Met GALA 2024: How Ugly Makeup Became Fashionable?

Ugly Makeup: Film and entertainment stars have embraced the trend known as “ugly makeup” or “ugly beauty.”

Celebrities seem to have rejected conventional versions of beauty and are more than willing to experiment with other methods. Is this the end of the age of smooth skin and overly retouched photos?

Ugly Makeup, When Doja Cat arrived at the Metropolitan Museum on the famous Monday night of the year, it seemed to have been left in the rain; Because her dress was wet with water and there were streaks of mascara under her eyes and on her face, but this look was not accidental and she did not fall under the rain on this day, but it was the work of Pat McGrath, a billionaire makeup artist.

How Ugly Makeup Became Fashionable?

Ugly Makeup

Image Source: Instagram

Of course, that night, this American rapper was not the only one who departed from the traditional beauty of the red carpet. Actress Amanda Seyfried also dyed her golden hair gray and instead of red, she wore dark purple lipstick. Zendaya also appeared twice in front of the photographers: once with a very thin eyebrow and another time with faded eyebrows.

Ugly Makeup

Image Source: Instagram

According to the Guardian, these stars have shown a tendency to reject the traditional beauty standards, towards a movement known as “ugly makeup” or “ugly beauty”.

Ugly Makeup, This makeup model, which has become very popular on social networks in recent years, ranges from deliberately understated foundation on the jawline to faded lipsticks and the use of prosthetics to change the shape of the cheekbones or create tiny horns on the forehead, and unlike makeup fashions such as The “clean girl” where the skin looks glassy, ​​smooth and poreless, or the “glazed-doughnut” beauty where the cheekbones shine like the cream on top of the doughnut, the goal here is not to increase attractiveness. .

Instead, it moves the boundaries of beauty and plays with the concept of beauty.

According to the New York Post, psychologist Cary Deuber believes that the popularity of this hideous fashion shows that young women are “making a mockery” of beauty standards.

Ugly Makeup, Emily Schubert, one of the leading make-up designers of cinema, sees it as the world of special effects and real make-up is fading day by day. In her new book, Beauty of the Beast: A Makeup Manual, she shares some makeup tricks with readers, from how to get the illusion of eyebrows to a trick that makes hair look gray.

The term “ugly makeup revolution” was originally coined by visual artist Esther Magyar in 2018. Now six years on, he says the reason it’s grown in popularity is because people are “tired of fake, filtered perfectionism.” He, who has a different view of this wave, considers it as “a modern opposition point against all the standard and identical patterns and formats in makeup and the priority of personality over perfection; That is, emphasizing the features, characteristics and originality of the person instead of trying to have a completely perfect appearance and according to the usual beauty patterns.

Ugly Makeup, Age is another topic that “Ugly Beauty” likes to play with. While social media is littered with videos of (usually young) users asking their audience to guess their age and then being upset if they guess right or higher, Schubert, who has worked with celebrities like Bella Hadid, devotes an entire chapter in her book to Dedicated tricks to look younger and more mature. To smooth out wrinkles, he suggests facial tape, which can also be used to create the illusion of sagging skin.

A study by City University London on smartphones and appearance in 2023 found that 90 percent of women in their 20s and older use filters in selfies. This dominance of filters blurs the line between “online and offline” looks, as they constantly smooth skin, highlight cheekbones, and even create the illusion of full makeup.

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