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Lipsticks Effects For Teeth; The 7 Best Lipsticks That Teeth Appear Whiter

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth: A general rule to consider is to avoid warm shades such as orange, brown and coral, or anything with a yellow tint that will enhance the feeling of dirt and grime.

Choosing the right color of lipstick is as important as choosing the right color of foundation for your skin. According to its color and what it shows on the lips. lipstick can improve the quality of the smile by creating shine and make the teeth look whiter by using color theory.

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth, According to Vogue, a general rule to consider is to avoid warm shades like orange, brown, and coral, or anything with a yellow undertone that will enhance the sense of grime. Also, avoid neutral color ranges (Nude from beige to brown) that make the teeth look darker. Use in contrast to colors with blue undertones (cooler colors), which naturally whiten teeth.

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth

1. Red With A Blue Tint

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth, The red lipstick can have the best effect on your smile. Choose it with a bluish undertone. Because in the color wheel, blue is the opposite of yellow. Garnet, carmine or “crushed strawberry” are ideal color ranges.

1. Pale Pink

Just like red with blue undertones, pale pink gives the illusion of whiter teeth thanks to its cool undertones and gives the face a very soft look. Sugar pink or “nymph’s thigh” are preferably matte colors.

3. Plum And Deep Wine

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth, Matte purple (opposite yellow on the color wheel) and plum are ideal shades for brightening teeth. These colors are especially great on sunny days, as well as for green or tanned skin.

4. Ninety Lipstick

One of the other lipsticks that make teeth look whiter is Nude color lipstick. Nude color is one of the colors that suits all skin tones. Using 90 color lipstick is a very suitable option, especially for people who have thin lips. This color can highlight the lips and make them look more magnificent and attractive.

5. Dark Purple Lipstick

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth, Dark purple lipsticks contain blue and purple pigments that can contrast with yellow teeth and make them appear whiter. These colors can hide the yellow color of the teeth and make the teeth appear whiter.

6. Raspberry Lipstick

Which lipstick makes teeth look whiter? Raspberry lipstick is definitely one of those lipsticks. Raspberry color is one of the dark pink colors, which among the pink colors has a lower risk of showing the yellow color of the teeth. So you can choose this lipstick.

This is because darker shades of raspberry have a blue undertone and base that can make teeth look brighter by contrasting with yellow teeth. (as we explained about red lipstick)

7. Purple Lipstick

Purple lipstick

Lipsticks Effects For Teeth, The best lipstick for teeth whitening is purple lipstick. Purple color is one of the dark pink colors that is usually used to create a contrast with the color of the skin and lips. Due to its intensity and attractiveness, this color is usually used more among different lipstick brands. You can use this shade to show the whiteness of the teeth. The colors based on blue and Steph purple are the right choice for this work.

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