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The 14 Best And Gorgeous Red Carpet Hairstyles

Red Carpet Hairstyles, Many of us harbor a dream of walking down a red carpet. We have the perfect gown picked out, maybe even thought about which A-list actor we would turn up with, but what about your hair? Don’t worry; we got you covered! This article lists some surreal red carpet hairstyles that you can try at formal events like weddings, proms, and other parties. Keep reading to check out these hairstyles!

The key to a red carpet hair look on a budget is a non-negotiable hair care routine. Loose, healthy hair with a natural shine can look red-carpet-worthy without any styling.

Red Carpet Hairstyles, Intricate red carpet hairstyles will require the use of styling products. A shine-enhancing spray is the best product to keep your hair looking polished. If you have wavy or curly hair, use an activating spray to give it an extra oomph.

Invest in a good setting spray that will ensure your hair is camera ready from every angle and stays in place for a long time.

Heat protectants are a must if you use heat styling tools. Those with silicones seep into the cuticles to protect each strand, while others wash right out and do not cause scalp build-up.

Red Carpet Hairstyles, If you are getting your hair done by a professional, take reference pictures. Discuss budget, processing time, and maintenance tips in detail.

Popular Red Carpet Hairdos

Red Carpet Hairstyles, You can explore those easy-peasy red carpet hairstyles here and give yourself a lovely makeover.

1. Bouffant Voluminous Ponytail

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Red Carpet Hairstyles, When you have a sharp jawline like Victoria Silvstedt, adorn a mild bouffant ponytail and draw all attention to your face. Reinvent this simple hairstyle to glam up for any event. Make sure to tease your hair a bit and use texturizing sprays and volumizing mousses to double the thickness of your ponytail.

2. Twisted High Bun

Red Carpet Hairstyles

It’s time to get inspired and give the old-school bun a slight “twist,” just like Lady Gaga did. This hairstyle embodies comfort, style, and elegance. You can puff the crown to add a bit of versatility and pair it with nude lips and Smokey eyes!

3. Middle-Parted Soft Waves with Outward Layers

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Red Carpet Hairstyles, Let us start with something naturally sizzling and flawless. These golden blonde soft flow waves with outward layers and a central part not only look wonderful on our celebrities arriving on the Red Carpet, but you can also totally rock these Curly hair expert Casey Simmons advises, “Curl or twist your hair in opposite directions for more movement.”

4. Smooth High Half Ponytail with Rounded Loose Hair

Red Carpet Hairstyles

Show off the enviable length of your hair proudly with this simple yet beautiful red Carpet hairstyle. Give the ends of your locks a smooth rounded shape and create a half ponytail at your crown by securing a certain portion of it with elastic band.


Red Carpet Hairstyles, You will rock this hairstyle if you have fine and straight hair. Use a volumizing shampoo, hair spray, or texture or curl cream containing guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride and polyvinylpyrrolidone to add that extra oomph and long-lasting hold to your hair.

5. Luscious Side-Swept Curls with Layers

Luscious Side-Swept Curls with Layers

Red Carpet Hairstyles, Your long layered hair with subtle highlights can be parted to one side, curled up with a big barrel curling iron, and finally, swept over the other shoulder. You have just achieved the perfect celebrity look!

6. Long Center-Parted Waves with Highlights

Long Center-Parted Waves with Highlights

Smoothen up your long center-parted hair and create large waves on it. Set them on one of your shoulders and spritz hairspray generously to set the style. One of the most gorgeous looks you can ever get.

7. Perfect Retro Waves with Textured Side Sweep

Perfect Retro Waves with Textured Side Sweep

Red Carpet Hairstyles, When it comes to Hollywood Red Carpet hairstyles flaunted by our favorite celebrities, the popularity of retro waves or vintage curls can’t be ignored. Here, is something very much retro, which features highly textured waves and side sweep.

8. Low Side-Swept Wavy Ponytail with Double Hair Wraps

Low Side-Swept Wavy Ponytail with Double Hair Wraps

This stylish Taylor Swift look is more than easy to recreate. Deep side-part your long slightly wavy hair, sweep it to the other side and turn it into a little loose low pony. Now, wrap up the elastic band with two sections of hair and you are done.


The side swept low pony with double hair wraps is perfect for a date-night look, especially a first date where you want to look polished and chic yet not too invested. You can wear this hairstyle with a V-neck or halter dress or rock it with a puff-sleeved top over skirts.

9. Side-Swept Textured Waves with Layered Side Bangs

Side-Swept Textured Waves with Layered Side Bangs

Red Carpet Hairstyles, In this image, the style queen Miley Cyrus is sporting a side-swept hairdo with delicate waves and excellent texture. The layered side bangs have even jazzed up the look to a great extent.

10. Voluminous Rolled Back Waves with Curly Ends

Voluminous Rolled Back Waves with Curly Ends

Now, this is what we call a perfect red carpet hairstyle. Tease up your long waves to get oodles of volume and roll them back gently. Then, curl up the ends and let them cascade your shoulders. Here, Beyonce has totally nailed this iconic look!

11. Shoulder-Length Textured Curls with Deep Purple Highlights

Shoulder-Length Textured Curls with Deep Purple Highlights

Red Carpet Hairstyles, Those deep purple highlights are enough to give your jet black hair to a whole new dimension. But don’t just stop here. Create a side part, get your locks curled, add texture to them and enjoy!

12. Messy Side Fishtail Braid With Sharp Side Sweeps

Messy Side Fishtail Braid With Sharp Side Sweeps

This is one of the best red carpet hairstyles for long hair. Super long hair and fishtail braid can go hand in hand, if done the right way. Just check out this image for a better idea. Sharp graduated side bangs and a messy flair have complemented the precise braid perfectly.

13. Tight High Bun with Braided Wraparound

Tight High Bun with Braided Wraparound

Red Carpet Hairstyles, The list of red carpet and award ceremony hairstyles remains incomplete without the mention of buns. This super smooth, super high and super glossy bun with a neatly braided wrap can help you stand out from the crowd in an effortless manner.

14. High Twisted Braid Ponytail With Braided Wrap

High Twisted Braid Ponytail With Braided Wrap

Red Carpet Hairstyles, This high braided pony is one of the most unique Red Carpet hair styles that can’t be seen easily. Smoothen up your hair and make a high ponytail of it. Now, turn it into a thick twisted slightly widened braid and wrap with another braided section.

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