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Math Challenge IQ Test: Do You Think You Can Solve This Math Challenge In Less Than 60 Seconds?

Math Challenge IQ Test: This challenge is easy, but it requires good math skills. Solve it in less than 60 seconds.

Welcome to this exciting test where you are asked to use all your logical skills to solve this riddle.

In this captivating challenge, you will have to find the value of each bird present in the image and find the solution to the final query. Get ready to test your analytical skills and your math skills too.

Math Challenge IQ Test, So, are you ready to dive into this fun test that promises to be an unforgettable experience? Let’s go!

Math Challenge IQ Test

Image Source: Radiotips

Have Fun In This Intriguing Test

Math Challenge IQ Test, The image presented to you is made up of several birds, each having a specific value. Your mission is to determine the value of each bird using the available information and using the correct calculations and operations.

You must respect several rules, including the basic rules of calculation. You will notice that each line is associated with a different mathematical operation, which will make this test even more interesting.

Math Challenge IQ Test, To succeed in this challenge, you will need to demonstrate concentration and precision in your answers. You’ll need to pay attention to detail and use your math skills to determine the value of each bird.

How To Solve This Riddle?

Math Challenge IQ Test, The game may seem easy at first, but don’t let the looks fool you. Some operations can be trickier than they seem, and you will need to master the basic rules of calculation to find the right answers.

Use logic and thinking to solve this captivating challenge and complete the final request successfully. Here are some tips for finding the right answer.

Math Challenge IQ Test, Analyze the image and identify the mathematical operations associated with each bird. You will notice that some birds are different. Take note of these differences, because without them you will not succeed. Then start solving the math operations line by line. Once you find the value of each bird, move on to the final request.


Math Challenge IQ Test, Have you correctly identified the value of the brown bird which is 12? If so, congratulations! You have successfully determined the value of each bird and solved the riddle.

In the first line of calculation, you added the values ​​of the three birds, which all equaled 14, to get a total of 42.

In the second line of calculation, you added the values ​​of the two birds, 14 and 6, to obtain a total of 20.

Math Challenge IQ Test, Finally, in the third line of calculation, you added the values ​​of the two birds, 6 and 6, to obtain a total of 12.

Math Challenge IQ Test

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