Kylie Jenner Surprised Her Fans: This Gorgeous Celebrity Appears With Short Platinum Bob Hair

Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner is no stranger to bold hair changes. After all, she devoted an entire period of twenty years of his life to experimenting with all the hair colors of the rainbow.

But, it was a different take this morning when she debuted a curly blonde bob on Instagram. Is it a wig or her natural hair? But no matter what it may be, her old Hollywood hair appeal is a huge trend.

When Jenner paid tribute to her past in the form of pastel pink hair earlier this year. But, with her blonde hair and trendy bobs, we had to suspect something from the star. “Did anyone say they miss Kylie’s hairstyle,” she captioned the photo.

Kylie Jenner Appears With Short Platinum Bob Hair

Kylie Jenner

Her new hairstyle looks like a modern day Marilyn Monroe, which was picked up by commenters. It stood right on her cheekbones, her short, curly hair in ringlets that showed off her light blonde hair color.

Her dark brown eyebrows and spidery lashes contrasted with the light blonde for a goofy, punk look. She designed a super long cat eye line that extended to the top of her cheeks. Rosy blush defined her cheeks and a shimmery highlighter on her nose. Finishing off her two-toned lip was a dark brown lip liner paired with a purple matte lipstick.

Light blonde hair is all the rage this summer and it seems like every celebrity is experimenting with the bob hairstyle. And while Jenner’s look seems more of an everyday style, it’s refreshing to see the 26-year-old trying something new. So is King Kylie back for good? Only time can tell!

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