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Skin Care Daily Routine: How To Take Care Of Our Skin With Only Three Products

Skin Care Daily Routine: Skin care is based on three basic principles: cleaning, protection, maintenance. At the same time as personal and social crises, one of the first things that are forgotten is the issue of self-care.

Irregular daily exercise, unhealthy diet and not taking care of skin and hair are among the things that many of us postpone for a better time in difficult situations, while being bound to a fixed and regular schedule to observe each of these things, or any activity that makes you feel good is important.

Skin Care Daily Routine, Skin care is one of the activities that was considered a luxury and unnecessary thing for years, but the covid epidemic helped to acquit the self-care activity of this accusation and many people spend the quarantine period more easily with its help.

What Is Meant By Skincare?

Skin Care Daily Routine, Skin care means basic care and maintenance of your largest organ, your skin. The skin plays an important role in protecting you from external pathogens and keeps all your internal organs in place. Just as you brush your teeth regularly, the skin needs a minimum of attention to maintain its proper function.

In addition, the skin needs protection, especially against skin cancer.

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Skin?

Skin Care Daily Routine, Some people may consider skincare to be trivial, but it has medical and beauty benefits for your skin. It’s true that you can’t stop the passage of time, but with a regular skin care routine, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and sun damage can be reduced. Also, some skin issues, such as dryness or disease, can be directly managed with simple products.

If you are one of those people who have healthy and clear skin and think that they don’t need much to take care of their skin, then you should know that skin care is essential for any skin type.

Skin Care Daily Routine, Also, as we mentioned at the beginning of the text, creating a regular skin care program also helps with mental health. Corey L. Hartman, physician and founder of the Skin Health Center and assistant professor of dermatology at the University Of Alabama School Of Medicine, told the Self website about this: “A regular and healthy schedule is important for creating rhythm and order in our lives. Whether it is skin care routine, exercise, meditation or any other useful activity. “Being bound in this way can stabilize our daily lives, which often seem chaotic and uncontrollable.”

Skin Care Daily Routine: Skincare Has Three Basic Steps

Skin Care Daily Routine, Regardless of the many and varied products that you see on the shelves of pharmacies, skin care is based on three basic principles: cleaning, protection, maintenance.

1. Cleaning The Skin

Skin Care Daily Routine

Skin Care Daily Routine, Our skin is exposed to many pollutants every day. Air pollution, residual cosmetic creams, skin perspiration and dust are among the factors that lead to dirtying of our skin. Add to these the natural exfoliation of the skin. If you don’t wash your face daily with a suitable cleanser, these impurities will accumulate, and after a while, you will have dull and lifeless skin. For this reason, cleaning the skin is the first important step to take care of it.

2. Skin Protection

The most important and damaging thing to protect the skin from is the UV rays of the sun. UVA and UVB are the two main types of sunlight that damage our skin. The formation of fine wrinkles, skin spots, dryness, and sometimes even boils are low-risk injuries that are caused by sunlight; But these rays can cause bigger problems like skin cancer. For this reason, using sunscreen is the second and most important step in skin care.

3. Skin Care

Skin Care Daily Routine

Skin Care Daily Routine, The skin is one of the organs of our body that has a great ability to regenerate. Every night when we sleep, the skin repairs itself. What we can do to help this process is to provide the right environment.

Skin Care Daily Routine, If you use a simple moisturizing cream at night after washing your face with detergent, you have made it much easier for the skin to regenerate. Moisturizing cream helps your skin water not to evaporate and in this way, your skin structure remains regular and as a result, you will have healthy skin.

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