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The 21 Gorgeous 2024 Nail Design+Photos

2024 Nail Design: The New Year is here, which means it’s time to find the perfect set of New Year’s nail designs for 2024. If you’re looking to change up your look in the New Year, why not start with your nails? These nails are a fun way to spark conversation and compliments on your new look.

Below you’ll find the perfect nail design to help you stand out at parties, events, or even at the office. From glittery gold to shiny metallic with glitter accents, here is our list of trending styles for 2024.

1. Black with Green Glitter

2024 Nail Design

2024 Nail Design, These creative nails are the ultimate festive New Year’s nails. If you like the colors black and green, this is the perfect design for ringing in the New Year.

2. Creative Gold

2024 Nail Design

2024 Nail Design, If you want a look that’s simple yet creative, you’ll love these nails with gold tips. You could also choose a different color if you want something even more unique.

3. Black and Seafoam Green

2024 Nail Design

2024 Nail Design, These black and seafoam green nails are so unique and fun for the New Year. Bring in this special time of year with a nail look that’s not like any you’ve seen before.

4. Matte Green with Gold

2024 Nail Design

2024 Nail Design, If you love matte nail polish, here’s a simple look to consider. If you don’t like the color green, feel free to use the color of your choice in matte.

5. Silver Glitter French Tips

Silver Glitter French Tips

2024 Nail Design, Keep it simple with these silver glitter French tip nails. These frenchies use a classic almond nail shape and work well for any occasion.

6. Black and Gold

Black and Gold nail

2024 Nail Design, The colors black and gold go together perfectly. Not only that, but I love the fun designs that have been added to give the nails an eye-catching appearance.

7. Black and Gold

Black and Gold glitter

2024 Nail Design, The colors black and gold scream the New Year in my opinion. Not only has that but the addition of the glitter made these nails perfect for your next celebration. Play around with different color ideas to make the look your own.

8. Celebration Nails

Celebration Nails

2024 Nail Design, These nails scream the word “celebration” in my opinion. They’re so fun and festive. You’re sure to receive a lot of compliments on your nails.

9. Gold Swirl

Gold Swirl

2024 Nail Design, I just adore these simple almond shaped nails that feature a gold swirl going along the length of the nail. This easy design is great for all nail shapes and lengths.

10. Long Clear Nails

Long Clear Nails

2024 Nail Design, These long nails have an elegant look that’s great for your New Year’s celebration. Not only that, but they’re also perfect for everyday wear.

11. Black with Silver Glitter

Black with Silver Glitter

2024 Nail Design, These black French tip-esque nails include a celebratory silver glitter look that’s perfect for your New Year’s celebration. I can see these nails looking great with a number of different color choices. From pink to blue to green, you’re going to love whatever colors you choose for your nails.

12. Black and Silver Pattern

Black and Silver Pattern

2024 Nail Design, This pattern reminds me of a mix between a crocodile pattern and a snake skin pattern. If you want a design that’s super unique, give this look a try.

13. Blinged out Coffin Nails

Blinged out Coffin Nails

2024 Nail Design, If you love long coffin nails, bling them out with rhinestones and other embellishments for a fun and stand-out look. The addition of the glitter nail polish makes these nails perfect for your January look.

14. Filled with Glitter

Filled with Glitter

2024 Nail Design, Fans of glitter will love this fun nail design. What I love about this look is that you could replace the black with just about any color and these nails will still look great.

15. Black, Pink and Glitter

Black, Pink and Glitter

2024 Nail Design, These nails are absolutely stunning. With nails like these, you’re sure to get tons of compliments on your acrylics. This is another look that allows for a multitude of fun color combinations.

16. Matte Black with Gold Flakes

Matte Black with Gold Flakes

2024 Nail Design, Here’s a look that’s great for fans of matte nail polish. This look can be done with or without the gold flakes. The gold is what makes these perfect for the New Year.

17. Red and Gold Frenchies

Red and Gold Frenchies

2024 Nail Design, If you love red nail designs, you’re going to love these classy and elegant red and gold frenchies. These nails are perfect for a night out on the town or a day at the office.

18. Tortoise Shell Design

Tortoise Shell Design

2024 Nail Design, The pattern on these nails is called “tortoise shell” because they look similar to the pattern on the shell of a tortoise. The shell is characterized by speckled flakes in a fluid, natural pattern.

19. Gold French Tips and Cuffs

Gold French Tips and Cuffs

2024 Nail Design, If you’re looking for a sparkling French tip design, go with these glitter gold french tips. This design also has gold cuffs. Cuffed nails are simply nails that have a curved design along the cuticle area of the nail.

20. Tie Dye Nails

Tie Dye Nails

2024 Nail Design, Tie dye has made a huge comeback, so I was super excited when I stumbled across this look. This design would look great on short, medium or long nails.

21. Glitter Everywhere

Glitter Everywhere

2024 Nail Design, I just love how these nails are loaded with glitter. Pair these with your favorite black and gold dress, and you’ve got yourself a fun and sparkly look.

Whether you’re going for a more subtle look or something with loads of glitter, we’ve got the perfect New Year’s nail art design to match your style. I hope these designs help you step up your game this year.

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