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Habits That Worsen Acne

Habits That Worsen Acne: One of the most common causes of acne is using skin care products that are too heavy and rich.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the United States; From tiny blackheads to purulent pimples.

Although the causes of acne are different, the following expert tips may help clear up your skin.

Habits That Worsen Acne, “One of the most common causes of acne is using skin care products that are too heavy and rich,” David Kim, a dermatologist at the New York Dermatology Center, told HuffPost.

To avoid this, do your research on the products you buy. Products that have a high acne-causing index clog the pores of the skin and in most cases cause or worsen acne.

Habits That Worsen Acne

Habits That Worsen Acne

Habits That Worsen Acne, Compounds such as shea butter, cocoa butter, Vaseline, or mineral oil often have a high acne-causing index and cause an increase in acne. Instead, you can choose oil-free or non-comedogenic products.

The expert warned that abrasive cleaning compounds (scrubs: detergents that contain fine abrasive grains and are used to clean the skin) also increase skin problems.

Habits That Worsen Acne, According to the expert, although many people think scrubs will get rid of skin problems, these products actually irritate the skin and make things worse. According to him, scrubs are harsh for the skin and there is no need for them. A mild cleanser is enough to clean the skin.

According to Dr. Kim, if you need to use a stronger combination to clean your skin, use a gentle scrub once a week.

On the other hand, while creators on TikTok insist that we need a 12-step skin care regimen, Kim believes that we only need three products to care for our skin: a gentle cleanser, a non-irritating moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Habits That Worsen Acne, The expert said: “The skin may be irritated due to the use of different products.”

Other habits that may worsen acne are the condition of the skin after exercise and before sleep.

Sweating and sleeping with makeup causes the accumulation of fat, pollution and bacteria on the skin and causes pimples.

Habits That Worsen Acne, Experts recommend showering and washing your face after sweating profusely (after exercise) and before going to bed to keep your skin clear.

By following these tips, the pimples should go away within a week or two, but if it doesn’t, it’s best to change the products you’re using or see a dermatologist.

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