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Treatment Of Acne And Pimples With Thread Implantation And Acupuncture

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture: Treating acne and pimples with thread implantation and acupuncture is one of the most popular treatments in the world today.

Because with thread implantation and acupuncture, you no longer need to use chemical drugs, especially corticosteroids. Stay with us to learn more about this treatment method.

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, As we age, acne scars are usually more visible as the skin loses its collagen. The key to successful treatment is choosing the best treatment method for each type of acne spot. For example, a patient who has deep pimples on his face can use the method of threading, which increases the volume of the skin, to remove his pimples.

What Is Acne?

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, Acne or acne is a lesion or complication that occurs due to the closing of the pores and exits of the sebaceous glands and sebaceous glands that exist in the skin.

In some cases, acne is caused by the hair that wants to come out from under the skin, when the hair does not come out directly from the skin, in the gap that grows in the skin, as a foreign object by the body and the body’s defense system. Known, it provokes the reaction of the body’s defense system, causes the secretion and accumulation of white blood cells, and causes a complication called acne.

Acne or pimples are classified in different ways according to which area and layer of the skin it accumulates and causes inflammation:

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, It starts from a red spot and a severe inflammation or subcutaneous pimples with a white or black head to inflame and red purulent pimples.

Even the defense system can attack this area with such intensity that it creates very large bumps and severe infections and forms a so-called complication called acne vulgaris or flesh pimples.

If the acne that is created and the reaction of the body’s defense system is high, it can even damage the layer under the skin, which is called the dermis, and if the dermis is damaged, pimples will remain on the skin.

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, Bursting and pressing pimples leads to the spread of inflammation in the layer under the skin and causes. This infection and acne inflammation penetrates into a deeper layer of the skin and increases the possibility of acne by damaging the dermis.

In short, the cause of pimples is that the lower layer of the skin is damaged and so-called skin regeneration plan is ruined, and for this reason new skin will be replaced. Because there is no map in the lower layer of the skin, a permanent mark of the boil will remain on its own.

Treatment Of Acne And Pimples With Thread Implantation And Acupuncture

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, One of the ways to remove facial acne and pimples is to use thread implantation and acupuncture, which nowadays, due to its acceptable results, the number of people who refer to clinics and acupuncture specialists for this treatment is not small. This method is non-surgical and is performed using thin acupuncture needles.

First, to remove pimples and acne, local anesthetic cream is applied to the part of the face that you want to treat by implanting a thread. Then, the place where the thread enters the face is determined by an acupuncturist.

After determining the location, the place is prepared with a needle to insert the thread. This place is very small and there will be no room left. Threads are placed under the skin through a very small hole.

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, These threads are made of polypropylene, which is compatible with the human body and has been used in cardiovascular and eye surgery for many years. Approximately 10 to 12 pieces of thread are inserted into the lower part of the skin along with an interstitial needle, and as a result, the skin becomes more stretched and acne marks and pimples disappear over time.

The treatment of acne marks and pimples with thread is done in less than 45 minutes and without any pain in the clinic. The person can return to his normal activities after 2 days and after 2 weeks the soft tissues will be improved and no signs of this procedure will appear. This technique leaves no scars and can be used successfully in all areas of the face and neck and gives a younger appearance.

The Purpose Of Treating Acne And Pimples With Thread Implantation And Acupuncture

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, The purpose of acne treatment in Chinese medicine is not only beauty for the person, but to bother the patient with longer intervals and shorter periods, so that the skin gets used to this change and this hormonal balance, and with the reduction of acne frequency and inflammation, the possibility of developing Boil less.

In fact, an immediate effect is intended to make the face and skin more beautiful, as well as a long-term effect to reduce the pimples left permanently on the body and face.

In fact, an immediate effect is intended to make the face and skin more beautiful, as well as a long-term effect to reduce the pimples left permanently on the body and face. There are a series of pimples that can be seen in the pressure areas of the body, such as the back of the shoulders, the waist, or the sitting areas, because in these areas, a gland is supposed to have a secretion, hair is supposed to come out, and due to sitting, lying down, This hair twists and this gland closes and pimples appear.

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, Acupuncture has a special theory to explain pimples and acne and attributes it to the increase of heat in the lungs. This means that in order to eliminate these pimples, the lungs, which according to Chinese traditional medicine healers control the condition of the skin, must be cleaned and their excess heat removed.

The way to remove this excess heat is to insert acupuncture needles in certain parts of the body. Acupuncture has been proven to be effective in treating acne. This treatment not only targets the pimples, but also treats the patient’s underlying problem that causes the pimples to develop.

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, Patients should see an acupuncturist when their acne has become very severe and does not respond to common treatments and treatment has taken too long. In this case, they should consult with their dermatologist and consult a skilled acupuncturist who has sufficient experience in treating acne with acupuncture.

It is necessary to know that the success of this treatment depends on the characteristics of each person, and therefore it is almost impossible to predict which patients will receive the treatment and which will not.

How Many Sessions Are Needed To Treat Acne And Pimples With Acupuncture?

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, Usually, facial pimples appear as purulent, non-purulent and inflammatory, or in women, this situation is aggravated by increasing stress and lack of abstinence, at this time, it is necessary to check the exact cause of these complications with hormonal tests and some tests.

Usually, about 20 treatment sessions are required for the treatment of acne on the face, and if the treatment is done at the beginning of the appearance of acne on the face and before they become widespread on the surface of the face, we will see better results.

Thread Implantation And Acupuncture, Acupuncture is not a treatment to be taken lightly or for inexperienced and amateurs. Acupuncture and thread implantation is a complex science that can be very dangerous if the necessary precautions are not observed in its implementation, the needles are not inserted correctly and in the right place, and the treatment process is not performed completely and correctly.

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