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Light And Daily Makeup In 8 Important Steps

Light And Daily Makeup: These days, the variety of makeup products and styles is so stunning that it makes it difficult to choose; but light, simple and natural makeup is still one of the most popular makeup styles.

In addition to beauty, this makeup can be done in less time. This style is very suitable for daily makeup, workplace, university, etc.

Light And Daily Makeup, If you are not interested in bright colors of cosmetics; you have little time to get ready or you like to always look neat and fresh; this makeup is perfect for you. Continue with us to learn the steps of light makeup.

What Is Light Makeup?

Light And Daily Makeup, Light makeup, or European makeup, can be thick or light depending on the amount of foundation; but its basis is based on correcting skin defects and making the face fresher. In fact, the example of the expression “Be your best self” can be found in this makeup, because in this case the person does not change, but becomes more beautiful than what he is.

This makeup, which is also known as girl’s makeup, usually makes the face look younger and for all age groups is suitable.

Light And Daily Makeup:

Light And Daily Makeup, It is completely wrong to think: “We don’t need a special makeup product for light makeup.” As we said, light makeup does not affect the number of layers of makeup products, and we can have light makeup with heavy coverage.

In this article, our goal is to teach daily and light makeup, so we will teach you how to make up with the least amount of makeup – in a short amount of time.

The First Step Of Light Makeup: Cleaning The Face

Light And Daily Makeup

Light And Daily Makeup, Make-up should be done on a clean face to avoid skin problems such as open pores or pimples. So, before doing anything, wash your face with a suitable cleanser, then clean your face with toner. Note that if you have dry or sensitive skin, pour the right skin toner on your hand and apply it on your face; By doing this, you prevent dryness and stretching of the skin.

The Second Step Of Light Makeup: Make-up Foundation With Moisturizing Cream And Eye Cream

Light And Daily Makeup, The next step is to moisturize the skin of the face and around the eyes. In addition to the importance of moisturizing cream and eye cream for the health of the skin, the moisture of the skin makes the cosmetics sit better on the skin and after a while the makeup does not become dry and so-called “cakey”. Also, massaging around the eyes reduces puffiness around the eyes – especially after waking up.

So before anything else, massage your face for a few seconds with moisturizing cream and eye cream.

The Third Step Of Light Makeup: Using Colored Sunscreen Or Light Cream Powder

Light And Daily Makeup

Light And Daily Makeup, For daily makeup, using sunscreen is very necessary. Our suggestion is: “First use a colorless sunscreen and after the sunscreen is absorbed, use a light cream powder to even out the skin color.” If you don’t have enough time to do this, use a sufficient amount of colored sunscreen and spread it on the skin with your finger or makeup sponge.

The Fourth Step Of Light Makeup: Using Concealer

Light And Daily Makeup, The use of concealer is necessary for people whose facial blemishes or dark circles under the eyes have not been covered to their desired extent in the previous stage. Make sure to choose the concealer the same color as your skin and when using it, use it in a small amount and only on dark spots, then spread it on the skin with your fingertip or a makeup brush.

The Fifth Step Of Light Makeup: Blush


Light And Daily Makeup, Having a blush with a soft and natural color is very essential in your makeup bag and it can also be used as a shadow for the back of the eyelid in addition to blush. If your blush has an orange or light brown tone, it is also suitable for angling the face.

Light And Daily Makeup, Draw the special brush several times on the blush and then shake it to remove the excess color from it. Apply the brush to the apple of the cheek (the area of ​​the face that stands out when you smile) and the crease line (where it creases when you blink).

The Sixth Step Of Light Makeup: Eye Pencil

Light And Daily Makeup, If you have little time, or you are not professional in drawing eyeliner! Using an eye pencil or a dark shade is more suitable for you. Use black or dark brown color to draw the eyeliner, then blend it a little with a small brush. In simple make-up, do not line under the eyes; because it makes the eyes smaller.

The Seventh Step Of Light Makeup: Mascara


We are nearing the final stages of makeup.

Light And Daily Makeup, Now use your desired mascara – which can be lifting or volumizing. When using mascara, place the mirror below your face and look down; So that the back of your eyelid is not dirty with mascara. If you can’t prevent the back of your eyelid from getting dirty, wait until the mascara is completely dry; then, with a clean brush, easily remove the mascara from your eyelids.

The Eighth Step Of Light Makeup: Lipstick

Light And Daily Makeup, The last stage of makeup is applying lipstick. You can choose lipstick based on your interest and the color trend of the season. For example, in the summer season, it is more popular to use liquid lipsticks (lip gloss) with happy and shiny colors; while in autumn and winter, warm, dark and relatively matte colors have more fans. After applying lipstick, your makeup is complete.

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