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The 10 Best Party Makeup Looks That Are Amazing + Photos

Party Makeup Looks: When you hear “party makeup,” you might fall into one of two camps: the ones who cannot wait to dig out the party glitter and the ones who shiver at the thought of glitter (not to mention the endless hoovering it will cause). If you’re in the latter camp, this article is for you.

Party makeup needn’t always involve a dramatic cut-crease and a bright lipstick combo. Sometimes, it’s the simplest makeup looks that work the best. The other plus is that the simpler the makeup, the easier—and quicker—it is to execute. Because not everyone has time for a full face of makeup, especially if your social calendar involves hopping from work to festive parties.

Party Makeup Looks, So I’ve compiled some effortless and low-key makeup looks to try this party season, as seen on red carpets and the Instagram of the world’s top celebrity makeup artists. Because this year has been the year of low-key glam and natural looks. Ahead, you’ll find 10 of the best effortless makeup looks to copy and the best products to re-create the looks.

10 Natural and Effortless Party Makeup Looks

1. Dewy Glow

Party Makeup Looks

Party Makeup Looks, Hailey Bieber is often spotted with a dewy glow, but this look in particular is a great choice for low-key makeup look—especially if you’re making a statement with earrings. Priming your skin is a must, and Hailey Bieber loves to use Weldeda’s Skin Food to make her skin extra glowy before makeup.

2. Subtle Smoke and Blusher

Party Makeup Looks

Party Makeup Looks, Don’t underestimate the power of softly smudged kohl liner paired with a soft blusher. As Charithra Chandran shows, it gives soft definition to the eyes and cheeks. Opt for creamy formulas that will blend easily into the skin and can be applied quickly.

3. Berry Lips

Berry Lips

Party Makeup Looks, Is there a more timeless party makeup look than a deep berry lipstick? Not quite as vibrant as red but still in keeping with the time of year, we’re matching our lipstick to the mulled wine we might be sipping on. Lip stains are a great way to side-step the hassle of cream lipstick applications, and it won’t end up transferring onto your teeth.

4. The Classic Red Lip

Classic Red Lip

Party Makeup Looks, If you only have five minutes to spare to get ready, then a red lipstick will always make you look pulled together. Add a quick slick of mascara and earrings, and you’re ready to go.

5. The Subtle Smoke

Laura Harrier

Party Makeup Looks, This makeup look on Laura Harrier lives in my mind rent-free. It’s glam without trying too hard but still looks really pretty. An eyeliner pencil and a couple of coats of mascara will give your eyes subtle definition without feeling OTT.

6. The Feline Flick

Lily Aldridge

Party Makeup Looks, Winged eyeliner adds a little pizzazz to your party makeup, as Lily Aldridge’s low-key glam makeup proves. Go for long-wearing formulas that won’t budge or smudge throughout the evening.

7. Bronze Eye Shadow

Gemma Chan

Party Makeup Looks, Bronze and brown shades are the perfect hues for a Smokey eye, as they tend to be softer and more flattering. I love the balance of the eye shadow and neutral lipstick on Gemma Chan.

8. The Soft Sculpt

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Party Makeup Looks, If you’re planning to wear a slicked-back bun, then enhance your features with some subtle contouring like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s. Sweep bronzer upwards onto cheekbones to enhance your bone structure while giving your complexion a healthy glow.

9. Subtle Sparkle

Subtle Sparkle

Party Makeup Looks, One for those who want to partake in a little bit of a glitter without going whole hog. The key to this look is all in the eye shadow. Many glitter eye shadows now have a transparency to them, which look incredible worn alone. They’ll delicately catch the light and twinkle without resembling a disco ball.

10. Subtle Sparkle

Tessa Thompso

Party Makeup Looks, Winged eyeliner and a brown lip are a match made in heaven, elevating your makeup for the evening without being overly complicated. I’m screenshotting this look of Tessa Thompson.

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