Taylor Swift Europe Tour: Taylor Swift’s Billion-dollar Tour Has Arrived In Europe

Taylor Swift Europe Tour: After the excitement created by Taylor Swift’s series of concerts in four continents.

Taylor Swift Europe Tour, Now this American singer will enter the European continent from Thursday in the continuation of her world tour under the title “Eras Tour” and in her first destination for It will be performed for four nights in Paris, the capital of France.

Taylor Swift Europe Tour

Taylor Swift Europe Tour

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Swift has broken almost every record in music, and her sixth tour is no exception. His tour, which began in March 2023, is currently the first tour to sell more than $1 billion in tickets and is expected to more than double by the time it ends this December in Vancouver, Canada.

Taylor Swift Europe Tour, Attendees at Swift’s concert in Paris will be the first to see a live performance of songs from the popular singer’s new album, Tortured Poets Society. About 42,000 people will attend Taylor Swift‘s concerts in Paris.

Meanwhile, it is said that many spectators come from far and near to the concert venue in “Paris La Défense Arena”. According to the collection, almost one in five visitors to Paris comes from the United States.

Taylor Swift Europe Tour

This American singer, who is known as the biggest symbol of pop culture (popular culture) in the last century, performed in Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland and Austria after France. Will have.

Taylor Swift Europe Tour, Taylor Swift’s last year’s concerts in the United States earned more than 5 billion dollars for the country’s economy, which could be more than 10 billion dollars if indirect sales from hotel reservations, restaurants and other related costs are calculated.

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