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Matte Makeup Returns To The Fashion World

Matte Makeup: Many experts believe that wet makeup on skin with acne or skin problems accentuates facial flaws.

In years past, the wet and shiny makeup style was one of the most popular beauty trends among celebrities and social media personalities, but now it seems that matte makeup is slowly making a comeback.

Matte Makeup, Val Garland, artistic director of makeup at L’Oréal Paris, tells Vogue about this: “It’s time for the return of matte makeup, with that faded skin that everyone dreams of.”

Matte Makeup

Matte Makeup

This artist, like many experts, emphasizes that wet makeup for skin with acne or skin problems makes facial flaws appear more prominent, while matte makeup or cloudy skin (Cloud Skin/ a term used these days in TikTok for makeup matte used) can help hide them.

In addition, he believes that the shiny and glassy skin fad that was popular a few years ago is only good for the world of fashion and magazines and advertisements, but in the real world one looks more like someone with a sweaty face.

Matte Makeup, Garland goes on to explain that this is why she embraces matte cream powders because they work well for all skin types.

But another question that comes to mind is, wasn’t the makeup fashion that makes the skin look fresh and healthy, a reaction to the previous fashion that worked wonders with a lot of shading (contouring) in front of the camera, but looked artificial in real life?

Matte Makeup

Khabir Rodríguez Lucena, a makeup artist who works at Mac Cosmetics, answers this question: Shading is a technique that comes from old theaters, but in 2008, under the influence of the Kardashians, it made its way into everyday makeup as a recurring pattern. did But the difference of this technique nowadays is that although the skin is matted with it, a smaller amount of the product is used and only in the areas that are needed.

Matte Makeup, The matte makeup of 2024 is a direct reference to the aesthetics of the late 20th century: a minimalistic, soft and matte finish that uses pressed powders in the required amount and not too much. According to Rodrigues, in this technique, we will have matte and shiny skin (but not shiny).

Garland also believes that the middle part of the face will be more matte and the sides will be brighter, which is suitable for both the red carpet and everyday use.

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