Nicole Kidman Afi Award: Will Receive The American Film Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Nicole Kidman Afi Award: Hollywood star Nicole Kidman is the first Australian to receive the American Film Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The “American Film Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award” of AFI will be presented to actress Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman Afi Award, He is the 49th actor and the first Australian actor to receive this award.

Nicole Kidman Afi Award

Nicole Kidman Afi Award

Kathleen Kennedy, president of the foundation, says that the actor has been mesmerizing audiences with his artistic daring for decades. He is brave in his performance and choices.

Nicole Kidman Afi Award, Kidman has acted in many films, and for the film “Hours” she won the Oscar for the best actress. He has won two Emmy Awards, one of them for the series “Big Little Lies” and six Golden Globe Awards.

He has recently starred in the movie “Northern Man” and the series “9 Strangers” and is the unofficial spokesperson for the American AMC chain of cinemas.

Nicole Kidman Afi Award

Nicole Kidman Afi Award, George Clooney, John Williams, Jane Fonda and Mel Brooks are other winners of this award. John Ford was the first recipient of the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, established in 1973.

Kidman played a role in the movie “Queen of the Desert” about British influence in Middle East countries. In the role of Gertrude Bell, a writer and British secret agent in Arab countries at the beginning of the century.

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