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Fish Oil Supplements May Increase The Risk Of Stroke And Heart Problems

Fish Oil Supplement: It is recommended to obtain the body’s required omega-3 acids from food sources instead of fish oil supplements.

Consuming fish oil supplements as an important source of omega-3 fatty acids is a popular way to prevent cardiovascular diseases and heart health. So that in the United States, about 20% of adults over 60 years of age use these products with the aim of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

However, CNN reports that a new study has found that taking fish oil supplements increases the risk of stroke and atrial fibrillation even in people with good cardiovascular health.

Dr. Andrew Freeman, a cardiologist, said in this context: “Physicians very rarely recommend the use of fish oil supplements to patients, and there is no such prescription in any of the guidelines of professional medical associations. However, many people have resorted to using these supplements.”

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish Oil Supplement

He emphasized that over-the-counter fish oil supplements are not as pure as they should be, and on the other hand, these supplements can potentially contain contaminants such as heavy metals such as mercury, which are found in fish.

According to Dr. Freeman, “studies of the last 10 years about taking fish oil supplements without a doctor’s prescription have not been very positive and it has been determined that fish oil has either no benefit or in some cases it has caused harm such as stroke and heart palpitations. The new study has also reached the same results.

A new study published Tuesday in the journal BMJ Medicine found that regular use of fish oil supplements in people without heart problems increased the risk of heart palpitations by 13 percent and the risk of stroke by five percent.

This study was obtained by examining the information of more than 415,000 people aged 40 to 69 in the UK. Nearly a third of these people, who were followed for an average of 12 years, said they used fish oil supplements regularly.

Dr. Richard Isaacson, a neurologist, advised in this case that it is better to get omega-3 fatty acids from natural food sources.

According to him, sardines are one of the best sources of omega-3 because they are rich in this healthy unsaturated fat and are low in mercury, but fish like farmed salmon are not a good choice because of the impurities in the water.

Fish Oil Supplement, Isaacson also added that seaweed is also a good source of omega-3. Chia seeds, green beans, flax seeds, and walnuts are also known as plant-based options rich in omega-3.

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