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Smokey Makeup Tutorial + Steps To Do It

Smokey Makeup Tutorial: Beauty and grooming are two important factors in people’s appearance. There are different ways to make the face beautiful, some without side effects and others with severe side effects.

Make-up and face makeup is one of the methods that are less harmful and without harm if the principles are followed.

To beautify the parts of the face and make them attractive, applying make-up is one of the common methods. Today, in beauty salons, all kinds of facial makeup such as Gulf, European, Egyptian, etc. are done.

Smokey Makeup Tutorial, One of the most popular face makeup that makes facial parts, especially the eyes, more visible is smoky makeup. This makeup has certain techniques and steps and is done by professional makeup artists. In the rest of this article, we will learn how to make Smokey makeup in a basic way.

What Is Smokey Makeup?

Smokey Makeup Tutorial, Smokey makeup is a popular style among young women. The word smoke means smoke and indicates a style of make-up with a smoky and dark shade. The roots of this eye makeup go back to Egypt and in the past Egyptian women used dark shadows to make their eyes attractive and this type of face makeup has been one of the most popular types of face makeup for women.

In this make-up model, the focus is more on eye make-up, and with smoky shadows and eyeliner, an elongated and attractive look is created for the eyes. Smoky makeup is more suitable for people with big eyes and makes them shine more.

The Steps Of Doing Smokey Makeup

Smokey Makeup Tutorial, To do all kinds of eye makeup, you must first prepare the necessary supplies. The necessary accessories for Smokey makeup include concealer, primer, shadow, pencil eyeliner, brush, mascara, and false eyelashes. Smoky makeup has certain steps, one of the first and most basic steps of which is underlining the eyes.

Smokey Makeup Tutorial

First Step

Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Makeup Tutorial, Base your eyes well with primer and concealer. This makes eye makeup neat and increases its durability. Note that primer and concealer together fix the eye makeup. So, first use the primer well and spread the concealer well on it.

Second Step

Smokey Makeup Tutorial, First, black your upper and lower eyelids with an eyeliner pencil, try to make the eyeliner a little wider and extend it. The cleanliness of the eyeliner is not very important because the eyeliner will spread in the next steps, so don’t worry about the smoothness and cleanliness of the eyeliner.

Third Step

Smokey Makeup Tutorial

Smokey Makeup Tutorial, In this step, use dark shadows like gray shadow and draw the shadow on the eye line with a medium brush and spread the eye line along with the shadow. Continue spreading the shadow to half of the eyelid and then darken the lower eyelid as well.

The Fourth Step

Smokey Makeup Tutorial At this stage, we use a brown shade (dark brown) and spread it with a larger brush from the top of the gray shade to the line behind the eyelid and try to avoid creating a border between the two shades with slow strokes.

The Fifth Step


Smokey Makeup Tutorial, Use a shade of ninety and preferably light to create a natural eye state. In this way, apply the light shade above the eyelid line and spread some of it under the gray shade below the eyelid. Use mascara and false eyelashes to finish the Smokey eye makeup.

Note: In order to do the correct smoky makeup, you should pay attention to the fact that in this makeup, the focus is on the eyes and for other parts of the face, you should use matte and soft colors in order to maintain the prominence and attractiveness of the eyes. Using loud colors on the cheeks and lips can make the face look artificial and reduce the attractiveness of the eyes.

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