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Blue Eye Eye shadow: The 8 Best Eye shadow Of 2024 For Blue Eye Color + Photos

Blue Eye Eye shadow: The best eye shadow for your eye color is whatever shade you feel like wearing on that given day, but it’s proven that some shadows will enhance certain eye colors more than others.

It all comes down to color theory: colors on opposite sides of the color wheel will complement one another. As for what eye shadow colors will make blue eyes pop, think warm shades like orange, brown, peach, and terracotta, along with shimmery champagne and rich berry.

Blue Eye Eye shadow, “Depending on how dramatic or how natural you’re looking to go, I like to use colors that are almost opposites of the eye to create contrast and really bring out the overall eye color,” says Neil Scibelli, a New York City-based celebrity makeup artist.

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Blue Eye Eye shadow, Deciding on an eye shadow color is only one half of the equation. Eddie Duyos, Make Up For Ever Pro Makeup Artist & Senior Manager of Pro Education & Artistry, suggests considering what vibe you want to give off with your makeup.

“I like to approach it [eye makeup] like a game. It’s more of, ‘who do I want to be today? Do I want to feel powerful, or am I feeling more subtle and romantic? What is it that I want the world see today?'” Duyos shares. “Aside from the normal makeup concerns like skin type, breakouts, discoloration, etc., have fun with makeup no matter what anyone says, and allow it to help you be and feel the best version of yourself every day.”

Blue Eye Eye shadow, With that in mind, both makeup artists break down the eyeshadow colors that really make blue eyes standout. See how celebrities are wearing the shades on the red carpet to get inspiration for your own eye makeup looks.

1. Warm Brown Eyeshadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow, Warm shades of brown are a beautiful everyday look for blue eyes. For a quick and easy way to wear the shade, Duyos suggests dusting a wash of shadow across the lids, then lining the upper and lower lids with a darker chestnut pencil liner for definition. With Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Resist Color Pencil in Ebony, you won’t worry about smudges or flakes.

2. Peach Eyeshadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow, Not only is this winged-out peach eyeshadow right on trend, (and way easier to do than traditional cat-eye liner) it brightens baby blue eyes. The peachy tones of Fenty Beauty’s Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette in Peach are ideal for recreating Julia Garner’s look by makeup artist Hung Vanngo.

3. Shimmery Champagne Eyeshadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow, For a hint of shimmer that’ll really make blue eyes pop when it catches the light, look no further than champagne eyeshadow. “Champagnes, light coppers, and rose golds are my neutral go-to for blue eyes,” Scibelli says. “They create the perfect neutral backdrop for light eyes and really bring out the various hues of the eye color.”

Blue Eye Eye shadow, Simply tap a shiny shadow like Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Lid Lustre in Chiffon on your lids with your fingertip, apply a few coats of mascara, and you’re good to go.

4. Smudged Eyeliner

Smudged Eyeliner

Blue Eye Eye shadow, “One of my favorite bold looks on blue eyes is the ‘SJP,’ which is a dark brown or black eyeliner or shadow smudged on the top and lower line,” says Scibelli. “It creates the perfect smoky, sultry look for blue eyes.” Here, Sarah Jessica Parker paired her smudgy eyeliner with chocolate brown eyeshadow on the lids as a base.

As for which liner to use, we’re fans of Pat McGrath Labs’ PermaGel Eyeliner Pencil. It can be sharpened like a kohl pencil, but has the silky smooth texture of a gel liner with amply play time for smudging.

5. Navy Blue Eyeshadow

Navy Blue Eyeshadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow, “For an evening look, I love using shades of navy and deep charcoals, which also really bring out the blues of the eyes,” Scibelli says.

Makeup artist Lottie used navy for Alexandra Daddario’s smoky eye, then further brightened her blue eyes by adding champagne eyeshadow to her inner corners and tapping it on the middle of her lid for dimension. Pat McGrath Labs’ Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow Palette in Interstellar Icon conveniently has similar shades to do the look on your own.

6. Terracotta Eyeshadow

Terracotta Eyeshadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow, It might not be the first color you’d gravitate towards in an eyeshadow palette, but orange-y terracotta looks drop dead gorgeous on blue eyes. Take Margot Robbie’s monochromatic look by Pati Dubroff for example.

Create your own take on terracotta eyes with About-Face’s Matte Fluid Eye Paint in Light Transcending. The liquid formula is made to last, and dries down to a soft powder that doesn’t crease, fade, or smear.

7. Something Blue

Something Blue

Blue Eye Eye shadow, For the ultimate monochromatic eye look, why not complement your blue eyes with blue shadow? Beauty and lifestyle creator Cydnee Black opts for a shimmery shade of sapphire that has got us mesmerized.

8. Plum Smoky Eyeshadow

Plum Smoky Eyeshadow

Blue Eye Eye shadow, The rich undertones of plum eyeshadow perfectly contrast cool blue eyes. Smoke out the shadow for an edgy, unexpected twist on the classic eye makeup technique. “To ease into a bold variation, I like using plum shades on blue eyes, which can be worn as a smoky plum look or even just a light wash of a plum – it really makes blue eyes pop,” Scibelli shares.

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