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The 4 Best And Beautiful Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin

Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin: Finding the perfect lip shades for brown skin is quite a task. There’s a lot that goes into looking for a match. From your skin tone to the texture of the lip shades, there are plenty of factors to consider. But, good news – there’s a wide range of lipstick shades for brown skin and for you to have the ultimate pick, we have made it rather easier.

When we say, get ready to elevate your pout game, we mean it. Before we begin, for your skin tone to stand out, you need to look rely on hues that bring out your complexion. To skip this worrisome step, we have a comprehensive guide for you to check out the right lipstick shades for dusky skin. Wondering how? Scroll below and take a look.

Best Brown Lipstick For Brown Skin

Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin, Never shy away from going color-coordinated. When it comes to lipsticks, a brown shade is perfect. It matches dark complexions well and also makes for a neutral shade that can be flaunted just about anywhere. You can choose a brown lipstick shade for dark skin that’s not too bright or light if you don’t feel confident enough sporting this hue. We think you’ll rock it either way!

Why You’ll Love It:

Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick glides smoothly

This shade gives an intense bold shade

For smooth application, this lipstick shade is ‘it’

1. Berry/Purple

Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin

Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin, We ‘berry much’ love this lipstick shade! And if you’re someone with a dark or brown complexion, this should be your next try. This shade not only lends a bold and vivacious vibe to your makeup but it also complements such a skin tone perfectly without looking too bright. And if you’re bold enough to try this shade, why not go a bit darker towards the berry shades with a tinge of purple.

2. Red

Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin

Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin, Did you really think we would talk about lipstick shades without mentioning this sassy hue? Red – the colour of love, is also a great pick for brown skinned women. It instantly uplifts any makeup look, adds a fierce aura and makes for that perfect pout, which is totally selfie ready for Instagram. Edge it up with some lip liner and shimmery lip gloss – you’ll be stealing hearts, babe

3. Pink


Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin, Pink lips and a fair complexion? NO! Pink lips and brown skin = LOVE. Don’t think twice before picking a pink lipstick shade. This hue adds mystery, charm and a cute touch to brown skin. You can find a range of pink lipsticks to opt from that start from rose to fuschia, magenta and pink nude. It’ll surely make your lips pop and enhance just about any makeup look too.

4. Nude


Lipstick Colors For Brown Skin, If keeping your makeup look minimal is what you like, then a nude lipstick shade is the ONE for you. While some may call it boring, we call it our go-to. Even if you’re someone with brown skin, a nude lip color can instantly add a dash of edge. You can opt for different types of nude such as pink nude, nude peach, berry nude and so much more.

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