Barbie looks this Halloween season (tysm, Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie). But if you’re not into the cutesy vibe, how about this scary, RIP version? YouTuber Roxette Arisa took a classic pink Barbie eye look to another level with liquid latex and special effects makeup. But you can also achieve the look a bit more easily by smudging red and black face paint around your mouth for the lazy-yet-effective version.

20. Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman makeup

Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, While I wouldn’t call Robert Pattinson’s The Batman my favorite film in the franchise’s long list, I will say Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman had some of the best makeup I’ve ever seen. This cool, fresh costume requires nothing more than a smudge-y black eyeliner, some liquid glitter, and an all-black outfit.

21. Black Swan Halloween makeup

Black Swan Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Does Black Swan still live in your head rent-free 12 years later, or is it just me? Pay some respect to the movie with this Halloween makeup that only really requires black eyeliner—just lots of it. If you dread doing your brows, you’ll get a lil reprieve with this costume, since you’ll be drawing over them with black liner. Pro tip: First outline the shape with a liquid eyeliner pen, then fill in larger areas with a flat brush and gel eyeliner pot to save time.

22. Scar from The Lion King Halloween makeup

Scar from The Lion King Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Scar is low-key the scariest Disney villain, IMO. Aside from the drawn-on eyeliner whiskers and nose, the key to this look is, obviously, the scar. After filling in your brows (creating a strong arch to match Scar’s perpetual scowl), draw a line through the brow and under your eyelid with a skinny brush dipped in full-coverage concealer.

23. Carrie Halloween makeup

Carrie Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, If you ordered a vat of fake blood on Amazon (weird, but okay) for Halloween this year, you’ve got nearly everything you need for this Carrie costume. But you don’t want to just douse your entire face in blood (or, IDK, you do you)—take a hint from YouTuber LesleyMarie1213 who recreated realistic blood splatters using red liquid lipstick and a toothbrush. Trust, the tutorial is worth watching.

24. Cupid Halloween makeup

Cupid Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Seems like everyone on my FYP is planning to dress up as Cupid for Halloween this year, so I found this very cute makeup tutorial to match. This look is all about the red tones: red lipstick, red blush, and red eyeliner. YouTuber Glownicky also added a white graphic line above her crease with a single red heart on one side (which you should def copy because it’s cute AF), or add your own touch with a heart gemstone.

25. Marilyn Monroe Halloween makeup

Marilyn Monroe Halloween makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas, Expect to see lots of iterations of Marilyn this Halloween in honor of the film, Blonde, starring Ana De Armas. Regardless of how you feel about the movie, it’s still an excuse to go full glam this October, with contour, red lipstick, winged eyeliner, neutral eye shadow, and Marilyn’s iconic beauty mark.

But don’t worry if you think all this makeup will look harsh: Makeup artist Jordi of ItsLikelyMakeup layered a translucent powder over her entire face to diffuse any edges and keep the look soft.

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