These Hollywood Celebrities Are Very Animal Lovers!

Hollywood Celebrities: Pet owners believe that animals like cats and dogs bring their owners a lot of happiness and are actually a source of entertainment.

It is interesting to know that the following stars also love their pets very much and life without these tongue-tied creatures is unimaginable for them. So stay with us for more information.

Hollywood Celebrities

1. Taylor Swift

Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood Celebrities, This young American pop star is not only one of the most famous and popular singers of our time, but he is also a big fan of pets, including cats. It is true that Taylor’s appearance may not suit women who love cats and keep at least a few cats in their home, but trust us when we say that people’s looks can be deceiving! The lady has a Scottish Fold cat named Meredith, which Taylor named after her favorite character, Dr. Meredith Grey, from the TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

Taylor Swift, who recently separated from her fiancé Calvin Harris, a Scottish DJ, brought home this very small cat on Halloween 2011, and since then, she has regularly posted pictures and videos of it on her social networks. he does.

Hollywood Celebrities, Taylor quickly developed a deep affection for the kitten and never parted with it, which is very strange for a singer who is constantly traveling and performing on numerous concert tours, and for a cat who is naturally afraid of traveling.

The two seem to have overcome these difficulties, as Meredith accompanies Taylor on all tours. Taylor has another cat named Olivia, named after Olivia Benson’s character from the hit series Law & Order: SVU, and now all eighty millions of her Instagram followers know her as Olivia and Meredith.

2. Ed Sheeran

Hollywood Celebrities, It seems that the stereotype that cats are girls’ animals and men who keep cats, definitely have a problem, because no man keeps cats! But we have to point out here how stupid this stereotype is and we are happy to have Ed Sheeran as a witness to this claim. Mr. Sheeran is one of the most talented musicians in the UK, who also happens to be a close friend of Taylor Swift, and of course, he is a true fan of animals, especially cats in a world where there is a lot of animal cruelty. Ed has no with problem wearing cat sweatshirts.

It’s all very interesting to know about Ed Sheeran, but it’s important to know that the singer adopted his cat as a pet when he was less than a month old and was going to be euthanized. He named this furry and cute cat Graham and introduced it on his pages in social networks and with this work he won the hearts of all his fan girls in the world.

3. Katy Perry

Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood Celebrities, If you’re even remotely familiar with Katy Perry‘s lifestyle and career, you probably know that Katy is crazy about cats. Although the pop star has adopted two cute kittens as pets, it is clear that Katy Perry is her favorite cat. Yes, you heard the lesson, this cat’s name is “KT” and in fact, she is the lucky animal of this lady singer.

In turn, this cat is considered a celebrity and had a short appearance in one of Kitty’s music videos and was shown in several performances in the California Dreams concert tour.

Hollywood Celebrities, For her Hello Katy concert tour, Katy had a huge balloon in the shape of Katy, and even when Katy is supposed to be up close and personal with her fans and sign autographs, she brings the cat with her so they can see it up close. Kitty is considered one of the most special famous cats and apparently Kitty herself wants the world to know how much she loves her cat.

4. James Franco

Hollywood Celebrities, We think it’s great that Hollywood male actors are talking more and more freely about their love for their cats, which is why we’re mentioning James Franco here. This popular and good-natured actor also loves cats and it seems that he has lived with these animals all his life.

When James was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, he told Ellen that he loved cats since he was a child and has always had a good relationship with these furry animals. Franco also revealed that all of his cats are named after characters in the books, which makes the actor even more lovable.

Hollywood Celebrities, Want to know the names of James Franco’s cats? Sammy is named after Sammy Glick and Zelda is the same name as Zelda Fitzgerald. Franco regularly posts photos of his cats on social media and introduces his fans to his cats.

5. Kesha


Hollywood Celebrities, Maybe many people don’t know Kesha the way they should, and most of the time there are different perceptions of her personality, but one thing is clear about her is that she has a heart full of love for cats. In fact, this popular singer loves all animals and does whatever she can to defend animal rights. she is a vegan and is the first global ambassador of the Humane Society, America’s largest and most effective animal welfare organization.

Kesha regularly posts pictures of all kinds of animals on her social media pages, but her favorite animal is a cat named Mr. Pips. Mr. Pips used to have his own Twitter account, but it has been inactive for over two years. It looks like Kesha has decided to keep Ms. Pips private. In any case, she posts pictures of this cat on her pages and seems to be completely smitten with this pet.

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