Former Supermodel: Senescence Has Made Me A Better Person

Former Supermodel: You can’t ignore me just because I’ve got some wrinkles and gray hair.

Paulina Porizkova, one of the most famous models of the 80s and an actress and writer born in the Czechia Republic, talks about the benefits of senescence in an interview with the People TV show.

Former Supermodel, Paulina Purizhkova, a social media supermodel who has also dabbled in acting, beauty pageant judging, and writing in addition to her modeling career, told that when she was young she thought being a model literally meant being a beautiful apple, but looking motionless: In this job, you’re “sort of polished.” They give you an appointment and you have to be quiet and look beautiful.”

Porizkova, who in 1984 was the first girl from Central Europe to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, says that she never intended to become a model:

Former Supermodel, “There were many other things I wanted to do, but I realized that I was blessed to be a model.” Find this place as a model and be able to succeed in this field. No one should be proud of himself because of the gift of beauty, because he was naturally born with it and presented to him.

Former Supermodel: Senescence Has Made Me A Better Person

Former Supermodel

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Former Supermodel, When asked what needs to change in the modeling industry, Purizhkova replied, “my dear Ageism.” After showing off the gray roots of her hair, she said that compared to herself, she was the best person she could be, but in the past she was ashamed of her age.

The 56-year-old model, who once had the highest salary in the fashion industry, explained: “I used to be ashamed of getting old, and on the other hand, I told myself that now that I’m older, I’m smarter, I’m a better person, I’m funnier and wittier, and I’m more patient.” I have too “I’m my best self as a person in general.”

Former Supermodel, This Swedish-American model, who was named one of the 10 most beautiful women in America by the American magazine Harper’s Bazaar in 1992, went on to say that she is not willing to be “ignored” just because she is getting older: “You can’t just be a little wrinkled and I’ve got sagging skin and gray hair, ignore me because I’m somehow glowing more than ever. To be honest, I don’t want to hide my wrinkles at all. You know, this is my best. Deal with it!”

Former Supermodel, From the point of view of this one meter and 80 cm supermodel, who is still active in the field of fashion and sometimes publishes unfiltered photos on her Instagram account with clear wrinkles on her skin, there have been good changes in the modeling industry compared to the past Having just entered the industry, she has made great strides and has begun to embrace different types of beauty in different skin tones and sizes: “I love that there is now a place for all types of bodies and skin tones in the fashion industry. I strongly support it.”

Purizhkova had already talked about ageism in her social networks such as Instagram.

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