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Teenager Skin Care Routine: What Is The Best Skin Care Routine For Teenager?

Teenager Skin Care Routine: It is almost impossible to enter adulthood without complaining about your skin during your teenage years.

Dermatologists have offered suggestions for taking care of the skin of teenagers so that you can have a healthy and fresh appearance by using a skin routine. According to these experts, acne, blackheads and oily skin are the most common skin complaints among teenagers.

Usually, people face many skin challenges during adolescence. Hormonal changes cause the enlargement of the sebaceous glands and, as a result, the skin of teenagers becomes oily and causes large pores and blackheads in the skin. Of course, you can have glowing and healthy skin by following the teenage skin care routine that follows.

Teenager Skin Care Routine

Teenager Skin Care Routine, In the skin care routine of teenagers, these few items can be very important; It may seem like a lot, but remember that adolescence is when we lay the foundation for skin health. The health of your skin depends to a large extent on your skin care and skincare routine. In the following, we would like to introduce you the names of skin routine products for teenagers.

1. Clean Your Skin Carefully

Teenager Skin Care Routine

Teenager Skin Care Routine, If your skin is oily, a facial cleansing gel or foam is probably suitable for daily skin care. Cleanse your skin once a day or twice if your skin gets very oily or dirty during the day.

If you are a teenage girl and use cosmetics, the best way is to first remove your eye makeup and then clean your face with your fingertips along with washing gel or foam.

Teenager Skin Care Routine, If you are a sports person or you work hard in the gym and physical education class, if possible, wash your face before exercising (so that the skin can sweat and breathe properly during physical activity) or at least use a paper towel to dry your face. You have. If you are a teenager with dry skin, use moisturizer and cleanser.

2. Moisturizing The Skin Is Very Important

Teenager Skin Care Routine

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Using moisturizer is very important. Even for oily and acne-prone skin, moisturizing the skin is very important. Fat and moisture are two different things. By providing enough moisture to your skin, you will cause the skin to produce less oil.

In fact, moisturizing helps regulate skin oil production. Use oil-free and non-comedogenic lotions or creams that have substances that strengthen or restore the protective function of the skin, i.e. ceramides and niacinamide.

3. Remove Your Makeup Before Going To Bed

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Even if your best friend can sleep with makeup on her face and look attractive, it is still not a good idea to remove makeup before bed. Even if you are too tired to tie your hair back; be sure to remove your makeup and wash your face; Use at least one make-up remover wipe to remove make-up, dirt and oil from your face.

If you are used to sleeping with makeup on, you may develop acne or prominent skin rashes called dermatitis around the mouth or around the eyes.

4. Control Skin Oil

Teenager Skin Care Routine, You want to reduce the shine of your skin without damaging it. According to dermatologists at Harvard Medical School, there is a basic three-step approach to controlling sebum:

Choose a cleanser with salicylic acid.

Use an oil-free primer to control the shine of your skin.

During the day, wipe your skin with cloth or special tissues (oil absorbent paper).

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate Your Skin

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Exfoliating the skin of teenagers is very important. You should only exfoliate your skin once or twice a week using a relatively mild product. Do not scrub because it does not help to get rid of acne or blackheads and of course do not exfoliate too much. Facial mask for teenagers is a very suitable product for exfoliation.

6. Use Anti-Acne Products Wisely

Use Anti-Acne Products Wisely

Teenager Skin Care Routine, One of the important goals is to recommend skin routine for teenagers to prevent acne. There are many substances that are effective in cleaning and preventing acne. One of the reasons for their effectiveness is that they are strong and if you are not careful and precise in using them, these substances will irritate and redden your skin even more than inflammatory red pimples.

The more irritation and burning of your skin, the less will be the desire to use treatment methods and as a result, you will return to the first point with acne on your face. Next, we will tell you how to protect your skin.

7. Never Share Your Makeup With Others

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Sharing eye and lip makeup products is a very wrong thing to do. If someone lipstick color is tempting, it is better to get one for yourself.

8. Keep Your Hands Clean

Teenager Skin Care Routine, One of the ways to help teenagers stay healthy and take care of their skin is to protect their skin from pollution and germs. Before touching your face or retouching your makeup, wash your hands and regularly clean other surfaces that come in contact with your skin, such as your cell phone.

9. Do Not Pay Attention To Traditional Non-scientific Solutions

Do Not Pay Attention To Traditional Non-scientific Solutions

Teenager Skin Care Routine, You may have heard of weird acne treatments like putting toothpaste on your skin. These methods are not only ineffective, but if your skin is sensitive to the ingredients, it may worsen your skin condition.

There are a number of scientifically formulated specialized skin care products on the market that will help you look your best. So instead of people’s experience, go for scientific reasons for choosing skin care products.

10. Apply Sunscreen

Apply Sunscreen

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Using sun cream in the skin routine of teenagers has a special place for all age groups and perhaps most of all. Every day whether it’s raining or clear, cloudy or sunny, whether you go to school, whether you leave the house to do something, whether you do sports or go to the beach or park, use sunscreen.

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Using sunscreen is important not only to prevent skin cancer, but also to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging in the future. It doesn’t matter how dark your skin is; either way, you’ll always need sunscreen. Also, the use of sunscreen prevents pimples from darkening. It is better to choose a broad-spectrum and oil-free sunscreen.

11. Avoid Solariums And Tanning Beds

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Get a tanned, glowing and healthy skin by using a tanning cream or spray. Tanning beds and tanning under the sun can expose you to wrinkles and premature aging of the skin and also lead to an increased risk of skin cancer.

12. Consult A doctor About A suitable Routine

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Visiting a dermatologist can be very helpful; especially if you have red, pus-filled pimples or large lumps under the skin that are painful or leave scars.

Teenager Skin Care Routine, Getting a teen skin care routine that suits your skin condition can prevent diseases that can be permanent if left untreated. A dermatologist can prescribe strong cleansers and anti-acne medications that are more effective than over-the-counter products to clear up your skin faster.

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