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12 Silver French Nail Ideas That Put A Metallic Twist On The Classic Mani

Silver French Nail Ideas: Beauty trends are known for being reborn over and over again. But what makes them new and noteworthy is that they always come back with a fresh twist. Take French manicures, for example. Sure, the classic version won’t ever go away, but today’s iterations are more edgy and innovative. Case in point: silver French tips. We’ve spotted this metallic mani all over our feed lately, and we love that are so many ways to make this look your own. You can opt for subtle shimmery silver tips or a bold molten silver French mani—the choice is yours. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 12 head-turning examples of silver French tip nail ideas.

A French mani is already elegant, but adding silver and pearls to the mix makes this nail design even more sophisticated. You can find an assortment of nail pearls here.

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1. Shining Star

Silver French Nail Ideas, Everything about this silver French mani is unexpected (in the best way). The negative space on the ring and index finger creates a cool contrast. Meanwhile, the Silver Star decals add a playful touch.

Silver French Nail Ideas

2. Crowning Achievement

Instead of using traditional silver nail polish, this mani creates a French tip using silver gems. The barely-there nude base makes this bejeweled look pop even more.

Silver French Nail Ideas

3. Falling Stars

Silver French Nail Ideas, This manicure reminds us of the starry night sky. Add a few flecks of glitter nail polish on top of your silver French tips to add extra elegance to the look.

Silver French Nail Ideas

4. Heavy Metal

A molten metal design adds texture and a futuristic feel to a silver French tip manicure. And when you’re wearing statement nails like these, you don’t even need to think about wearing accessories.

Heavy Metal Nails

5. Putting on the Glitz

Silver French Nail Ideas, If you’re not into nail art, a swipe of silver glitter polish along the tips of your nails is all you need. This subtle shimmery mani is perfect on its own.

These perfectly pointy silver French tips are an instant standout. Manicurist Betina Goldstein used an Essie polish in the shade Apres-Chic to achieve this striking silver French tip.

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Silver French Nail Ideas

6. Double Take

Silver French Nail Ideas, We love that this mani combines three trends—silver French, double French, and aura nails. The subtle wash of color at the center of the nail and the double-lined silver chrome French tip give this manicure an incredibly futuristic feel.

Silver French Nail Ideas

7. Accent Nail

A single accent nail can make a total statement. Here, the lone solid silver nail really pops against the rest of the silver French tips.

Beautiful Nails

8. Silver Sparkle

Silver French Nail Ideas, If you’d rather keep the silver accents to a minimum, this mani is for you. Only two nails feature silver glitter polish, while the rest are coated with a stunning nude lacquer.

long Nails

9. Glitter Bomb

Gorgeous and glittery, this design is easy to recreate. All you have to do is dab a silver glitter polish onto the tips of your nails, applying it more sparsely as you go down. For an extra touch, use white polish to draw dainty stars on a few of your fingers.

Shiny Nails

10. Cool Chrome

Silver French Nail Ideas, This mani is beyond cool. Not only is there a silver chrome French tip, but manicurist Brittney Boyce also etched little designs into the nail tip to give it an added element.


11. Red and Silver

Silver French Nail Ideas, Red and silver are a classic pairing, and they work perfectly together when combined on a French tip. While this mani definitely has a holiday feel, it can work year-round.

Pinky Nails

12. Seeing Spikes

Silver French Nail Ideas, These nails exude an edgy, rocker vibe. The elongated spiky silver tips are incredibly eye-catching and bound to spark conversation.

Gray Manicure

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