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The 12 Best New Year’s Make-Up Ideas+Photos

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas: New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating with family and friends, but to us beauty enthusiasts, it’s also about showing off our best New Year‘s makeup. Not forgetting our heavily embellished nails and a hairstyle featuring all the accessories. This is, after all, the perfect excuse to go all out with your beauty look and to try out some of the trends you’ve seen all over your social feeds during the last year.

When it comes to New Year’s makeup, it’s hard to resist the draw of your favorite red lipstick. But it’s also a great time to try invisible eyeliner (you’ll see what we mean in the gallery), neon under shadow, glitter brows (trust us, these ones look incredible) and gold foil lids. Rushed for time? We’ve got plenty of colorful looks to cater to those last-minute parties and work desk makeup painting, too.

1. Confetti eyes

New Year's Make-Up Ideas

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, This look created by Patrick Ta for Gigi Hadid epitomises everything we love about New Year’s glam. It features a softly bronzed lid, with floating confetti glittered gems carefully placed in a curve shape, and a bold true red lip.

2. Green and purple power duo

New Year's Make-Up Ideas

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, Makeup artist Joy Adenuga is the queen of taking colours you’d think would clash and making them work beautifully together. Case in point: this stunning green and purple shimmered shadow look on Wunmi Mosaku for the “Call Jane” premiere.

3. Draped in gold

New Year's Make-Up Ideas

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, Who said gold foil was strictly reserved for arts and crafts? Fani showed us how to expertly make it a standout eye look — and we cannot get enough of it. “With my trusty pair of Tweezermans and Eyelure Lash Glue, I carefully took small pieces of the gold foil and slowly stuck them onto my eyelid,” Fani explains.

“At first it wasn’t looking great but you have to trust the process!” she added. The best bit about this look, according to Fani? It doesn’t have to be perfect! Since they’re little gold flakes, the messier the better.

4. Cobalt liner

Cobalt liner

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, Take inspiration from the hottest nail colour of the year for your eye look this NYE: cobalt blue. It’s vibrant, bold and is likely to get you compliments all night long. Andra was way ahead of the curve with this look from 2018, which uses the hue in a graphic winged liner.

5. Glam neutrals

Glam neutrals

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, If neutrals are more your thing but you still want to keep your look incredibly glam, we’re looking at Hung’s work of art on Simone Ashley from October. Using entirely Fenty beauty, his key products included the Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette in “True Neutrals” and Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in “Unveil”.

6. Glitter sprinkles

Glitter sprinkles

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, What’s the festive season without buckets of glitter? It’s not as fun, we can tell you that much. We can’t get enough of this playful look created by Brii. The look starts off with a shimmering hot pink base, topped with a colourful array of glitter carefully placed over the top and finished off with plenty of blush and a smidge of highlighter.

7. Classic red lip

Classic red lip

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, You can’t go wrong with a smoky eye and a glam red lip like makeup artist Aarti has done here. She’s added a gold shimmer on her lids, plenty of smoked out liner on her top and lower lash line, lots of mascara to give fluffy lashes and a bold, nearly-lined red lip.

8. Glitter brows

Glitter brows

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, OK, stay with us for this! This look is created by first fluffing up brows and filling them in as little or as much as you like. Next, take glitter glue and apply it through the ends and finish off with a light dusting of your chosen glitter (we love gold or silver for this) using loose flecks or a shimmer shadow pot. Keeping your makeup fairly minimal allows these brows to take centre stage and they’re sure to be a fun conversation starter for the evening.

9. Mix and match shimmer

Mix and match shimmer

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, Allow Katie Jane Hughes to convince you to try a different colour for each eye this NYE. A scroll through her Instagram and you’ll have inspiration for days, but there’s one in particular that we’re totally stealing for the festive season.

It features bronze and pink shimmer shades in a wash of colour on her lid paired with a peachy pink lip to finish it off. This is a trend you can match perfectly with your eye and hair colors to get colors that look effortless together.

10. Glossy lips

Glossy lips

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, A lot of us go mad for matte when it comes to a red lip, but Nyma Tang shows us exactly why we shouldn’t forget to add a layer of gloss over the top. Pair this lip with fluffy lashes and a dusting of shimmer shadow for a standout evening look. Even better, take a tip from Nyma and match your nails to your lips!

11. Invisible eyeliner

Invisible eyeliner

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, A popular TikTok makeup trend this year was invisible eyeliner. One of the easiest ways to create this look is by using a stencil. Simply hold onto your lid to block out the wing and blend out your shadow colour. When you remove the stencil, you’ll get this incredible negative space effect. Possibilities are endless when it comes to shapes and shades you can use!

12. Trend mash-up

Trend mash-up

New Year’s Make-Up Ideas, If you can’t decide on a single trend or colour, then don’t! This look features teal, pink, lavender, silver with floating liner, diffused halo and lower lash line trends. Allow this look to be your entire outfit this year.

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