The Indian Billionaire Wore A $10 Million Necklace To The Metropolitan Museum’s Fashion Night

$10 Million Necklace: Sudha Reddy, the Indian billionaire, in a dress designed for the Metropolitan Museum of Fashion Evening. This 180-carat diamond necklace was perhaps the most expensive piece of fashion jewelry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Perhaps the most expensive piece of jewelery at the 2024 Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met Gala) was worn by Indian billionaire Sudha Reddy – and it even belonged to his personal jewelery collection.

$10 Million Necklace, Reddy, CEO of MEIL Group and husband of Indian businessman PV Krishna Reddy, attended the annual fashion night event held on Monday, May 6 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. At the event, she wore a custom-stitched ivory silk evening gown by Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani. More than 4,500 people worked on this hand-embroidered shirt, which had a tight top with a small portrait of Reddy.

$10 Million Necklace

$10 Million Necklace

If Reddy’s long white embroidered shirt wasn’t impressive enough, it was the entrepreneur’s 180-carat diamond necklace that became the center of attention. According to Town & Country magazine, this amazing piece of jewelry is called “Amore Eterno” and was given to her by Reddy’s husband for their 25th wedding anniversary.

$10 Million Necklace, The necklace, worth a whopping $10 million, features four large heart-shaped diamonds attached to 21 brilliant round diamonds. In an interview with this news agency, Reddy explained that he made this piece with the help of jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali.

“The largest heart-shaped diamond represents my husband, Krishna, and the next is me, and the two adjacent diamonds represent our sons, Pranav and Manas,” she said. For me, this necklace symbolizes a lasting relationship of love and connection. “I think it goes well with my heart-shaped ring, and my focus is always on heart love and positivity, so it’s only natural that my favorite design is a heart.”

$10 Million Necklace

$10 Million Necklace, In addition to her diamond necklace, Reddy wore two rings – one with a 23-carat yellow diamond and the other with a 20-carat heart-shaped diamond – both from her personal collection.

The billionaire philanthropist noted that his dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Fashion Soiree was meant to be a metaphor for India’s artistic revival by showcasing hand-stitched Indian design. “The dress evokes an image of a garden in full bloom, inviting the viewer to embrace authenticity in an ever-changing world,” said Reddy. The dress is a metaphor for India, a sleeping beauty reawakening, and celebrates the immortality of the heritage of master craftsmanship, transcending the boundaries of time and the eternal cycle of rebirth and rebirth.”

$10 Million Necklace, Almost like every year, this year’s Metropolitan Museum of Fashion Night also had its own style of dressing, and they gave it the comfortable and general name “Garden of Time”.

This cover style was inspired by a short story of the same title, written by JJ Ballard in 1962, which focuses on the theme of fleeting beauty. Participants were encouraged to use items that would draw the basis of this short story – such as flowers that symbolize a real garden, or items such as clocks and sand that represent the passage of time.

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