Cannes Red Carpet: Who Can Walk The Cannes Red Carpet?

Cannes Red Carpet: Walking on this carpet in front of hundreds of photographers and journalists has special conditions, but it is not so far away and impossible.

Among the famous stars of the world of cinema, music, entertainment and cinematographers on the red carpet of Cannes, we sometimes see unknown or less famous faces; this raises the question of how these people were able to step on the most important red carpet of the year?

Cannes Red Carpet, The red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is one of the most symbolic fashion scenes in the cinema, and fashion houses and designers invite fashion ambassadors and models to wear their luxurious clothes or custom styles on the red carpet. This artistic event has been linked to the world of jewelry and clothing for years, and famous designers and fashion houses use its red carpet to display their most outstanding works.

Walking on this carpet in front of hundreds of photographers and reporters has special conditions, but it is not so far away and impossible. To know the conditions for obtaining permission to pass through this route, we must first look at the atmosphere of the festival.

Cannes Red Carpet, The red carpet of the Cannes Festival is located near the central entrance of the Festival Palace. The opening ceremony and awards ceremony, as well as all main screenings and public premieres of films, will be held at the Lumière Grand Theater with its famous red carpet.

To enter the red carpet program, you only need a ticket to the Cannes Film Festival, so you can be part of the luxurious and famous red carpet events with the movie stars. Even if you just want to watch, you can see the stars shining on the red carpet up close by buying a ticket that goes on sale months in advance. Getting your clothes, makeup, and jewelry eye-catching enough to attract the cameras is another matter.

Cannes Red Carpet: Photos And Videos

Cannes Red Carpet

Cannes Red Carpet, On both sides of the red carpet, there are photographers and videographers from all over the world; of course, only certified photographers and videographers who have registered in advance to receive special permission. With little time to photograph or film people on the red carpet, they adjust their camera lenses by prioritizing their goals.

In an interview with some red carpet photographers, they stated that the work experience and the level of knowledge of the stars may sometimes make it difficult to recognize their special makeup and clothes at first glance, and it determines what kind of image they want and what size they want in a situation where time is tight. is, who to choose to photograph in the crowd.

Stars of films that are being released or in competition, and famous actors who are invited as special guests or to present awards and are directly related to the artistic event of the day, figures who are to be honored with Lifetime Achievement Awards or other special recognitions are usually in They are at the top of this list.

Cannes Red Carpet, But even the best photographers and reporters don’t know everyone, and that’s where help comes in. At invitation-only events (except for events such as the Metropolitan Museum of Fashion Evening, where the guest list remains confidential), officials will release the names and professional information of the guests to journalists who have signed up to cover the news, but reporters and photographers at Cannes are not allowed to attend.

The people who will be there with the tickets will not know, unless they are informed of their presence in advance thanks to the working relationship with the program manager of the participants.

Independent film activists can go to the festival by paying an entrance fee of 24 euros by sending a description of their history in this field and showing their media influence in social networks or film publications.

In addition to the side programs that Cannes officials do to attract enthusiasts to this festival, if a person is at the beginning of the road to fame, he can use the services of companies that do all these things for a fee.

Cannes Red Carpet, These companies provide services such as connecting fashion and jewelry designers and red carpet enthusiasts, make-up services and transportation (private cars are prohibited from entering the festival grounds), photography, and the like. Most of the people who want to be known in this scene, use the help and guidance of these companies in the beginning.

One of the side services of these companies is to inform you about hundreds of parties that will be held in this city during the 12 days of the festival and in the days before and after. Participation in some of these parties requires an invitation, but to participate in some, only buying a ticket is enough.

Whether it’s a rising star on the way to Cannes or a Palme d’Or winner, the red carpet dress code is the same for everyone, and casual clothes have no place at this event. Guests of all levels must adhere to the festival’s red carpet dress code.

Cannes Red Carpet, According to the announcement of the festival, a tuxedo jacket with a bow or an evening dress is required to attend official events such as the red carpet, awards and evening parties. Otherwise, “wear a cocktail dress, a dark suit, a formal blouse with black pants, a black dress, a black suit, or a navy suit with a bow tie.

“Official shoes, with or without heels, are mandatory, and wearing sneakers or sneakers is prohibited.” Another prohibition is carrying a backpack, handbag or any kind of large bag.

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