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Green Dress Makeup Ideas: The 6 Best Makeup Ideas For A Green Dress + Photos

Green Dress Makeup Ideas: When it comes to selecting a gown color for an upcoming event, the vibrant green hue is the perfect option. Besides the fact that it offers you endless options and a variety of shades to choose from, it’s also super complementary for most skin tones. However, the trickiest part is picking what makeup ideas to try with a green dress and what shade of green best suits your skin tone. In this post, we’ll show you 6 makeup ideas for a green dress.‍

As a general rule of thumb, the richer, dark toned greens work better with fair skin tones, whilst the lighter and much brighter tones are usually more suited for the medium to dark skin tones. In saying that, it’s always best to try on your garment before making a judgment call on your chosen shade of green.

Green Dress Makeup Ideas, Think back to art class – it’s all about light and shade in the color you’re selecting. Be aware that if a color has more white or black added to it, then the nature of the tone can be changed. This means some darker toned colors can have a more muted tone if there is whiter in them which works well with medium to dark skin tones. On the other hand, light or bright tones can have more black in them which makes them more suitable for fair skin tones.

Once you have picked which color best suits you, it’s time to move onto the next important detail, how to style your makeup when wearing a green dress. Whether it’s a marvelous mint number or elegant emerald gown you’re wearing to that special upcoming function, you’ll no doubt look and feel super glamorous with our top 7 makeup style tips to match with your gorgeous green gown.

Pairing Your Green Dress With Your Makeup

‍1. The Mint Green Dress

Green Dress Makeup Ideas

‍Green Dress Makeup Ideas, Feel freshly ethereal in a mint green dress this formal season, a great shade when you’re looking for that soft, girly finish. Take the pastel trend to the next level with a muted green gown. Embellishments such as lace or embroidery offer your outfit an element of dynamic edge, perfect for setting you apart from the crowd at your next event. To style yourself pretty, opt for soft pink tones such as peach or rose, lightly highlight your cheeks and gloss your lips for the ultimate naturally colored look.

2. The Lime Green Dress

Green Dress Makeup Ideas

‍Green Dress Makeup Ideas, Not a look for the faint hearted, a lime colored dress will offer your stylishly lavish look an exhilarating burst of harmonic energy. Give off super fresh vibes at your next evening cocktail event or girls’ night out with this dramatically playful style. Perfect for spring, a lime colored outfit is guaranteed to make an impactful statement. Complement your zestful look with bold voluminous lashes and a metallic purple lined lower eye for a modern contrast. For the perfect finish add a matte nude colored lip.

3. The Jade Green Dress

Green Dress Makeup Ideas

Green Dress Makeup Ideas‍, Electrify the crowd in a jaw dropping jade colored dress, perfect for making the ultimate party statement. This gorgeous brightly colored gown is a great option for your upcoming school formal or wedding day event. Experiment with bold cutout patterns or high neck collars for an extra element of drama. To complete your fabulously edgy style, add a dramatic dark Smokey eye and a simple nude colored glossed lip.

4. The Emerald Green Dress

emerald green dress

Green Dress Makeup Ideas‍, Emerald green is such a classic pick when it comes to selecting a green gown for a special function. Like its neighboring tone teal, emerald green suits almost all skin tones, making it a super popular pick amongst fashionistas. This rich hue offers you an opulent and indulgent edge that is perfect for an evening gala ball or red carpet event. Complete your look with a rich dark burgundy lip shade and shimmering gold eyes. This look will have you feeling award worthy in no time.

5. The Teal Green Dress

bold coral colored lip

Green Dress Makeup Ideas‍, Teal or Aqua as known to some, is a gorgeous blue toned green that suits almost all skin types. Whether you are fair, medium or dark skin toned, wearing this color is bound to create a few shockwaves at your next function. To style this super-hot color trend of the moment, opt for a bold coral colored lip which will offer you a gorgeous contrast against the lux toned dress.

6. The Forest Green Dress

subtle Smokey metallic eyes and soft Shiraz colored lip

Green Dress Makeup Ideas‍, Elegantly timeless, the forest green gown will have you channeling picturesquely glamour vibes at your next gala ball event or formal engagement dinner. This vastly rich hue is absolutely alluring and offers you the essence of regal beauty. Whether you’re after a show stopping gown or form fitted midi, this shade will undoubtedly turn you into the queen you know you are. Complete your royal look with subtle Smokey metallic eyes and soft Shiraz colored lip.

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