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Stress In Women’s Life: Know About The Stress And The Effects Of Stress In Women!

Stress In Women’s Life: These days, not only living in big cities, but also living in small towns, can have its own types of stress and anxiety.

The news we receive every day, the economic situation, entrance exam, overweight, etc., are all issues that can cause stress for every person.

Stress In Women’s Life, Considering the effects of stress, we should be able to take control of these conditions and not allow bad and negative news and stress to affect our physical and mental conditions. In this article from Chashmak, we introduce you stress and the symptoms of stress. Therefore stay with us until the end of the article.

What Is Stress?

Stress In Women’s Life, Stress is an English word, meaning to emphasize the language! However, the definition of stress in psychology and health science is different and it is the pressure that a person suffers psychologically, and this psychological pressure can have internal and external factors.

Although most of the times and in the definition of stress, it is considered a negative state; However, stress and anxiety in a small and controlled amount act like fear and act as a stimulus to accomplish tasks or respond quickly. If the amount of stress goes out of control and becomes chronic, it puts a lot of mental pressure on the person, and its effects also appear physically.

Symptoms Of Stress

What Are The Symptoms Of Stress?

Stress In Women’s Life, After answering the question, what is stress? We must know what the symptoms of stress are. The symptoms of stress appear differently in different people and it depends on the intensity of stress, duration and mental and emotional readiness of the person.

For this reason, some of the symptoms of stress are chronic and others appear only transiently. Among the symptoms of stress that affect people’s thinking power, we can mention weak memory, constantly postponing things, lack of concentration, anticipating the worst, worrying too much about issues, etc. Symptoms of chronic stress in a person’s body can cause physical pain such as headache, neck and shoulder muscle cramps, chronic fatigue, nausea, suffocation, jumping eyes or lips, trembling, sweating or freezing hands, increased heart rate, etc. .. to be

Stress In Women’s Life, Also, chronic stress can cause emotional and emotional symptoms that make a person irritable, aggressive, moody, suspicious, depressed and anxious, and also take away the ability to communicate and be critical. Chronic stress can manifest in a person’s behavior in the form of problems in time management, scattered work, changing sleeping and eating patterns, restlessness, nail biting, disconnection from friends, etc.

What Are The Effects Of Stress?

Stress In Women’s Life, The effects of stress in different people appear in different ways and can depend on the age, level of stress and anxiety, gender and the ability of the person to manage. For example, in some people, stress can cause overeating, which leads to nervous weight gain, and in other people, anxiety causes a decrease in appetite, which in severe cases leads to anorexia.

Stress-causing factors also affect the severity of stress complications; For example, external factors such as traffic, noise, loss of a loved one, separation of parents, conflict with relatives, illness, etc. cause complications different from internal factors. Internal factors are hard to identify and it comes back to the level of expectation, attitude, desires and feelings of the individual.

Stress In Women’s Life, For example, if a person is idealistic or is obsessed with having a great performance in a limited time, he will put a lot of pressure and stress on himself. One of the external factors of anxiety in teenager who are involved in it is the entrance exam, which causes anxiety disorders in them due to the sensitivity of the family and the pressure they put on them.

Stress In Women’s Life: Complications Of Stress In Women

Stress In Women’s Life, In women, stress may have different effects than in men. Some important examples of the effects of stress have been briefly stated below:

1. Disturbance Of Menstrual Cycle

Stress In Women's Life

Stress In Women’s Life, This issue is caused by the imbalance of hormones and may delay or stop it for a short or long term.

2. Decreased Libido

This issue is one of the effects of stress in married women, which can differ to a large extent from the effects of stress in men.

3. Skin Complications

Stress In Women’s Life, The most important skin complication caused by stress in women is acne on the skin, which is especially common in teenagers.

4. Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the side effects of stress in women, which can also be seen in men. Of course, severe and shocking stress may also cause part of the hair to turn white.

5. Digestive Problems

Stress In Women’s Life, Long-term stress affects stomach acid and makes it difficult for a person to digest food. Indigestion, stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome are digestive problems caused by stress.

6. Depression And Insomnia

Stress In Women's Life

Depression occurs due to disruption of the normal level of cortisol in the body. Increasing the level of this hormone, especially in the long term and in chronic stress, causes depression. Also, one of the common causes of insomnia is stress and anxiety, which can lead to lack of concentration and impatience.

7. Weight Gain

Stress In Women’s Life, In most people, stress causes a greater desire to consume sugary foods, which results in obesity and weight gain.

8. Fertility Problem

Caused by the increase in alpha amylase level in women, causes delay in pregnancy.

9. Risk Of Stroke And Heart Attack

Stress In Women’s Life, Stroke is one of the most common effects of stress in men and women. People who are stressed at work are 40% more likely to have a heart attack.

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