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Halloween Nail Designs: The Best 20 Halloween Nail Designs+Photos

Halloween Nail Designs: Halloween is here! As soon as we flip the calendar over to October, we’re all about the costumes, Halloween decorations, and pumpkin everything. This year, consider taking your DIY Halloween costumes to the next level with creative Halloween nail art. Not into a full-on getup this year?

There are tons of Halloween nail art styles that can absolutely, 100-percent stand-alone. And thanks to super strong and protective top coats and long-lasting gel polishes, your boo-tiful Halloween manicure can last all month long.

Halloween Nail Designs, Now let’s discuss Halloween nail art designs. Ranging from super simple styles for beginners to straight-up masterpieces for professionals (we’re not kidding—you won’t believe how insane some of the designs are!), these Halloween nail art ideas will really turn heads. Popular colors range from the classic Halloween black-and-orange combination to purple, silver, gold, and lots of glitter!

If you like Halloween but love fall, try these best fall nail designs. There are lots of nail styles in this batch (think pumpkins and fall colors) that will feel just-right for Halloween too. Not tired of the compliments just yet? Carry your festive manicure into November with best Thanksgiving nails.

1. Ghost Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Designs, These playful ghosts are just a little bit spooky when paired with tiny black bats and some fun sparkles.

2. Dripping Red Nails

Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Designs, For a simple, dramatic look that pairs perfectly with a vampire costume, go for this drippy design from nail salon Bellacures.

3. Prickly Pear Nails

Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Designs, This matte green nail polish topped with iridescent flecks is perfect for any Halloween costume. The Prickly Pear nail polish from Mooncat makes it easy.

4. Sparkly Black and Orange Nails

Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween Nail Designs, What’s black, orange, and sparkly all over? This fun and festive design from Bellacures.

5. Halloween Icons Nail Design

Halloween Icons Nail Design

Halloween Nail Designs, Can’t choose one nail design this Halloween? Go all out and choose all of them! This manicure from Bellacures includes a bat, googly eyes, a skull, and spiderweb.

6. Googly Eye Nails

Googly Eye Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, This black manicure gets a super-fun twist with colorful eyeballs.

7. Bat Halloween Nails

Bat Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, This purple-to-white design is topped with black bats for a striking Halloween look.

8. Black and Orange Nails

Black and Orange Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, The black shape atop orange nail polish mimics the phases of the moon.

9. Mummy Halloween Nails

Mummy Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, This subdued manicure gets a surprising pop with one mummy nail. Simply paint one nail with a nude polish and top with white lines and eyes.

10. Floral Halloween Nails

Floral Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Looking for sweet instead of spooky? This orange-and-gold design with floral accents is the perfect choice.

11. Spider Nails

Spider Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, If a full set of designs is overwhelming, focus on one statement nail, like this black spider on a matte white background.

12. Moon and Stars Halloween Nails

Moon and Stars Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Pair your witch costume with this moon-and-stars design. It’s easier than it looks with nail stickers.

13. Stitches Halloween Nails

Stitches Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Pay homage to Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas with these purple-and-green nails.

14. Addams Family Nails

Addams Family Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, To all Addams Family fans–how incredible are these nails? This true throwback to the movie and TV show is both nostalgic and beautiful with character caricatures and perfect accent nails on the side.

15. Scream Nails

Scream Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Like many other nails on this list, this is an homage to a halloween classic: the 1996 movie Scream. On one nail is Ghostface’s iconic mask and on the others are perfect blood drips, perhaps representing all his merciless killings. Beautiful and sinister, just like Halloween should be!

16. Blood Splatter Nails

Blood Splatter Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Though blood drips are very much in right now, blood spatters are far more realistic. This technique is done by using an old toothbrush or spoolie, dipping it into the nail polish and spraying the fake blood splatter onto a neutral coat of polish. Easy and effective, you’ll look just out of a Halloween crime scene.

17. Demonic Nun Halloween Nails

Demonic Nun Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, The creepier the better! Undoubtedly one of the best parts about Halloween is embracing our spooky interests in movies and media. So why not stamp that onto your nails? The combination of demonic nun faces, religious symbols and blood splatters will really give you some goosebumps.

18. Voodoo Doll Nails

Voodoo Doll Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Though this may not be as creepy as the others in this list, voodoo dolls are surely an eerie premise. The stitches in this look are incredibly precise and the red heart brings it all together.

19. Trick-or-Treat Nails

Trick-or-Treat Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, A true celebration of Halloween’s greatest tradition: trick-or-treating!

20. Blood Drip Halloween Nails

Blood Drip Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Designs, Talk about creepy! This fairly simple application on white pointy nails packs a big punch. Add as a finishing touch for a vampire costume. Pro tip: Mix in a little black polish at the nail beds and the ends of the drips for more dimension.

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