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Red Carpet Preparation: How Do Stars Prepare To Go On The Red Carpet?

Red Carpet Preparation: We don’t know when Dua Lipa’s 100-carat diamond necklace was given to her at the Metropolitan Museum of Fashion Evening and when it was taken back.

The big night of fashion started with the appearance of the first guest on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum on May 6, 2024; The night that was prepared was the result of several months of efforts by designers who were now impatiently waiting to know the reactions and reviews of fashion experts.

Red Carpet Preparation, What we saw, whether it lived up to our expectations or not, was the result of the hard work of hundreds of costume designers, stylists and tailors over the past few months.

While the likes of Zendaya and her designer, La Roche, have made fun of the idea of ​​not having the right outfit, the reality is that it’s unlikely that anyone will be without a dress for the most important fashion party of the year.

Red Carpet Preparation, According to many experts, the Met Gala is the most important fashion party of the year, but it is not the only event that the stars have to plan for; For example, on April 20, Anne Hathaway participated in four programs in 24 hours with four different appearances to introduce her new movie in New York.

However, an important part of how to change clothes, make-up and jewelry on time and according to the schedule depends on the right choice of “stylist” (STYLIST), who is sometimes responsible for setting things other than clothes and make-up.

Red Carpet Preparation, Together, we review the preparation process and some of the challenges faced by costume and makeup designers.

In important events like the Oscars or film festivals, work usually starts a month in advance. However, last minute circumstances may arise for everyone.

Tailoring And Measuring

Red Carpet Preparation

Red Carpet Preparation, Clothes are not always made to order and the body of the person who is going to wear it is different from the model who wore it at the unveiling. Especially in the case of luxury clothes, where there are only a few samples of clothes or sometimes only one sewn sample, measuring the clothes is one of the important things. Sometimes due to being old or historical, this step may cause damage to the clothes. Just as Marilyn Monroe’s dress was damaged on Kardashian’s 2023 Metropolitan Museum of Art soiree.


Red Carpet Preparation, If you are going to be carrying a million dollar piece of jewelry or if you think you might lose a multi-carat diamond on the red carpet, you should plan your party accordingly.

Getting the jewel, protecting it and returning it to a safe place depends on who owns it. If a star attends a party with personal jewelry, they must handle it themselves, insure the jewelry, and hire bodyguards if necessary. Otherwise, the type of protection depends on the conditions of the host and the route, and of course, what conditions have been determined by the insurance company with which the contract is signed.

Red Carpet Preparation, Of course, these cases are usually not made public for security reasons; For example, we don’t know when Dua Lipa‘s 100-carat diamond necklace was given to her at the Metropolitan Museum of Fashion Night and when it was taken back.

Makeup And Changing Clothes

Red Carpet Preparation

Red Carpet Preparation, Another challenge to deal with is makeup. Anne Hathaway had the opportunity to use the private room provided by Jimmy Fallon to prepare for the next show during the four-dresses-in-a-day marathon, but they are not so lucky.

If the guest comes from another city, the makeup and dressing is often arranged at the hotel where he is staying. People like Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, as we saw in their videos and pictures on social networks, have prepared a suitable space for these things in their residence.

Red Carpet Preparation, In other cases where there is a photography session or an interview, a suitable studio or place may be rented.


Red Carpet Preparation, Sarah Jessica Parker posted pictures of herself on her way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art party, showing how she stood in the ceremonial car all the way. Most stars have a similar experience and sometimes share it with their followers on social networks.

Demi Moore also showed all these steps and difficulties in the video she published of preparing to go to the fashion party of the year; including the challenge of driving a car with Cartier clothes and makeup and jewelry.

Red Carpet Preparation, A video of Deva Lipa at the 2024 Golden Globe ceremony spread on social networks, where she could not sit on a chair in a tight Schiaparelli shirt.

Emergency And Last Minute Situations

Emergency And Last Minute Situations

Red Carpet Preparation, The broken zipper of Emma Stone’s Marc Valentino dress at the Oscars 2024 is the nightmare of every dressmaker and dressmaker. If this had happened just a few hours earlier and it was time to get dressed, maybe the disaster could have been prevented with a few simple stitches, and after the party, she would have thought about how the zipper of a custom-made $10,000 dress could be damaged.

For some, this problem may occur after the party; Like Katy Perry, who was stuck in a $7,400 Bottega Veneta shirt and couldn’t get it out. In the video, we see Perry’s distraught face sitting on a chair and responding to a voice from backstage saying we can take it, you can’t just cut Bottega off like that.

Red Carpet Preparation, In short, what we see on the red carpet is the result of a group effort, and the correct performance of attending a special event includes careful planning, creativity and attention to details, and being ready for any unwanted event, which, good or bad, may be remembered by everyone for decades.

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