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When Should We Use Concealer Instead Of Makeup?

Concealer Instead Of Makeup: It all depends on your skin type and the final look you want to achieve. Most people think that foundation and concealer should be used together.

Applying makeup can be difficult for those who are not familiar with different products and their multiple uses. Although most people have a general understanding of cream powder and concealer, they may be confused when deciding which one to use and when.

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Carolina Pizarro tells China Morning Post that most people think foundation and concealer should be used together, but it all depends on your skin type and the final look you want to achieve. He then raises the basic question, what is your goal? Improving the appearance of skin texture, or covering dark spots and color problems?

If the makeup on your face loses its consistency as the day goes by (so to speak, it becomes cakey on the face), maybe the problem is the use of foundation and concealer at the same time. Stay with us in the rest of this article to discover the difference between them and how to use both products better.

Concealer Instead Of Makeup: What Is Makeup?

Concealer Instead Of Makeup

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, Foundation is a cosmetic product that is used to create a uniform and smooth base for the rest of the makeup. According to Pizarro, if your goal is to completely smooth your face, apply foundation first and then decide if you need concealer for extra help in certain areas, but that’s not always necessary.

Cream powders have different forms, from thin liquid to thick creams, powders, mousses and sticks, which of course have many benefits from covering uneven skin color to keeping skin moist and fresh, at the same time, the uniform surface that other products such as blush, bronzer they offer eye shadow and lipstick that can be added on top.

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, With the correct use of foundation, you can go from a cakey makeup disaster to a flawless foundation. To prevent any mistakes in makeup, it is better to know more about the formula and color range of the cream before doing anything.

First of all, the form of cream powder should be determined according to the skin type. Hydrating cream powders are great for dry and mature skin (skin that shows signs of aging, usually the skin of people over 40). Semi-matte forms are suitable for oily skin and combination skins will probably be comfortable with a form between the two.

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, In addition, we must be sure of the color range we choose, but forget about testing on the wrist. It is better to try cream powder color somewhere near the jaw or collarbone, so that any color change can be easily seen.

What Is Concealer?

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, Concealer is the best solution to cover dark spots like under the eyes, or skin blemishes. This product is available in liquid and cream forms to suit any skin tone or unevenness, but proper use of this beauty product is essential.

According to the type of final coverage we want (for hydration, liquid form and for long coverage, creamy and oily form), we spread thin layers of the product on the desired skin using a brush or sponge. Tapping with the fingers is effective to stabilize it.

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, Pizarro explains that contrary to what many people think, a good concealer can be used alone, without the need for a special foundation. She says she likes to use the hydrating and brightening forms of this product to contour her face and add a glow to some dark areas like around the nose and under the eyes.

Pizarro goes on to say that concealers can be used to cover any type of blemish. If they blend well with the skin, you may not need foundation at all and have a more natural look.

Concealer Instead Of Makeup, One thing we should pay attention to is that when using it on larger areas, we should also make sure to choose the right color. Because the light texture makes the result more visible and we should be careful not to highlight something like acne.

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