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15 Possible Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Signs He Likes You: confused about how a guy treats you—that is why you are here. You think he likes you but is playing it cool. So, how can you confirm if what you feel is true?

Some men do not quickly act on their feelings for the girls they like. Instead, they take time to get to know these ladies or build friendships with them. Also, others still have to assess if their feeling is true or just fleeting.

So, what are the signs you should watch for? Check out the following:

1. He Sends You Cryptic Messages.

Does this guy chat or text with you sometimes? He probably loves to check on you since you are friends, and you find nothing wrong with it. However, some of his messages seem puzzling. For instance, he suddenly tells you he dreamed about you the other night. When you asked him what the dream was all about, he simply changed the topic.

2. His Body Language Sends Mixed Signals.

Signs He Likes You, And whenever you are together, he finds his body language odd. Sometimes, you catch him reaching out his hand to touch you, but he hesitates and withdraws it. Or he does not sit beside you, especially when you are with a group, but his body is often positioned facing your direction.

3. He Tells You About His Ideal Girl.

Another sign that he likes you but is playing it cool is how he loves to talk about his dream girl. He tells you her characteristics, and you feel conceited for thinking he is describing you. And when asked if he had already met someone meeting his standards, he just smiled and replied, “secret”.

Signs He Likes You

4. He Gives You a Present for No Reason.

Signs He Likes You, Have you ever received a gift from him on an ordinary day? When you asked him what it was for, he simply said he just felt like giving you something wonderful. Come to think of it; no guy would make such a sweet effort for a girl who does not mean anything to him.

5. His Friends Have Those Wide Grins and Playful Looks When You are Together.

Have you noticed that this guy’s friends seem to be keeping a secret among themselves? Does it excite them to see you walking or talking with each other? You have probably observed how they try to control their smiles while eyeing one another mischievously. Plus, they automatically give you space. They have never confronted you directly, but it seems they are shipping you together.

6. He Suddenly Appears in the Place You Frequent.

Do you think he has been following you lately? If he seems to be everywhere recently, like being in your favorite coffee shop one time, then accidentally meeting him outside your office in another moment, it might be a sign. Those could be coincidences, but you cannot completely disregard the possibility.

7. He Does Not Act Jealous When You are with Other Guys.

Signs He Likes You, You have probably tried to observe how he would react if he saw you with someone else. However, most men are aware of this scheme already. So, instead of looking insecure, he tries to be more friendly. He may even introduce himself to your other male friends and start a little chit-chat to appear supportive. So, how would you know if this is only a façade? One clear clue is when he keeps teasing you about that particular ‘boy friend’ even after weeks.

8. He Always Views Your Posts But Does Not React to Them.

Signs He Likes You, Does he regularly view your social media stories but does not bother to react to them? It could be a sign he likes you but is playing it cool. He cannot afford to miss daily updates about you, but he does not want this to be so obvious. So, he ends up pretending to be uninterested in your posts.

Signs He Likes You

9. He Listens to You Attentively, Even When Others Do Not.

No matter how much he tries to be too cool to be soft to a girl, he cannot resist paying attention to you. You can count on him to listen to your ideas and opinions. Even if you think what you are saying is nonsense because others seem uninterested in listening, he will still lend you his ears.

10. He Praises Your Ideas and Efforts but in Secret.

A man who likes you cannot resist giving compliments. So, if this guy is always praising your performance or suggestions, you can bet he is fond of you. However, you might find it weird that he does not compliment you publicly. It is possible that he does not want his feelings to be obvious to other people.

11. He Asks You Out from Time to Time.

Signs He Likes You, Another hint that he is attracted to you is how he tries to invite you out alone. For instance, he likes to catch up over coffee and cake, so he invites you to a friendly coffee date. If you wonder why he does not do this often with you, it is because he must refrain himself.

12. He Joins You Whenever He Sees You Alone.

If this guy cannot stand watching you alone and lonely, he definitely cares about you. You will know this because he always approaches you to ask if you are alright. Unless you tell him to leave you alone, he will stay. He will open up conversations and try to cheer you up if you are feeling blue.

Signs He Likes You

13. He Offers You a Ride Home.

If this guy loves to offer you a ride home, you bet he likes you but is playing it cool. Sometimes, he may even go out of the way just to collect you. Or he would probably take you on a short joy ride before taking you home, as long as you are free.

14. He Holds the Umbrella for You.

Signs He Likes You, And has he ever taken the umbrella from you so he can share it with you under the rain? Romantic, right? That is what he wants you to feel. Walking in the rain while sharing some personal thoughts would be a great way to create intimacy with a person.

15. He Never Hesitates to Help You.

Signs He Likes You, In addition, a guy who secretly likes you cannot say “no” to you. He would always want to be your Superman. So, whenever you are in trouble, he is always the first one to lend a hand. He is willing to make sacrifices if needed.

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