Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night 2024; The Scent Of Nature Carried The Black And White Landscape Of Last Year

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night: Bathed in moonlight, and amid twisting stems, a green and white carpet lined the star-studded runway for the Met Gala 2024, “Sleeping Beauties: Fashion’s Reawakening.”

And while the path inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art was straightforward (literally), the concept elicited mixed responses from attendees.

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night, This year, the Institute of Fashion Design sought to create a sensory experience by reviving 250 garments from its permanent collection, dividing them into three main sections – earth, air, and water, and employing cutting-edge technology that allowed clothing fibers to dominate the space for various reasons.

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night

To evoke incomparability Conversations of environmental protection were intertwined with fashion preservation, concluding that the rebirth of designs, even those that could never be worn again, was the pinnacle of sustainability.

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night, The cover style of “Garden of Time” was based on this theme and drew attention to the juxtaposition of natural beauty and innovation. Based on a 1962 story by JJ Ballard about a crystal garden with the power to reverse time, the theme invited participants to take a nature-based approach or take inspiration from shapes in the archive.

And from the lively and detailed parade of actors, comedians, artists, and influencers who walked up the stairs tonight, it seemed like most of them knew what they were doing—except for a few who were downright boring.

Let’s start with the normal part of the story. You think it’s essential that one of the bosses is dressed according to the theme. If so, Chris Hemsworth’s appearance was not properly reviewed. The actor arrived in an ivory unbuttoned suit (no description or other details to tell).

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night, A shirt with a buttoned collar and a vest of the same color might suit him, but it had nothing to do with the intended concept. At the very least, Hemsworth could have added a stitched flower or congressional texture to her dress, playing with biotextiles, as Sarah Burton, Alexander McQueen’s former creative director, did. I can only say, thank God for his companion.

Bad Bonnie approached John Galliano of Maison Margiela to design a suit that perfectly matched the brand’s logo, creating a shadowy hoof-like clog and jewelry that resembled Count Axel in Ballard’s story. Zendaya, meanwhile, seemed to have a similar idea, collaborating with Galliano to create a custom dress that brought to life Galliano’s design for Givenchy in 1997, the year Zendaya was born.

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night, The Euphoria star hit two marks with one arrow (designer) with a spiral evening dress that looked like an underwater pen with sea grape stems and in a tight black top, puffy sleeves, a voluminous trailing skirt and a hat. The bouquet was reborn in what may have been its past life.

As expected, the scene was flooded with floral designs. Long-stemmed green plants and roses were beaded, embroidered, and attached to the dresses. In the case of Kim Kardashian, Galliano had attached a metallic net and formed a pattern of silver flowers. Rhys Feldman, Ashley Graham, Morgan Spector, and Usher, compared to Kelsey Ballerini, Yves Edberry, and Jordan Roth, may have incorporated elements of the earth more subtly, but at least they tried.

kylie jenner

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night, Many also went for the sea and the sky by wearing ocean blue colors, overlapping sequins, dalber borders, and golden garlands. Then, on the stairs in a burnt red coat, Wisdom Kay set the stage on fire with a long trail, like an eternal ember that will not be extinguished.

From an outsider’s point of view, this idea can be seen as complex with a diverse array of colors, textures, and shapes – even Sarah Jessica Parker said so in a Richard Quinn statuette, meanwhile, figures like Kylie Jenner, Matt Damon, Donald Glover, Jamie Dornan, and Devin Joey Randolph all arrived with simple looks that unintentionally added to the confusion.

Metropolitan Museum Fashion Night, Despite its multifaceted nature, however, guests found their way through this year’s Met Gala atmosphere, which made the process more dynamic and fast-paced, compared to what was seen at the 2023 event, which celebrated longtime Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. .

What used to be a plain two-tone catalog of odes to the color-averse Faustian designer has been replaced this year by Jackson Palk-like splashes of color but with the innovation of Alexander McQueen, the glamor of Dior, the exclusivity of Galliano, the adaptable pattern of Tom Brown, and many others.

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