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What Is The Cause Of Makeup Rubbing And How To Prevent It?

Makeup Rubbing: Many women like that the make-up on their face is constant and permanent from morning to night, but it may have happened to many of you.

that when you look at your face in the mirror after a few hours, you realize that your face make-up has not remained constant and You will encounter foundation rubbing, even though you have used excellent and high-quality cosmetics.

Makeup Rubbing, Sometimes, despite covering your skin with foundation, acne and redness reappear after a few hours. In this case, you may think to yourself, what is the reason for rubbing the cream on the face? And despite the use of quality cosmetics, your facial skin is still not fresh and good. All these events depend on whether you have used a primer before applying makeup or not? Or have you paid attention to your skin type while buying powder cream?

You may also have this question, what does the primer do and how does it make the makeup last? If you are one of those people who don’t know about primer and consider it unimportant to use before putting on makeup, or you think that buying primer is an extra expense, stay with us in the rest of this article to learn about the unique uses of this primer. Be informed about beauty and cosmetic products.

What Is The Cause Of Makeup Rubbing

What Is Primer And Why Is It Necessary To Use Primer?

Makeup Rubbing

Makeup Rubbing, Primer is a kind of cosmetic cream or spray for the skin of making makeup. This product creates an additional and thin layer between the skin and cosmetics on the face. Primers can make the skin smooth and uniform before makeup and keep the skin fresh and fresh during the day. In addition, primers make the makeup last longer and prevent the foundation from rubbing on your skin and keep the makeup stable and lasting.

Makeup Rubbing, With these interpretations, it should be said that primer is a material that must be used before applying powder cream. When you use primer before foundation cream on your skin, you will have smooth and flawless skin after makeup. Also, if you are a heavy makeup wearer, you can use a primer to keep your skin makeup stable for a longer period of time.

What Are The Uses Of Primer?

Makeup Rubbing, It can be said that the reason for the rubbing of powder cream is not using a primer. The primer makes the skin smooth and uniform, so that when some parts of the skin are dark and dull and some other parts are light, it makes the skin of the face uniform.

The primer also prevents redness and inflammation during the day and the time the makeup is on the skin. Primers prevent the appearance of pimples and acne during the day, and in addition, they also have a care mode. Manufacturing companies usually use anti-wrinkle compounds in the formula of primers, so that it fills the wrinkles of the face and covers the open pores of the skin and makes them invisible.

The primer brightens and brightens the facial skin after makeup. This product is also good for oily skin, because some types of primers do not contain fat at all and are fat-free, so they are useful for oily skin. If you have dry skin and you have a habit of moisturizing your face before applying make-up, in this case, using a primer will make your skin soft and moist, and you will no longer need to use a moisturizing cream.

Makeup Rubbing, It can be said about the use of primers that they generally make makeup last longer in different weather conditions. Of course, if you are exposed to the sun a lot, it cannot be said that you should not use sunscreen, but some types of primers have SPF in their structure, however, the constant feature of primers is that it keeps your makeup stable. Now that you are aware of this issue and have been with us until this point, you must want to know how to use primers in your daily makeup. In the rest of this article, we will tell you how to use primers correctly.

The Correct Way To Use Primer

Makeup Rubbing

Makeup Rubbing, To use the primer properly, before applying makeup, first clean your face with soap and water, and after your skin is dry and you have done the skin care steps such as serum and exfoliation, apply a lentil-sized amount of primer.

Pour it on the surface of the skin and gently and circularly massage it with your fingers. It is very important to use your fingers when applying makeup, this work will cause more absorption and fix and last the makeup on your skin. Of course, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before working.

Makeup Rubbing, Next, wait a few minutes for the primer to be absorbed on your skin and finally start your makeup. In the following, some points can be mentioned when using primer. You don’t need to apply primer to all parts of your face, just apply it to the oily parts of the skin and open pores.

Do not apply primer under your eyes, because it will cause the concealer to look worn on the skin. Next, it should be said that there are different types of primers, in addition to skin primers, there are also primers for eye shadow. In the following, we will talk more about the types of primers.

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