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The 14 Gorgeous 2024 Makeup Trends For Prom Night + Photos

2024 Makeup Trends: Besties, are you ready? Prom is approaching, and there are so many fun decisions to make.

In addition to finding the perfect prom dress, you get to figure out which corsage you’ll be gifting your date and if you’ll be headed to the after-prom party with the rest of your class.

And to top it off, you can get as creative as you want with stunning prom makeup looks that’ll have you looking like you just stepped out of a photoshoot.

No matter if you’re a beauty expert looking to test out new products for the big night or if you’re a newbie on the hunt for inspo to hand over to a professional MUA, there are so many prom makeup trends to choose from. If you’re rocking one of this year’s most beloved looks like ballet core or coquette at prom, try light and airy shades to complement your ‘fit. Perhaps you’d like to tap into the clean girl aesthetic and keep things light? You can go with a minimalist look that serves glass skin and the trademark “no makeup, makeup” vibe.

2024 Makeup Trends, From natural makeup ideas to full-on glam, read ahead to discover the best prom makeup inspo of 2024.

1. Clean Girl Makeup

2024 Makeup Trends

2024 Makeup Trends, High-shine lips, dewy cheeks, and feathered eyebrows look subtle but still eye-catching. For the perfect no-makeup makeup look, finish up with a pair of natural-looking falsies on your lids.

2. Super Dramatic Cat Eye

2024 Makeup Trends, Apply your usual Smokey eye, then add a silver shadow in the center for mega intensity.

3. Smokey Geometric Liner

2024 Makeup Trends

2024 Makeup Trends, Apply a warm smokey and use gold eyeshadow to highlight the inner eye. Trace over it with black eyeliner to give it a unique shape.

4. Glitter Lips

2024 Makeup Trends, Upgrade your classic lip look with massive amounts of sparkle. Apply your fave shade (red or blue, or pink, whatever!), then use a small brush to apply glitter and gloss. Before you leave the house, dust off the excess, so you don’t get a mouth full of flakes.

5. Deep Flames

Deep Flames

2024 Makeup Trends, Go bold with this vibrant, Smokey eye and graphic liner hybrid. Apply a dark-colored Smokey eye on the eyelid and then go into the crease with a red shade. Use white eyeliner or eyeshadow to carve out wings.

6. Glossy Eyelids

2024 Makeup Trends, Make your eyes pop with high-gloss lids. Apply a base shadow color, then top it off with a glossy cream or salve. A shiny shadow will stay on longer when it’s layered.

7. Major Metallic Lids

Major Metallic Lids

2024 Makeup Trends, Use a high-pigment metallic eyeshadow to cover your entire lid. For an even more dramatic look, use the shadow to line your lower lashes, too.

8. Emerald Eyes

2024 Makeup Trends, Use your finger to smudge a green shadow on your lids and below your lashes. Creme eyeshadow will give you the most pigment for a super bold look.

9. Smoky Neutrals

Smoky Neutrals

2024 Makeup Trends, This trick is perfect for that all-natural-but-still-glam-af look we all hope to achieve. Layer on some deep shadows that are in the same color family as your skin tone. It will play up your eyes and your complexion.

10. Charcoal Shine

2024 Makeup Trends, This look takes ‘smokey eye’ to a whole new level! Rub a metallic-y charcoal pigment on your entire eyelid, then add some below your lower lashes instead of liner. Top it with some falsies and a few coats of black mascara to make your gaze even more intense.

11. Colorful Wings

Colorful Wings

2024 Makeup Trends, Play up a neutral glossy lip with a cool pastel liner. Draw a thick line of powder green eyeliner starting at the inner corner of your eye. Bring the wing out to below your eyebrow for a super dramatic look. Go over it with a blue eyeliner.

12. Goth Lips

2024 Makeup Trends, An almost-black lipstick feels like a big commitment for prom, but if you keep the rest of your makeup super light, it’ll come out looking so glamorous. Make sure you play up your brows big time to balance out the dark lip.

13. Neon Lids

Neon Lids

2024 Makeup Trends, Your whole wardrobe is going neon for spring, and even though a neon prom dress would be a little extra, you can rep the trend with your prom makeup. Pick a neon eyeshadow that matches your prom dress (or prom suit) and drag it out into a cat-eye. The angular shape feels extra glam.

14. All Over Gloss

2024 Makeup Trends, This dewy look is so laid-back glam. Just pop some clear gloss on your eyelids, apply a pink lippie and then smudge the gloss on your lips. It’s basically the easiest prom look ever.

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