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The 10 Gorgeous New Year’s Makeup Looks You Can Do It At Home + Photos

New Year’s Makeup Looks: The countdown to a new year has begun and we’re more than ready to hit refresh on our looks with some shimmery new eye makeup looks. And what better place to start than the most glam night of the season—aka. New Year’s Eve? Whether you’re hitting the town decked out in sequins or gearing up for a cozy night in with skincare and movies, we’ve got all the New Year’s Eve makeup ideas you need to light you up like a disco ball.

So, fire up TikTok and YouTube for the makeup tutorials and take inspo from these 10 dazzling makeup looks. Continue reading for a list of makeup ideas (confetti! metallics! pearls!) that will guarantee you start the next 365 days in style.

1. Disco Blue

New Year's Makeup Looks

New Year’s Makeup Looks, While we love lighting up in silver and gold on New Year’s Eve, it’s also the perfect night to go all-out with bright, bold colors. This wash of aqua blue eyeshadow will have you stunning from the midnight toast, to the next-day brunch.

New Year’s Makeup Looks, Precision isn’t key for this look—concentrating color away from the center of your eyelids will give it a slightly abstract effect that’s so fresh and fun. Keep the focus on your eyes with a soft and subdued peachy-pink lipstick or your go-to nude.

2. Super Smoky Wings

New Year's Makeup Looks

New Year’s Makeup Looks, Smoky eyes on New Year’s Eve? We know, groundbreaking. But when you add champagne shimmer and elongated wings to the look, it becomes next-level gorgeous. To keep our wings symmetrical and even, we rely on one fool-proof tool: clear tape.

Apply it at an upward angle at the outer corners of each eye. Then, apply charcoal or black eyeshadow and blend to your heart’s desire. Once you remove the tape, you’ll have perfectly even and razor-sharp wings. Line your lower and upper lash lines with dark black eyeliner and then smudge it out using an angled eyeliner brush. Top it all with champagne eyeshadow and lots of mascara.

3. Chunky Glitter Lids

New Year's Makeup Looks

New Year’s Makeup Looks, Fact: We can’t get enough glitter—on our eyes, in our hair, everywhere. Chunky glitter gives us all the celebratory, festive feels during the holidays, so you can guarantee we’re reaching for some come New Year’s Eve. This beautiful, midnight blue eyeshadow topped with glitter is like a party on your lids.

New Year’s Makeup Looks, And the best part? It works with almost any color you can think of—silver on black, rose gold on red—the sky’s the limit. For this look, take a creamy, dark blue eyeshadow and blend it all over your lids. Then, use a stiff eyeshadow brush to pack chunky glitter flecks right on top.

4. Bright Confetti Underliner

Bright Confetti Underliner

New Year’s Makeup Looks, We think it’s time to celebrate you—and what better way than with a burst of confetti?

Then, apply a light layer of eyelash glue beneath your lower lash line. Use an eyeshadow brush or nail dotting tool to apply individual pieces of confetti along the glue line, and let it dry. Add more jewel pieces to your outer eye corners, brow bone, cheekbones, or anywhere you want to add fun pops of color.

5. Monochromatic Rose

Monochromatic Rose

New Year’s Makeup Looks, You’re staying hydrated, your skin’s glowing, and everything’s coming up roses. Channel your best year yet with this rosy-inspired makeup look that’s as soft and romantic as it is glam and bold. Rosy-pink is one of our favorite shades because of its versatility. It’ll take you from day to night and from work to party effortlessly.

New Year’s Makeup Looks, To create this look, blend rose-gold eyeshadow all over your lids and then apply a gold glittery eyeshadow close to your lash line. For extra luminosity, apply a cream eyeliner to your inner eye corners, and use it to line your lower lash line. Dab some onto your nose and cheekbones for a quick and easy highlight.

6. Multicolor Metals

Multicolor Metals

New Year’s Makeup Looks, There’s so much to love about this colorful New Year’s Eve makeup look. First, metallics are on trend now (and always, tbh), and the way they catch the light and reflect it back on you is nothing short of dazzling. Make it DIY with any colors in your kit—the pastels are so fresh, fun, and versatile. Apply your go-to metallic eyeshadows next to one another on each lid.

7. Black Glitter Lids

Black Glitter Lids

New Year’s Makeup Looks, Feel like channeling. This bold, graphic shimmer eye is the perfect party-ready look to pair with everything—from your LBD, to your comfiest jeans. Use a black eyeliner pencil to sketch a line from your inner eye corner to above your eye crease, then wing it out and up at the ends.

New Year’s Makeup Looks, Once you’ve got your wings down, trace over the liner for a bold, graphic effect. Fill it all in with a shimmery gunmetal eyeshadow, or use your eyeliner pencil and top it all off with a black shimmer shadow. A soft pink or bubblegum pink lip gives it all flirty, far-out vibes.

8. Gilded Neutrals

Gilded Neutrals

New Year’s Makeup Looks, A subtle touch of creamy gold paired with neutral cheeks and rich lips proves that not all New Year’s Eve makeup looks require bling. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep gold eyeshadow onto lids and blend like crazy to create a sheer wash of color.

9. Stunning Silver Dots

Stunning Silver Dots

New Year’s Makeup Looks, If you love all things sparkle like we do, this studded silver eye look is for you. Think of it as jewelry but for your lids. You can use stick-on rhinestones to create this look, or try a silver liquid eyeliner. First, use a back eyeliner pencil to sketch out dots where you want them, then go over them with silver, gold, and ruby red (or any color you want!) for a gorgeous, 1920s flapper-inspired style. Pair it all with your favorite accessories and you’re guaranteed to outshine the rest.

10. Wine-Stained Lips

Wine-Stained Lips

New Year’s Makeup Looks, There’s nothing more romantic for New Year’s Eve than this blurred-out, wine-stained lip made perfect for that midnight kiss. Not only is it easy to touch up when you’re on-the-go, it requires less precision and upkeep to pull off compared to its bright red counterpart.

To create it with (almost) any berry-hued lipstick in your kit, swipe a good amount of lip balm onto your hand, then swipe lipstick right over it. Use your finger to mix the colors together for a slightly sheer stain. Take your finger and dab it onto your lips to build up color for a smudgy, stained look.

New Year’s Makeup Looks, Swap gold eyeshadow for one with a soft, yellow hue. Then, blend any leftover lip color onto your cheeks using your fingers for a just-came-in-from-the-cold flush. The result? A low-maintenance look that’s still totally eye-catching.

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