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How To Trim Eyebrows At Home With Tweezers

Trim Eyebrows At Home: To groom your eyebrows at home, you just need to know some basic tips. Not only is it not daunting, but it can be easily done with a little learning.

Remember that your goal is just to groom your brows between salon appointments and leave any major changes to the beauticians. Small changes and adjustments can be done at home and can help maintain the natural shape of the eyebrows.

Trim Eyebrows At Home, To shape eyebrows at home, take about half an hour and follow the simple steps explained below. Do this carefully and calmly and avoid haste. This work requires sufficient attention and time and should not be done in a short period of time before an important party, appointment or meeting. By following these tips, you can have beautiful and neat eyebrows without constantly going to beauty salons. In the following, we will explain to you the five important stages of eyebrow correction at home.

Trim Eyebrows At Home

1. Pack Your Things And Find Natural Light

Trim Eyebrows At Home

Trim Eyebrows At Home, To groom your eyebrows at home, you must first collect the necessary items and find a place with natural light. To have beautiful eyebrows, you need an eyebrow pencil, tweezers, a special eyebrow brush and a small and sharp eyebrow scissors. Some people use a clear eyebrow gel instead of a brush, the choice is up to you. Additionally, you may want to prepare a cold compress.

To prepare a cold compress, soak cosmetic cotton or soft tissue in water and put it in the refrigerator. These compresses can help you in the next steps to relieve skin inflammation. With this tool and a cold compress, you are ready to start eyebrow shaping. In the following, we will explain more about how to use these tools.

Trim Eyebrows At Home

2. Identify Your Natural Eyebrow Shape

Trim Eyebrows At Home, Shaping eyebrows at home and knowing the shape of the eyebrows are two of the most important things you should do when arranging your eyebrows. To identify your natural brow shape, you need to identify three key areas of the brow.

These points include the beginning of the eyebrow, the arch of the eyebrow and the end of the tail of the eyebrow. In the first step, lean a thin pencil vertically on your nose to mark the beginning point of the eyebrow. Mark this point with an eyebrow pencil. Then turn the pencil outward until it reaches the outer edge of the iris; this is where the arch of the eyebrow is located. Mark this point as well.

Trim Eyebrows At Home, Then move the pencil further until it reaches the outer corner of the eye; this is the end point of the tail of the eyebrow, which you should also mark. Repeat these steps on both eyebrows until the key points of both eyebrows are defined. Now connect these points with straight lines. Finally, draw a line above the eyebrow and a line below it.

These lines give you a map showing which hairs should be tweezed (hairs outside the lines) and which should be left intact (hairs inside the lines). With this map, eyebrow correction will be symmetrical, balanced and easier.

Trim Eyebrows At Home

3. Use Tweezers Carefully And Set A Timer

Trim Eyebrows At Home

Trim Eyebrows At Home, To pluck eyebrows at home with tweezers, use both hands (one hand to hold the skin firmly and the other hand to use the tweezers). Pull the hair gently in the direction of its growth to prevent damage to the follicles and allow the hair to grow back. To avoid over-tweezing, set a timer for 15 minutes and put the tweezers away when the alarm sounds. This will help prevent tweezing obsession.

Key areas to clean include the space between the eyebrows, the forehead area above the temples and under the arch of the eyebrow. Just trim the lower outer third of the eyebrow and leave the hairs you are in doubt about untouched for now. This precaution will help you maintain the natural shape of the eyebrows.

Trim Eyebrows At Home, After finishing tweezing, place the cold compresses that you have already prepared on the eyebrow area. These compresses help to reduce redness and irritation caused by plucking hair and soothe the skin. With this method, you can have neat and beautiful eyebrows without damaging your skin.

Trim Eyebrows At Home

4. Trim Any Stray Hairs With Scissors

Trim Eyebrows At Home, After tweezing, the next step is to trim the excess eyebrow hair. First, comb the eyebrows upwards with a special brush or clear eyebrow gel and wait for the gel to dry. Then, with a small pair of scissors, trim the stray and curled hairs one by one at a downward angle for a better view. Be careful to cut only the hairs that protrude from the eyebrow.

You don’t need to cut every single hair. If some hairs fall back after combing, leave them intact. This hair does not need to be cut and only needs to be arranged. Focus more on shortening the beginning of the eyebrow to its arch.

Trim Eyebrows At Home, Be very careful in trimming the tail part of the eyebrow; These sections are naturally lower in the back and too much trimming may create gaps. To have full and beautiful eyebrows, be careful in these areas and cut only the hairs that really need it. This method helps to maintain the natural and symmetrical shape of the eyebrows.

Trim Eyebrows At Home

5. Fill In The Shallow Parts With A Pencil

use pencil

Trim Eyebrows At Home, Now that you have your brows in place, it’s time to fill in the sparse areas with a pencil. Clean the eyebrow area first and remove any remaining hair or markings. Then fill in the blanks using short, hair-like lines. Pay attention to the natural shape of the eyebrow; The initial part of the eyebrow is thicker and becomes thinner towards the tail.

A sharp pencil is more suitable for this, as it will give a more natural result. Of course, there are various eyebrow filling products that you can use. After filling the desired space, use an eyebrow brush and draw it on the eyebrows so that the pencil is spread well and the eyebrows look more natural.

Trim Eyebrows At Home, By doing these steps at home, you will have beautiful and natural eyebrows. Just follow these steps carefully and patiently to get the desired result. This simple and effective method will help you to have neat and attractive eyebrows without frequent visits to beauty salons.

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