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2024 Winter Nails Designs: The 20 Best And Amazing Winter Nails Designs For 2024 + Photos

2024 Winter Nails Designs: The temperatures are dropping and the days are getting shorter, and that means it’s officially time to break out our favorite winter nails and nail art design ideas!

From festive nail art to frosty designs to cozy colors (hello, hot chocolate nails!), these nail ideas will brighten up even the darkest winter days. Let’s get into it!

What color nails look good in winter?

2024 Winter Nails Designs, The nail colors that look best in the winter are shades that are inspired by the season, like snowy white, icy blue, and festive red. It’s also the most wonderful time of the year for dark and moody hues, and colors like vampy wine red and dark forest green are seriously trending right now.

2024 Winter Nails Designs, We’re also seeing tons of metallic nail ideas for winter, with both silver and gold getting their time in the spotlight. Choose the shade that matches your everyday jewelry, or mix and match for a chic and celebratory design!

Nail sponges: If you love ombré winter nail ideas as much as we do, then it’s time to add a nail sponge to your arsenal! These help you blend your polish to create that hazy, ombré effect we all know and love.

Holographic powder: Chromatic nail ideas are trending this winter, and this nail powder is the secret to recreating the look at home. Add it on top of your base coat for a reflective, pearlescent finish that’ll shine bright during the dark winter months!

Cute nail stickers: If you’re a nail newbie, then nail stickers can be a life-saver when creating more elaborate winter designs and ideas. Stock up on festive decals like snowflakes and snowmen for a winter manicure that’s cute and easy!

2024 Winter Nails Designs, We’ve linked more of our favorite tools and polishes down below to help you DIY each of these winter nail ideas — so grab a hot chocolate, throw on a cozy sweater, and let’s dive into all the wonderland!

The Cutest Blue Winter Nails Designs and Ideas

2024 Winter Nails Designs, These blue winter nail designs and ideas are bright, stylish, and super seasonal. From icy metallic manicures to playful frosty nail art, we’ve found the best blue nail ideas for the entire winter season. So bundle up, and keep scrolling for the chilliest blue nails to add to your winter board!

1. Frosty Blue Winter Nail Art

2024 Winter Nails Designs

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Channel a winter wonderland with your nail art this year! From the icy blue polish to the sparkly white details, these nails are as frosty as a cold winter day. And just as dreamy, too!

P.S. If you don’t want to DIY this chilly nail art, we also found these snowflake nail stickers for a chic and easy winter many design!

2. Snowy Sugar Blue Coffin Shaped Winter Nails

2024 Winter Nails Designs

2024 Winter Nails Designs, There’s nothing more magical than the first snowfall of the season. Capture those cozy winter vibes with this glittery blue nail design, which reminds us of sparkly snow!

To get that dazzling textured look, pour holographic blue glitter over your freshly painted nails. Tap off the excess, let your nails dry, and voila: you have the perfect snow globe-inspired manicure!

3. Shimmery Gradient Blue Winter Nails

2024 Winter Nails Designs

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Can’t choose just one blue shade for your nails? Then don’t! This skittle nail art captures all the blues of the season in a rad gradient design, from an icy light blue all the way to a dark midnight polish.

For a trendy finishing touch, swap your classic polish for shimmery metallic shades to recreate that reflective shine. It’s merry and bright!!

4. Glittery Ombre Blue French Manicure Outline

Glittery Ombre Blue French Manicure Outline

2024 Winter Nails Designs, We’re suckers for ombré nail ideas, and this winter design takes the trend to the next level!

To DIY this festive look, use a nail sponge (or makeup sponge!) to dab blue polish on the tips of your nails, blending it down to get that hazy ombré design. Once that’s dry, grab your glittery polish and a small liner brush to recreate the French tip outline. so stunning!

5. Snowman Themed Blue Winter Nail Art

Snowman Themed Blue Winter Nail Art

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Unlock your inner child with this playful winter nail art — it’s almost as fun as building a real snowman. Frosty would definitely approve!

For an easy way to bring these snowman nails to life, we love these Frosty inspired nail decals. Just dip them in water, layer them on top of your nails, and seal them with a top coat. No melting here!

6. Cobalt Blue Winter Nail

Cobalt Blue Winter Nail

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Brighten up those dark winter days with these statement blue nails! This cobalt blue hue is seriously trending right now, and we plan on rocking it all season long. Bright and bold, it’s the perfect way to spark some joy this winter!

7. Whimsical Wavy Blue Winter Nail with Celestial Star Designs

Whimsical Wavy Blue Winter Nail with Celestial Star Designs

2024 Winter Nails Designs, If you loved the color of the previous nails but want that extra something to make your many stand out, then this winter nail design is IT. The bright blue polish speaks for itself, while the wavy tips and celestial details add a whimsical touch.

Such a dreamy alternative to a classic French manicure!

8. Snowy Blue Manicure With Sweater Inspired French Tips

Snowy Blue Manicure With Sweater Inspired French Tips

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Our two favorite winter essentials: snow and sweaters. And this nail design has both!

Embrace all the cozy vibes with this winter manicure, which alternates between a cute snowflake design and sweater-inspired French tips. And if you want to skip the pricey salon appointment, we also found these super similar press on nails!

9. Icy Blue Winter Nail

Icy Blue Winter Nail 

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Like icicles in many form, this shimmery blue nail design is so perfect for winter! It reminds us of the blueberry milk nails that were everywhere this year, but with an icy cold finish. Major ice queen vibes!!

To recreate this frosty ombré design, blend this milky blue color with this bright blueberry shade. Finish with a pearlescent polish on top for an icy shine, and you’re pretty much golden!

10. Short Starry Night Blue Winter Nail Design

Short Starry Night Blue Winter Nail Design

2024 Winter Nails Designs, Pay homage to the longer nights of the season with this celestial winter nail design! This nail artist created the ethereal midnight hue by layering two coats of this navy blue polish with two coats of this shimmery top coat.

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