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2024 Nail Trends: The 10 Best Nail Designs For 2024

2024 Nail Trends: It’s never too early to start planning your manicures for 2024. While it can be hard to predict which nail looks will suddenly go viral, some polishes and nail art designs are guaranteed to have their moment in the New Year.

Whether you’re feeling something simple or out-of-the-box, there’ll be plenty of manicure ideas to add to your rotation. Bold shades like red and electric blue are here to stay, but softer colors will also be everywhere come spring. Intricate nail art will also be making an appearance, from textured designs to pierced nails, for an eye-catching manicure that looks luxe but won’t cost you too many hours in the nail chair. Simply put, this year is all about mixing it up with timeless designs that still pack a punch.

1. Chrome Nails

2024 Nail Trends

2024 Nail Trends, Thanks to Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, metallic were everywhere in 2023. You can still expect to see chrome finishes in the new year, but in a range of colors. Saunders predicts that soft chromed glaze with a pastel twist will have a moment in the spring and summer months.

2. Textured Designs

2024 Nail Trends

2024 Nail Trends, If you’re new to nail art, textured designs are the perfect place to start. Saunders and Hernandez see this trend continuing into 2024 for an ultra-cool and modern nail look.

3. Hazy Blue

2024 Nail Trends

2024 Nail Trends, “Cold Girl” makeup went viral at the beginning of 2023, and the trend is making its way into nails for 2024. Saunders sees light blue polish with a touch of grey, which creates a hazy blue color, emerging as a nail trend in the winter months. To add a touch of sparkle, layer your blue with a silver shimmer polish.

4. Electric Blue

electric blue

2024 Nail Trends, Prefer vibrant colors? According to Hernandez, electric blue will also be trending in 2024. She recommends The Gel Bottle in Electric Blue for this elegant and eye-catching nail look that can be worn year-round.

5. Shades of Red

shades of red

2024 Nail Trends, Red was the biggest color trend of 2023, and the vibrant hue isn’t going anywhere for 2024. “Even though red polish is a color we attach to either a classic look or seasonal option (holidays and Valentine’s), it’s actually currently trending,” says Saunders.

Saunders and Hernandez also predict that a slightly darker shade of red, known as “Cherry Cola,” will be popular next year if you’re searching for a vampy winter nail look.

6. Squoval Nails

Squoval Nails

2024 Nail Trends, “Even though almond-shaped nails have been trending for several seasons, they’ve evolved into a more classic look, and squoval (soft square) will appear more often with on-trend manicures,” Saunders says of this new trending shape.

Squoval nails pair well with nearly any color, from chocolate brown to neon yellow, so you can choose a shade that matches the season and your mood.

7. Bows


2024 Nail Trends, Bow nail art is more than just a holiday manicure staple. Hernandez predicts that a coquette-inspired nail look with bows will have a place in 2024. She suggests freehanding bow outlines on your nails “to create an artistic feel to them,” but you can also use bow charms or rhinestone embellishments for a 3D look.

8. Mismatched Nails

Mismatched Nails

2024 Nail Trends, When multiple shades or designs catch your eye in 2024, instead of picking one, just wear them all! Hernandez recommends being “as creative as possible” with this look, as “there is no wrong when it comes to these pick-and-mix beauties.” If you like to keep things simple, stick to solid shades for an elegant yet unique nail look.

9. Peach

peach nails

2024 Nail Trends, “Pantone came out with their color of 2024, and it’s called Peach Fuzz, and I can see us all reaching for a peachy sheen nail color come the Spring of ’24,” says Saunders. This warm and cozy shade of peach is perfect for the spring and summer months for a simple and chic manicure.

10. Stars

star nails

2024 Nail Trends, Your nail look is written in the stars for 2024 — literally! Hernandez says that hand-drawn stars, while tedious, will be a trend in 2024. “The simple star set can be so versatile for any season or reason,” she says. “Practice, practice, practice is everything on this set.”

Though you can use stars to spice up a neutral manicure, you can also combine the design with bolder polishes for an especially eye-catching look.

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