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Hair Color Ideas: The Best 12 Fascinating Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas: In this post, we bring you 12 fantastical mermaid hair color ideas for your next hair color experiment. Because this trend allows you to play with more than one shade, the possibilities are endless! You can find green, blue, purple, pink, and other versions of the mermaid hair trend, such as coral-colored hair, seaside hair, rainbow hair colors and so on. But before that, tickle your DIY bones and learn how to achieve this color trend right at home!

Tip: Hair Color Guide: Mermaid

Hair Color Ideas, How to Choose A Shade: Opt for subtle gray ombre, sea green, or aquamarine blue if you have a cool undertone and dark ruby and deep purple if you have a warm undertone.

Level Of Maintenance: Medium to high.

Suitable For: All skin tones and straight or wavy hair

How to Get Mermaid Hair At Home

Hair Color Ideas, Ensure that your hair has not been washed in 2-3 days. The oils in your hair will help with the lightening process.

Brush out your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots.

Wear your gloves and apply the petroleum jelly along your hairline on your forehead, neck, and ears.

Following the instructions on the kit, mix your bleach.

Hair Color Ideas, Section away the crown part of your hair and as per the instructions on the kit, apply the bleach onto the loose hair with the applicator brush.

Once you’re done with the bottom sections, undo the sectioned away the top part of your hair and repeat the application process.

Leave the bleach on for the recommended duration of time and then proceed to shampoo and condition your hair.

Note: You might have to repeat this process a couple of times to achieve the desired lightness.


Hair Color Ideas, Once you’ve pre-lightened your hair, pick some mermaid colors of your choice.

Ensure that your hair has been freshly washed and conditioned.

Brush out your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots.

Wear your gloves and apply the petroleum jelly along your hairline on your forehead, neck, and ears.

Hair Color Ideas, Pour the hair dye into bowls. Have a separate bowl for each color if you are using more than one. For an ombre effect, take two bowls; one containing hair dye, and another containing hair dye that has been diluted with conditioner. (Arctic fox, manic panic, pravana, pulp riot, and crazy color are some good brands to work with.)

Start applying the dye onto your lightened hair in sections. You can paint random strands with different colors, or you can use one or multiple colors to create an ombre effect.

Once you’ve applied the dye, wait for 30 minutes.

Wash your hair with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner.

Hair Color Ideas, Getting mermaid hair done at home is just one part of the equation. Maintaining it is the other part that is more important, and one that requires extra attention. Follow the mermaid hair care tips below to ensure the color stays on for a long time.

Hair Color Ideas: How To Take Care Of Mermaid Hair

Hair Color Ideas, Wash Gently: Use a sulfate-free, color-protecting moisturizing shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times a week to prevent color-fading and dehydration.

Rinse With Cold Water: Hot water can strip away the color and natural oils. So, use cold water to rinse your hair.

Avoid Overstyling: Minimize the use of heat-styling tools to prevent breakage.

Use UV Protection: Apply a UV-protectant spray or wear a hat when you are in the sun to protect your hair from color-fading.

Get Color Touch-Ups: Go for a color touch-up to maintain vibrancy every 3-4 weeks or as required.


Hair Color Ideas, A simple tip for choosing the best shades for a mermaid hair color look is to go for ocean color palettes. Or experiment with reds for a refreshing twist to Ariel’s fiery red hair.

12 Mermaid Hair Color Ideas

1. Gray Mermaid

Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas, The gray hair trend is never going to die, and in combination with mermaid hues, this look is absolute perfection. The dark black roots have been expertly blended out to a beautiful aqua which then seamlessly transitions to a beautiful gray.

2. Aquamarine Waves

Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas, If this is what real mermaids look like, give us a pair of binoculars and leave us stranded at the beach. These beautifully long beachy waves have evenly taken color to create a flawless aquamarine look. If you love aqua colors, there is no way you won’t fall head over heels with this nautical hair style.

3. Ruby Locks

Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas, Who doesn’t love a Victorian mermaid? This style has been perfected with lavender, pink, and ruby tones that add dimension and volume. This style incorporates vivid ruby hues near the crown section which melt into a pink and then to a lavender, and you move further down the layers.

4. Ocean Depths

Hair Color Ideas

Hair Color Ideas, Could the name for this style be apter? With colors that were picked from the depths of the ocean, this hairstyle is one of the best mermaid looks that we’ve come across. The deep blue roots fade to an aqua with electric green streaks that add movement. The style then picks up color again, transitioning to a deep berry blue at the tips. This blue-green hair style is, no doubt, a deep-sea masterpiece.

5. Silver Kelp

Silver Kelp

We love green hair, especially in this style. The black to silver-gray roots pick up a phantom green creating a balayage effect. The style is dimensional and creates enough volume to be perfect for women with medium-length fine hair.

6. Sea Green ombre

Sea Green ombre

Hair Color Ideas, Talking about fine seafoam hair and creating dimension, this style has nailed the concept. With a deep green at the roots that fade out at the tips, this hair color looks phenomenal. The best part is that you won’t have to lighten your hair too much to achieve this look. The natural yellow tones add dimension and look beautiful when weaved into the green.

7. Sea Princess

Sea Princess

Hair Color Ideas, A foreign mermaid princess who loves peacocks? Sounds pretty apt. With tones of jade, teal, and royal blue, this style is nothing short of perfect. The multi-toned sea-inspired highlights locks help create movement, making this style perfect for women seeking volume.

8. Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

Hair Color Ideas, A lot like the previous style, this one too incorporates multi-colored streaks. The style has incorporated a pop of purple, adding so much dimension to this multi-hued look. The beach waves just help tie the whole look together, making it one of the best wavy mermaid hair styles we’ve laid our eyes on.

9. Sterling Blue

Sterling Blue

Hair Color Ideas, This mermaid style is so badass with its storm-like color scheme. The dark roots fade to a denim blue which takes on silver tones at the tips. The style is bold, beautiful, and badass, all at the same time.

10. Platinum Peekaboo Mermaid

Platinum Peekaboo Mermaid

Hair Color Ideas, We love our perfect platinum, but this style has taken the look to a whole new level by incorporating shades of blue and purple in the lower layers. The peekaboo colors help add depth to the style, reflecting the perfect ocean-inspired hair.

11. Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moonlight

Hair Color Ideas, The moonlight glinting off the waves of the ocean during the darkest hour of night. That’s what this style looks like to us. We can’t stop ooh-ing at this perfect blue balayage. This style is sure to suit all hair types and textures.

12. Mermaid Grunge

Mermaid Grunge

Hair Color Ideas, There’s no way that this mermaid does not have an ear for grunge. This absolutely badass hairstyle incorporates capri blue hues at the lower lengths of the hair.

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