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Winter Nail Polish Colors: The Best 10 Trendiest Nail Polish Colors For Winter 2024 + Photos

Winter Nail Polish Colors: When it comes to on-trend seasonal manicures, the crisp fall months are very much associated with nail polish colors that are warm, cozy, and spiced — like the chocolate brown tips most recently worn by Hailey Bieber or the “pumpkin spiced aura nails” spotted on Halle Bailey.

Winter Nail Polish Colors, As the transition to the bone-chill of winter starts to creep in, the most popular manicure color palettes typically get a refresh to embrace the change of seasons. In short? The vibe is very icy, moody, cool-toned, and dramatic.

Of course, a few tried and true classic colors are always a green flag throughout the snow-filled winter months — namely, black nail polish with diamond-like shine, and even sultry red manis that are deep, dark, and truly holiday ready.

Winter Nail Polish Colors, That being said, a few unexpected nail polish shades are set to takeover throughout the coming months (like shades of baby blue that look like ice on your tips).

Winter Nail Polish Colors, Whether you’re a loyal salon goer or an at-home painter, here are 10 on-trend winter 2024 nail polish colors that will define the season, as shared by industry experts Betina R. Goldstein, Jin Soon Choi, Rachel Joseph, Sarah Chue, Sonya Meesh, and Elsbeth Schuetz.

1. Glossy Black

Winter Nail Polish Colors

Winter Nail Polish Colors, One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is glossy black.

The buzzy “black nail theory” is for the independent girlies who want to promote feelings of increased confidence and mystique.

As for the winter months? Jin Soon Choi, manicurist and founder of JINsoon, predicts it will continue to lead the trends: “Black nails are a favorite due to their effortless coolness [and have] gained exceptional popularity as of late, making them highly appealing to both women and men who want to make a stylish statement.”

2. Classic Red

Winter Nail Polish Colors

Winter Nail Polish Colors, matter the season, red nail polish serves up those enviable “quiet luxury” vibes. Come winter, however, the beloved color is likely to go a bit deeper.

Winter Nail Polish Colors, “The enduring allure of deep red nails remains popular because it exudes a sense of confidence, sophistication, and timelessness,” Choi notes. “JINsoon Audacity is a versatile color that complements all skin tones [and] never goes out of style.”

3. Creamy Milk Chocolate

Winter Nail Polish Colors

Winter Nail Polish Colors, One of the most popular winter nail polish color trends for 2024 is light milk chocolate brown.

The autumn months were filled with dark chocolate manicure moments. Come winter, Lee believes that the shades of brown polish will go a bit lighter instead. “I’ve been seeing a lot of lighter browns,” she notes. “I think these will definitely stick around for winter.”

4. Juicy Berry Tones

Juicy Berry Tones

Winter Nail Polish Colors, Alongside shades of classic red, deep berry nail polish colors with a slightly more pinkish undertone are forever a wintertime favorite.

Meesh, a celebrity nail artist, agrees that the color will be major — but with a sheer, almost jelly-like finish that leaves your nails looking juicy with serious high-shine.

5. Dark Academia Greys

Dark Academia Greys

Winter Nail Polish Colors, Across fashion, beauty, and even home decor, dark academia is a buzzy aesthetic that taps those dark and moody vibes of ivy-covered, book-filled university campuses. And when it comes the world of manicures, that often translates to muted grey colors that complement that same vibe.

“I think greys are totally underrated,” Chue, an LA-based nail artist, explains to Bustle. “Next time when you want to go dark, try a charcoal gray instead of dark red or purple.”

6. Milk Bath Nails

Milk Bath Nails

Winter Nail Polish Colors, Stark white polish is a summertime staple, but you can expect the same white shades to be sheerer this winter.

“My go-to nail color is Chanel Le Vernis in White Silk,” says Goldstein, a Chanel nail artist with an impressive clientele that includes Margot Robbie. “It’s a beautiful alternative to the pink-hued, sheer nudes we apply in the summer. It has a hint of an ivory undertone, which adds depth and sophistication. I also love this as the base for a micro French manicure.”

6. Y2K Silver Metallics

Y2K Silver Metallics    

Winter Nail Polish Colors, The early 2000s influence is hard to avoid — and even when it comes to must-have manicures, Y2K-inspired silvers are still in. “Silver metallic and chrome nails are on-trend due to their ability to add a contemporary and chic touch to one’s style,” Choi notes.

7. Matte Black “Leather” Nails

Matte Black “Leather” Nails

Winter Nail Polish Colors, While glossy black nails are forever a go-to for winter, Schuetz, a manicurist and ORLY Brand Educator, tells Bustle that a trendy matte finish can completely elevate the traditional look to new heights. “I’m starting to see a black leather trend [with a leather-like] matte finish.”

As for created the coveted look at-home? Schuetz points to the ORLY Matte Topcoat to create that leather-like finish.

8. Sheer Neutrals

Sheer Neutrals

Winter Nail Polish Colors, When in doubt, neutral shades of polish that complement your unique skin tone is an effortless way to tap those “model off-duty” vibes. Chue agrees, stating that she’s personally loving natural shades this winter.

9. Every Shade Of Green

Every Shade Of Green

Winter Nail Polish Colors, From soft sage to deep emerald, manicurists agree that shades of green nail polish will be a wintertime staple for 2024. “I personally am loving the greens,” says Rachel Joseph, a Nailing Hollywood nail artist.

In particular, Chue notes that she’s been seeing muted sage greens more frequently, while Meesh is partial to ultra-dark greens.

Winter Nail Polish Colors, Schuetz adds: “I find [green] to be a color that symbolizes personal growth and helps one focus towards meaningful goals.”

10. Navy Night Sky

Navy Night Sky

Winter Nail Polish Colors, Fans of dark nails should consider adding inky blue shades to polish collection. “I am excited for a deep navy blue,” Goldstein says. “It’s an exciting alternative from the usual deep burgundy that we all tend to gravitate towards in the winter.”

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