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White Skin Makeup Tips: The 8 Important Makeup Tips For White Skin

White Skin Makeup Tips, White skin needs a bright make-up. In my research, I learned that for white skin, light colors should be used, especially for eyeliner, eye shadow, and lipstick.

Of course, the owners of blue and green eyes should not use too many bright colors for their eye shadow. Because it reduces the beauty of their eyes. But on the contrary, brown eyes should use colors like blue, green, and pink. You can also use bright colored mascaras to make your makeup delightful. These were just the important points that I told you in the introduction. To know more, read the whole text in website.

White Skin Makeup Tips: The 8 Important Makeup Tips For White Skin

1. Glowing Skin Is The Best

White Skin Makeup Tips

White Skin Makeup Tips, “If you prefer to have your skin on the pale side then make sure it’s glowing,” Leahy says. “Often times it’s hard for people with paler skin to wear heavy foundation because it can look caked on so stick with a tinted moisturizer or a luminous foundation paired with spot concealing any imperfections. If you prefer full coverage foundation then simply mix it with a few drops of a liquid highlighter to get your glow.”

2. Find Your Eyeliner Match

White Skin Makeup Tips, “Try using a softer eyeliner,” Leahy says. “This really depends on what your hair color is as well. If you have dark hair and dark lashes with pale skin then you will most likely still feel good rocking black liner. However, if you have light hair and lashes, using a brown or gray eyeliner will look more natural. A good trick for white skin with fair lashes is to also line the tight line (upper water line) so it doesn’t look like you have a big gap where your lashes are.”

3. Use Bright Lipstick

White Skin Makeup Tips

White Skin Makeup Tips, “Don’t think that you can’t wear bright lipstick,” Leahy says. “Often times a pop of color can look even more pronounced and amazing on pale skin. Pinks and reds look absolutely amazing in contrast, but if you aren’t used to wearing a lot of makeup then start with a sheer shade of pink or red to get used to it first.”

4. Avoid The Wrong Shades Of Blush

White Skin Makeup Tips, “Don’t go super crazy with it so that you feel like a clown, but a light wash of color can help white skin feel much more alive,” Leahy says. “Stay away from the brown and orange tones and go more for the pinks to give your pale skin a soft healthy glow.”

5. Minimal Eye Makeup

Minimal Eye Makeup

White Skin Makeup Tips, “This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever dress up your makeup, but a little bit goes a long way when it comes to pale skin,” Leahy says. “Stick to warmer neutral tones or it can look like you’re getting a black eye.”

6. Richer Hair Color Even

White Skin Makeup Tips, No one is saying you should run out and dye your hair black, but often times, a richer, glossier hair color can make alabaster skin look stunning. “Deeper, richer hair colors provide great contrast for pale skin,” Trotter says. “If your hair is a dishwater shade, consider going deeper to complement your look.”

7. Cover Your Blotch

Cover Your Blotch

White Skin Makeup Tips, “Blotchiness is the bane of pale skinned girls,” Trotter says. “Use a color corrector (my favorite is IT Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream) to banish blotchy skin tone and create the perfect porcelain canvas.”

8. Get A Little Tan

White Skin Makeup Tips, If you still long to look sun-kissed, add a little warmth to your complexion in a healthy, UVA and UVB ray-less way. “Fake a natural glow with a light shade of bronzer dusted anywhere the sun would naturally hit you — the top of your forehead, bridge of your nose, cheeks and chin,” Trotter says. “Use a big, fluffy brush and use a light touch.”

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