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The 12 Golden Tips For Pre-wedding Skin Care

Pre-wedding Skin Care: The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life. You definitely want to have a beautiful makeup on this day.

To achieve this goal, start skin care a few months before the wedding. Because what affects the beauty of makeup is the health and vitality of the skin. If your wedding ceremony is near, stay with us in this article.

Pre-wedding Skin Care, The most important skin care points before the wedding are:

Stress control

Facial massage

Consult a dermatologist

Regular planning for goals

Using an LED mask to brighten the skin

Use facial cleanser according to skin type

Use of skin lightening serum


Peel off

Use moisturizer and hydrator

Acne cream

Lip hydration

Why Is Skin Care Necessary For Brides?

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Having healthy and fresh skin is an important part of your confidence on your wedding day. But this is not the only reason, if you do not have healthy skin, a skilled makeup artist will have problems with your makeup and foundation. So it is better to have a suitable skin care routine before the wedding ceremony.

How Much Time Before The Ceremony Is Needed To Have A Skin Routine?

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Some dermatologists believe that it is necessary to take care of the skin at least 3 months before the wedding. Because if you have skin problems like acne, more time is needed and it is better to start a skin routine 6 months before. This makes it easy for the hairdresser to have a high-quality make-up on the wedding day.

Introducing The Golden Tips Of Skin Care Before The Wedding

Pre-wedding Skin Care, In this section, we will introduce the most important skin care tips before the wedding ceremony for you to get to know more.

1. Control Your Stress

Pre-wedding Skin Care

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Stress may be a little difficult to control. But know that a calm mind has a great impact on the health and freshness of your skin. As stress increases, the cortisol level in the body increases and as a result, skin problems increase.

Stress that leads to insomnia can make the skin look dull and dull. Having enough sleep neutralizes the damage of free radicals to the skin and body. To take care of your skin before the wedding, you should have enough sleep and avoid stressful environments. Meditation and reading are one of the ways to reduce stress.

2. Consult A Dermatologist

Pre-wedding Skin Care, If you are not aware of the important things in skin care and you have skin problems, you can consult a doctor specializing in this field. If you have acne, eczema or rosacea, consulting a doctor can be effective. Even if your skin has no problems, regular facials are the best option for increasing skin health, which include things like cleansing, hot fumigation, scrubbing, exfoliation, skin polishing, and draining black pores.

3. Facial Massage

Pre-wedding Skin Care

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Facial massage is a great trick to improve skin health. This practice controls stress and strengthens the lymphatic system and blood circulation.

4. Plan Your Goals

Pre-wedding Skin Care, In order to reduce wrinkles on the face and neck, you can use the LED face mask. Pimples, redness, inflammation and fine lines on the face are somewhat reduced in this method. This mask makes the skin shine and is suitable before the wedding.

5. Nutrition


Pre-wedding Skin Care, A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is one of the important solutions and tips for skin care before the wedding ceremony. Consider moderation in eating and try to use fruits, vegetables and probiotic foods in your diet. It is recommended to remove artificial sweeteners from the diet plan and use protein, carbohydrates, dairy products and healthy fats in balance.

6. Face Wash Suitable For Skin Type

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Proper cleansing is one of the skin routines for people. Today, different face washes suitable for different skin types are produced and marketed by different brands.

7. Skin Lightening Serum

Skin Lightening Serum

Pre-wedding Skin Care, After washing your face, you can use vitamin C brightening serum to help even out your skin tone. Vitamin C brightens the skin with its antioxidant properties.

Note: It is recommended not to try a product that you have not used before the wedding ceremony. Because it may cause skin sensitivity.

8. Sunscreen

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Using sunscreen is one of the essentials in skin routine. Don’t forget sunscreen, especially if you use vitamin C or retinol. Make sure that the sunscreen should be purchased according to the skin type and its minimum SPF should be equal to 30 to protect the skin from harmful rays.

9. Peel Off

Peel Off

Pre-wedding Skin Care, The use of proper peeling has a great effect on the health, clarity of the skin and the removal of dead cells. Of course, exfoliating the skin should be basic because the skin may become rough, rough and flaky afterwards. It is recommended to consult a doctor before peeling.

10. Moisturizing And Hydrating

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Providing the necessary moisture to the skin to keep it fresh. Moisturizing cream should be purchased according to the skin type. For example, if your skin is oily, you should use a cream that does not contain fat.

11. Acne Cream

acne cream

Pre-wedding Skin Care, If you have oily skin, you may have faced problems such as open pores, pimples and acne. At this time, using a high-quality anti-acne cream has a great effect on acne treatment.

12. Hydrating The Lips

Pre-wedding Skin Care, Dry and flaky lips are not suitable for makeup. It is better to use a suitable lip balm every day a week before the wedding ceremony. It is better to drink 8 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated.

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